Why do You need To Know About Things To Do In Erie PA Today?

Things to do in Erie PA

Eric is one of the most popular tourist places in America. There are many things to do in Erie PA with its beautiful and exciting destination is situated on the south shore of Erie Lake. Apart from being an attractive visitor’s spot, it holds the title of the fourth biggest city in Pennsylvania. Additionally, this place offers a lot of fun things to do in Erie, PA, to the visitors.

According to the estimation of 2019, the overall population of Erie was 95,508. If you are a local, you are lucky enough to grab all the interesting things to do in Erie, PA. Therefore, you already have an idea about the attractions and beauty of Erie, PA. However, to the visitors, this city is fully packed with excitement and fun.

Erie has everything you want to spend a long vacation with your friends and families. This place welcomes every age of people with many great options to enjoy. If you are planning to visit Erie with your kids, it will be an amazing vacation for all of you!

This mesmerizing place of northwestern Pennsylvania offers several best things to do in Erie, PA. Great arts, interesting histories, tasty beverages, calming environment, and several other interesting things are available for making your visit more thought-provoking.

Stuff To Do in Erie PA

With varieties of interesting options, it becomes quite tough to choose the best things to do in Erie, PA. But there is nothing to worry about. We are here to offer you a proper guidance about all the fascinating Erie, PA tourist attractions to cover.

From enjoying the live theatrical shows by the Erie locals to the beautiful historical destination. There are a lot of things to do in Erie PA this weekend. So, if you are wondering to visit this beautiful city fully packed with several Erie attractions, here is a list of a handful of stuff to do in Erie, PA.

1. Erie Art Museum

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: wikipedia.org

The Erie Art Museum was developed in the year 1898 with the name the Erie Art Club. For people who have an interest in history and art, this is the best spot to visit in Erie.

Here, you will get to see interactive displays and various collections of art. The changes made throughout all these years have never faded the impressive and fascinating art collections.

The popular Downtown Discovery Square Corporation holds the authority of the Erie Art Museum.  This corporation is famous for its galleries, museums, and various other shops. You will be astounded to know that the Erie art museum contains more than 8000 remarkable pieces of art.

Additionally, this museum showcases several artifacts that consist of Indian bronzes and American ceramics. Some other prominent artifacts are contemporary baskets, Tibetan paintings, and many more.

The museum offers various things for people to enjoy. In addition, local folks’ entertainers present their popular traditional arts, one of the best things to do in Erie, PA

Address: 20 E 5th St, Erie, PA 16507, USA

2. Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: eriereader.com

If you ever visit the beautiful city of Erie, you must pay a visit to the Lake Erie Arboretum. This place is located at Frontier Park and depicts a handful of knowledge on trees and their importance.

Besides, you can fulfill your desirable love for nature through the mesmerizing view of Lake Erie Arboretum. It is available for a free visit, and there are more than 250 diverse nature trees to explore.

Visiting here offers an opportunity to acquire knowledge about these tree species. The Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park is one of the best Erie PA attractions since 1998. You can learn about several trees such as Russian Olive, Scarlet Oak, Douglas Fir, Honey Locust Maple tree, etc.

Rather than these trees showcasing, you can explore several other interesting activities in Erie. The Arboretum offers bike trails, labyrinths, and sledding hills to discover and relish during summers.

You can also have a mesmerizing experience of a virtual tree gazebo that is impressionable to every individual in your family. Despite being educational, this place adds up to the list as another best thing to do in Erie.

Address: 1501 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16505, USA

3. Presque Isle State Park

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: writetravels.com

There are a lot of fun options available to the visitors of Presque Isle State Park. Activities such as bird-watching and swimming over the beach are one of the best things to do in Erie, PA.

This lovely place offers an amazing experience to all ages of people to admire the most popular Erie attractions. All kids and adults of your family are going to adore Presque Isle State Park’s view.

Spanning over 3200 acres of land, this park provides beautiful things to do. Picturesque marinas, trails, sceneries, and beaches are available to make your day more valuable.

People love to engage in several interesting activities like inline skating, hiking, swimming, and others; this place is best. In addition, sports such as canoeing, boating, volleyball, and water skiing make this place more entertaining for visitors.

Despite the cold temps, this park offers an enthralling experience to visitors during winters. The most impressive things are Cross-country skiing on the park trails. Often, people love to ice skate or ice board in the park.

Visitors also came here to sit and bird-watch, which offers a pleasant and calm moment for the day. Since a lot of birds migrate through Presque Isle, the view you get is adorable.

Address: 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA

4. Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: Pinterest.com

If you want to explore some other fun things to do in Erie, make sure you visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. This place offers all ins and outs regarding the Presque Isle.

People consider this destination as the centerpiece of Presque Isle State Park. You can learn to enjoy and wander through the display of several environmental kinds of research and wildlife inhabitants.

Covering an area of 6500 square feet, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center offers various information about plants and trees.

More than 75 hand-carved carrousels, along with other creative items, are available here for display. Also, visitors can enjoy 45 minutes IMAX theatre shows that display several films and dramas.

With free visits, the Environmental Center proposes whimsical exhibits about the zones designed for adults and kids.

Additionally, there is a huge tower that offers a clear and complete view of Presque Isle Bay. You can visit this spot to acknowledge the best things to do in Erie this weekend.

Address: 301 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA

5. Erie Maritime Museum

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: interestingpenneselvaniya.com

The Erie Maritime Museum is situated along the waterfronts of Erie city. This place totally offers a focus on the maritime history of the city.

Therefore, people who have an interest in knowing about Lake Erie during the old times can enjoy visiting.

Visitors can acknowledge Lake Erie since the period of 1812. But, importantly, you can also explore the highlights of the Battle of Lake Erie held on 10th September 1813.

Several artifacts are available for exploring that display the importance of several events and peoples of olden times.

Numerous artifacts, videos, and exhibits help the visitors to travel back in those times and discover the complete dynamics of the era.

Apart from the Battle of Lake Erie, the Museum covers a lot of other events. You can acknowledge them through various exhibits, videos, and demonstrations, etc.

So, if you ever visit Erie, you must plan a visit to one of the most wonderful places to visit in Erie, PA.

Address: 150 E Front St #100, Erie, PA 16507, USA

6. Fun Things to Do in Erie PA

Things to do in Erie PA

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Along with the best places to go in Erie, PA, there are several interesting and fun-loving Erie PA tourist attractions too. Visitors or the locals of Erie, PA, can enjoy several fascinating activities in this beautiful city. Here are some of the best activities for the fun-loving and enthusiastic people of Erie, PA.

  • Lady Kate Boat Tour

Lady Kate Boat Tour is one of the best Erie PA attractions to discover. For people who have an interest in history and want to know about the Lake Erie region, this is the best suitable choice.

You will find a boat starting from a dock of the Presque Isle State Park and going all along the lake and beaches. In the middle of the boat tour, the tour guides deliver relevant information about the region. For instance, the history of Presque Isle, its geology, and several others.

Address: Erie, PA, 16507, USA

  • Presque Isle Downs and Casino

This casino is the best entertaining place to spend your leisure time during your trip. The Presque Isle Downs and Casino is the best spot to raise your excursion ten-fold.

This place offers various interesting games, entertainment, and a wonderful and calm dining experience to the visitors. You can treasure hunt several exciting games like poker and other fancy games. Having a pleasant dining experience with fanciful and enthusiastic games adds up as the best thing to do in Erie, PA.

Address: 8199 Perry Hwy, Erie, PA, 16509, USA

  • Live Outdoor Concerts

During the summer visits, the tourist can grab the excitement of watching live outdoor concerts in Erie, PA. You can watch the UPMC Sunset Music Series featured at the Isle State Park every Monday.

Additionally, you can enjoy the live music presented by 8 Great Tuesdays at the Amphitheater of Liberty Park. This popular event of Downtown Erie is presented on eight Tuesdays throughout the summers.

Other spots such as Lakeview Wine Cellars and Arundel Cellars are popular for offering live outdoor concerts.

7. Presque Isle Lighthouse

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: heart.org

The Presque Erie Lighthouse was built in 1818. Since that time, this lighthouse has offered navigational guidance to all the ships sailing around Lake Erie.

This peculiar lighthouse is among the three lighthouses of Erie. It is situated in the Presque Isle State Park. Visitors can climb up to this lighthouse tower and explore a spectacular view of Lake Erie.

The tower is 20- foot high and offers a peculiar view of the lake. Since its construction, it has undergone several restorations.

The Presque Erie Lighthouse was the first American lighthouse built across the Great Lakes during the 1812 War. You can enjoy this historical site tour that offers admirable scenery.

Address: 1200, Lighthouse St., Erie, PA, 16507, USA

8. Experience Children’s Museum

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: matuta.com.tr

If you want some fun stuff to do in Erie, PA, the Experience Children’s Museum is a worthy destination. It is situated in Downtown Erie’s cultural areas.

The museum consists of three floors, and all the floors cover around 50 varieties of exhibits. Here, you can get everything for an infant as well as kids with an age of 8 years.

This enthusiastic museum enhances kid knowledge through several activities, including playing, creating an interesting imagination. This helps the kids to explore new things and acquire knowledge about their nearby world.

The museum mainly focuses on educating the kids along with entertainment. The kids interestingly engage themselves in several activities for fun and learning.

The main topics that deal with offering knowledge to the kids are art, culture, math, and history. Along with the 50 exhibits, there is a large outdoor play area for fun. The museum is one of the best places to go in Erie, PA.

Address: 420 French St, Erie, PA 16507, United States

9. Waldameer Amusement Park

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: Pinterest.cl

It was first developed as a picnic spot named Hoffman’s Grove. Currently, it is popular as the Waldameer Amusement Park and Water World.

Additionally, this peculiar Water Park offers a lot of rides for fun and entertainment. More than 100 rides that include slides, Erie Attractions, and others make this park more unique.

Visitors of all ages and interests can enjoy the Water World, especially during the summer seasons. Some best rides are Drop Tower, XScream Drop Tower, and Merry-go-round.

The kids always prefer this water park to the top in the list of Erie PA activities. A lot of carnival-style games, food stalls and trucks, music, and other fun stuff to enjoy at the park.

People with interests in various entertainment and activities can have fun visiting this fun place in Erie.

Address: 220 Peninsula Dr, Erie, PA 16505, USA

10. Kids-Friendly Erie PA Things to do 

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: toddelingtraveler.com

Visiting a place like Erie with your kids can be more interesting. However, if you want your kids to enjoy the tour, you must wonder at the destinations that offer fun things in Erie, PA. Below is a small list of kid-friendly spots to visit in Erie, PA.

  • Erie Playhouse

Erie Playhouse showcases live concerts and shows that your kids are going to enjoy. This playhouse uses different fun ways to display live entertainment shows.

Additionally, you can enjoy watching live music shows also at the Eric Playhouse. If you want to enjoy the fun activities in Erie with your kids, Erie Playhouse is definitely the best place.

Being the oldest playhouse in Erie as well as in Pennsylvania, Erie Playhouse ranks in the top 10 playhouses.

Address: 13 W 10th St, Erie, PA 16501, USA

  • Play Port

Play Port is a kid-friendly fun zone where your children will love to wander. This place offers a lot of arcade games that make your child happy.

You can explore this enthusiastic place for a couple of hours with your kids and families without disturbance. However, your kids are going to burn a lot of their energy, so make sure you visit the best place to dine in Erie after Play Port.

Address: 2730 W 12th St, Erie, PA 16505, USA

  • Harbor View Miniature Golf

You can enjoy playing an interesting game of mini-golf with your kids and family here. Challenge them to beat your score in the golf game at the Harbor View Miniature Golf.

The miniature golf spot with 18 holes offers a lot of chances to take the lead and win. In addition, it is the best spot for spending quality time with your family and enjoying your day.

Address: 36 State St, Erie, PA 16507, United States

11. Lake Erie Wine Country

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: livinator.com

Lake Erie Wine Country is one of the prime grape-growing and wine-producing regions. It is situated in the eastern United States along Lake Erie’s beaches. You can add this place to your list of interesting activities in Erie.

If you go east from downtown Erie, you will encounter the grapevines’ fields covering for miles. As a result, it makes it very obvious that this region has some fantastic wineries to visit.

You are going to find nearly two dozen wineries across this region. Among these, half of the wineries are present between the New York border and Downtown Erie.

Additionally, there are several other wineries situated over the borders. The popular Mazza Chautauqua Cellars are one of those best wineries. So, if you are a wine lover, this place will excite you very much.

Address: 50 Miles from Silver Creek, New York.

12. Schaefer’s Auto Art

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: uncoveringpa.com

Schaefer’s Auto Art is situated a short drive from Erie city. It is one of the best places to go in Erie, PA. Being the most fascinating place in Pennsylvania, it is popular for art exhibits and several significant arts and quirky things.

This place offers a rare piece of art as all the sculptures are either made of vehicles or vehicle parts. Along with the uniqueness, all sculptures have their own customized names too.

This Art place is present in the yard of the family “Schaefer”. However, visitors can also walk around the exhibits and explore them.

A man with interest in vehicles has developed these beautiful art pieces. He made his passion so unique that people love to visit this cool concept.

Even if you have a small or short trip, make sure you manage some time to visit and admire this beautiful place.

It is one of the most unusual and rare pieces of art places present in Pennsylvania.

Address: 3705 Hershey Rd, Erie, PA 16506, USA

13. Asbury Woods

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: Asburywoods.com

Situated in the southwest of downtown Erie, the Asbury Woods covers an area of more than 205 acres. This area consists of streams, forests, fields, and wetlands.

This makes this place look adorable, and visitors feel amazing to explore this outdoor recreational place in Erie. You can plan a great hike or take a short walk in the forests or longer jaunts.

A protected land with miles of hiking trails and a beautiful nature center offers a lot to the children. In addition, plenty of interesting and fun Erie attractions are available in these woods. Some are craft workshops, running, cross-country skiing, etc.

Additionally, there are some other fun activities too. For instance, picnic pavilion, animal exhibitions, native plants garden, etc. There is a little Woods Nature Play area, especially for those visitors who came along with their kids.

An amphitheater is also present on the destination that offers several programs and events. Every year, there is an annual event organized for kids to interact with other kids of their age.

This place offers a lot of things to explore and learn. You can get to know more about plants and animals as well as outdoor safety.

Address: 4105 Asbury Rd, Erie, PA 16506, USA

14. Millcreek Mall

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: millcreekmall.com

Millcreek Mall stands as the biggest popular shopping destination in Erie, Pennsylvania. Therefore, this is the most appropriate place to go in Erie, PA, for shopping if you are in Erie.

This shopping complex offers a wide range of collections that satisfies every visitor. In addition, it consists of several retail stores and restaurants that make your shopping experience wonderful.

One of the best Erie things to do is explore this shopping complex to enhance a better trip.

This is the best place ever for browsing your future purchases and buying interesting things for your kids. Established in 1975, this mall offers various facilities to visitors.

From shopping to dining to children’s Play Area, everything is there inside this shopping complex.

Teenagers can find it appropriate for hanging on weekends and watching thrilling movies in theatres. Numerous kiosks, shops, and restaurants inside this mall offer customers all types of goods and services.

You can buy electronics, clothing, beauty products, cosmetics, toys, gifts, etc. This mall contains every possible thing a person wants to purchase. 

Some of the popular stores in Millcreek mall are DSW Shoe Warehouse, Michaels, Old navy, and JCPenny. Apart from these stores, there are more than 175 other stores available under a single roof.

Few restaurants’ selections are Arby’s or Outback Steakhouse and Smokey Barbeque and Grill. However, you can check out other restaurants with suitable dining amenities as well.

Address: 5800 Peach St, Erie, PA 16565, USA

15. Downtown Erie Pennsylvania

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: downtoenerie.com

One cannot enjoy their tour in Erie without exploring Downtown Erie Pennsylvania. It is among the other best Erie PA Tourist Attractions.

Here, you can see several boutiques, shops, clubs. Bars, restaurants, and beautiful sceneries. You can have a mesmerizing look at the sunset on Erie Lake.

Additionally, there are above 500 different types of merchants dealing in several aspects. You can get everything and anything from clothes to beauty products and from beverages to furniture.

Anything you are looking for or want to buy, you can easily get it in downtown Erie Pennsylvania. However, you can drive your vehicles to explore this destination. But, most people love to walk on foot to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

You can get to acknowledge many things through walking. However, driving can sometimes miss the beautiful views at this spot.

 All of the Erie historic buildings and fascinating sceneries can be easily explored by foot rather than driving.

Address: Downtown, Erie, PA, USA

16. Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: erietours.com

Another best stuff to do in Erie, PA, is wandering in the Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens. We advise you to pull up your socks and get ready to face the adventure.

We are talking about exploring the Erie Zoo and Botanical Garden with lots of animals. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the animals from very close locations. The zoo and botanical garden contain more than 400 different animals.

Additionally, a beautiful Botanical Garden is one of the free things to do in Erie. The adults and kids both enjoy exploring the zoo. Both of them experience extreme entertainment while exploring this zoo.

However, when it comes to the botanical garden part, the adults are more interested. The reason is that it offers more than 400 plants along with several beautiful flowers from various regions.

The Erie Zoo and Botanical Garden were established in 1982. Over this time, the community has been pleased with the animal understanding.

Address: 423 W 38th St, Erie, PA 16508-2701, USA 

17. Erie Bluffs State Park

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: youerie.com

If you are wondering to explore more Erie PA activities, then you will regret missing this spot. Situated in the west of Erie city, the Erie Bluffs State Park is the best destination for visitors.

It is a mesmerizing spot along Erie Lake. Unfortunately, there are only a few trails that meander around this state park. On the other hand, the trails follow these spectacular bluffs all the way to the shores of Lake Erie.

Indeed, the park is said to contain one of the greatest tracts of undeveloped land on the lake’s Pennsylvania shores

If you want to enjoy the shores of Lake Erie without any crowds, the Erie Bluffs State Park is the appropriate spot.

Address: 11100 W Lake Rd, Lake City, PA 16423, USA

18. Harbor Ridge Golf Club and Grill

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: familydestinationguide.com

The Harbor Ridge is basically a golf club as well as a golf course available for public use. The Harbor Ridge Golf Club and Grill is the utmost exciting course in the whole of Pennsylvania.

It offers the 9-hole course, which is never an easy course by any means. But, additionally, the land always offers challenges and rewards to the one who is always willing to participate.

The presence of fairways, greens, and bentgrass tees always prospers a healthy and pleasant environment for playing.

People who are golf lovers and want to explore and test themselves are really going to enjoy their day here. This is one of the best fun things to do in Erie, PA.

Along with the golf course, the Grill here offers several delicious and mouth-watering foods and cold drinks.

Moreover, there is an on-site golf shop that offers tees, balls, and other golf-related items. So, you can easily pick up the items you need to enjoy the exciting game.

Address: 3730 Harbor Ridge Trail, Harborcreek Township, PA 16510, USA.

19. Port Erie Bicentennial Tower

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: Pinterest.com

The Port Erie Bicentennial Tower has been situated downtown since 1996. This tower was built to honour the bicentennial year of Erie city.

If you want to experience a calm, relaxing, and charming view of Lake Erie, you must visit this tower.

While planning a trip to Erie, PA, you should add this spot to your list of best things to do in Erie, PA. It is genuinely a unique and affordable destination to explore in Erie, PA.

The panoramic view of Lake Erie from this port makes your trip more worthwhile. Additionally, you can visit this spot for free on every month’s first Tuesdays. This makes your trip more meaningful with the perfect timings.

This tower is one of the biggest structures of PA as it is 187 feet tall. Two observation towers offer different views of Erie city. One of them is 17 feet high, whereas the other stands for 138 feet.

If you visit this tower on a day with fewer or no crowds, you will be able to see 27 miles into the Ontario of Canada.

Address: 1 State St, Erie, PA, 16507, USA

20. Dine at Mi ScuziThings to do in Erie PA

Source: oopentable.com.mx

If you are a foodie who loves to have Italian cuisines, no other place can be as good as Mi Suzi. This place serves the most authentic and delicious Italian food through Erie city.

This seamless restaurant offers you a 5-star experience of dining with mouth-watering meals.

Having a meal at Mi Suzi will make your trip a memorable one. Delicious varieties of pasta, salad, bread, desserts, and other Italian dishes will win your heat at once.

Once you have a meal here, you will crave for visiting this restaurant again and again. They offer a remarkable experience that you will carry for a lifetime.

 Address: 2641 Myrtle St, Erie, PA 16508, USA

21. Warner Theater

Things to do in Erie PA

Source: zimbio.com

Warner Theater is one of the best Erie PA tourist attractions for visiting. This destination offers a memorable and exciting theatre experience to its visitors.

This theatre is considered the home of Erie Ballet, Erie Philharmonic, and the Erie Broadway series.

Visitors can select their respective shows from any of these shows and enjoy. Additionally, the Warner Theater offers 150 astonishing events every year.

Being an older theatre established in the year 1929, it has the best events and shows in the whole city. Apart from its reputation, the theatre holds delightful architecture for its visitors.

This is genuinely an elegant spot for tourists that offers 4500 seats. So you can enjoy the shows and events with utmost comfort.

The theatre presents some good musicians of the world to play their instruments and showcase their unbelievable skills.

Address: 811 State St, Erie, PA 16501, USA

22. Hagen History Center

Things to do in Erie PA

Source : behrendblog.com

The Hagen History center is present in the old Watson- Curtze mansion. It contains stained glasses, vaulted ceilings, mosaics, and other decorative things.

These decorative items have relished the look of the Hagen History Center of Erie. You must pay a visit to this place during Christmas.

It is all covered with Christmas lights and decorated Christmas trees. With a beautiful view of the Center, you can get numerous information regarding Lake Erie and its several powerful individuals.

Basically, the Hagen History Center is the best medium to acquire indefinite knowledge about the city of Erie.

Address: 356 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16507, USA 

The Pleasure of Erie is Looking for You!!

The Erie of Pennsylvania offers several best things to do in Erie, PA. You can enjoy various Erie attractions on this mesmerizing tour with your friends and families.

Even if you are a local or a nearby neighbor of this city, you cannot deny the fascinating things available in Erie, PA, to enjoy. All the activities, attractions, dining restaurants, games, and sculptures are genuinely exciting things in Erie, PA.

Other than these, there are a lot more stimulating views, foods, games, and attractions in Erie. However, you will get to know about them only when exploring the beautiful city yourselves.

In addition, there are large numbers of free, romantic, and exciting things in Erie, Pennsylvania, that grab visitors’ attention. Even if you have a low budget, you can still explore several other interesting things in this city.

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