Amazing Things to Do in Oregon for Your Vacation Trip

places to visit in oregon

There is so much to enjoy about Oregon. You will get something for every type of traveler in Iceland, from its spectacular natural surroundings to its eccentric, avant-garde culture. Are you a fan of pushing yourself to the utmost on ski slopes and back-breaking mountain climbs? Do you prefer to unwind in hot springs or to fish from the docks of peaceful wooden cottages? Would you like to take a stroll through some of the world’s most renowned art museums? There are incredible things to do in Oregon. Here are a few recommendations for your vacation planning.

Museum of Aviation and Space Evergreen 

Museum of Aviation and Space Evergreen: Things to do in Oregon
Museum of Aviation and Space Evergreen: Things to do in Oregon

An Air Force Lieutenant and native Oregonian, Michael King-Smith, founded the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. The museum is to preserve and educate the public about aviation and space flight history. 

A collection of WWII aircraft, an SR-71 Blackbird, a Titan missile, and a B-17 bomber is on display. Additionally, the cargo hold of Howard Hughes’ original Spruce Goose is on exhibit. Visitors can learn about helicopters, airplanes, and rockets and see the Oregon attractions, Aviation Hall of Honor, which celebrates the state’s most accomplished men and women aviators. 

Address: McMinnville, OR 97128, 500 Northeast Captain Michael King Smith Way, 503-434-4180

Visit the State Scenic Corridor of Samuel H. Boardman 

State Scenic Corridor of Samuel H. Boardman: Things to do in Oregon
State Scenic Corridor of Samuel H. Boardman: Things to do in Oregon

Visitors will encounter craggy bluffs, quiet beaches, and offshore rock formations throughout the twelve-mile-long Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor. Between Brookings and Gold Beach, this stretch of Highway 101 features turnouts to ocean vista overlooks and access to numerous miles of hiking trails along the coast. 

The must-see in Oregon is the Natural Bridge viewpoint to observe the seven renowned arch rocks. 

Sea Lion Caves – The Best Places to Visit & Things to Do in Oregon 

Sea Lion Caves: Things to do in Oregon

The Marine Lion Caves are one of the world’s largest sea caves and home to the Stellar Sea Lion’s only mainland rookery. The caves are a network of interconnecting caves and caverns accessible to the Pacific Ocean and are located north of Florence on Highway 101. To see the Sea Lions and California Seals, take the elevator down to the Sea Lion Caves Gift Shop. 


Yachats: things to do in bend oregon
Yachats: things to do in bend oregon

The small seaside city in Lincoln County, Oregon, is a treat to visit due to its abundance of attractions. Once voted one of America’s top ten trendiest small towns, this is a destination with plenty to do and stunning surroundings and scenery to enjoy. 

When you visit this destination, you may anticipate sights and activities suitable for all ages. The Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is a must-see for nature lovers, while the Wave Gallery and the Earthworks Gallery are good selections for art enthusiasts. There are numerous fantastic spots to unwind and take in the natural splendor of this area, including Devil’s Churn, Yachats State Park, and Smelt Sands State Park. 

Yachats is one of the most charming towns in Oregon, particularly if you’re seeking a getaway.

State Park Silver Falls

State Park Silver Falls: things to do in bend oregon
State Park Silver Falls: things to do in bend oregon

Silver Falls State Park offers opportunities for walking behind a waterfall, hiking or mountain biking along 35 miles of backcountry paths, or horseback riding in one of Oregon’s most gorgeous areas.

Begin your hike by traversing the 7.2-mile Trail of Ten Falls, a nationally known trail that winds through lush woodland and gushing waterfalls. Visit South Falls beyond the 177-foot sheet of water for a behind-the-scenes look. Bring a picnic or just hang out by the creek at the South Falls day-use area. 

At adjacent stables, guided equestrian rides are provided. If you’re traveling with little children, make sure to check out the “nature play” area adjacent to the North Falls Group Camp parking lot. A short pathway connects to three separate play areas for children of various ages.

Museum of Kam Wah Chung and Company 

Museum of Kam Wah Chung and Company: things to do in bend oregon
Museum of Kam Wah Chung and Company: things to do in bend oregon

Originally constructed in the late 1800s as a trading center, the Kam Wah Chung and Company Museum was abandoned for decades following the death of its owner. When it was discovered, it had devolved into an undisturbed time capsule of early Chinese-American life, and it was decided to convert it into a museum.

Today’s stores are brimming with pleasures and curiosities. Trinkets are ranging from toys to jewelry boxes; ancient medicinal bottles are displayed alongside spice jars and dried plants. Letters are inscribed with mysterious symbols. Everything is upholstered in ancient materials and furnished with antique furniture from the 1800s. 

From Japanese gardens to Chinese museums, Oregon is a veritable melting pot of civilizations. 

If you’re unsure how to plan a vacation that includes all of them, begin with a visit to the Kam Wah Chung & Company Museum. 

Address: 125 NW Canton St, John Day, OR 97845, USA

Observatory Dee Wright 

Observatory Dee Wright: places to visit in oregon
Observatory Dee Wright: places to visit in oregon

The Dee Wright Observatory, built on the remnants of an old wagon path, is one of the most remarkable structures in Oregon. It’s an observation point with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, yet it’s not constructed of brick or concrete. It is constructed entirely of lava stones. That is correct: the entire observatory is built on a basaltic lava base.

To reach the summit, you’ll need to pick your way across massive, jagged boulders. As a result, the area is occasionally referred to as a “lava field.” Of course, you will be safe, as the lava melted and cemented into stone over a thousand years ago. However, if you’re seeking entertaining things to do in Oregon, crossing a lava field should be at the top of your list. 

Address: McKenzie Highway, Blue River, OR 97413, United States of America

Plan a Visit to Thor’s Well 

Thor's Well: places to visit in oregon
Thor's Well: places to visit in oregon

Thor’s Well is one of the fun things to do in Oregon, A destination for many photographers, nature lovers, and motorists’ bucket lists while traveling through Oregon. This bowl-shaped crater carved out of the basalt shoreline is the ‘drainpipe of the Pacific’ and the ‘gaping sinkhole.’ It is located in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, three miles south of Yachats. Thor’s Well is most impressive during high tides and heavy storms. 

Horseback Riding on the Bandon Beach 

Horseback Riding on the Bandon Beach: places to visit in oregon
Horseback Riding on the Bandon Beach: places to visit in oregon

Bandon is located on the Southern Oregon Coast and has a slower pace than its northern coastal counterparts, making it the ideal destination for a peaceful holiday. This quaint coastal village offers breathtaking ocean views, and what better way to take in the scenery and observe the monolithic rock formations than on a horseback ride just on the beach?! 

Visit Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon Bucket List 

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach: best places to visit in oregon
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach: best places to visit in oregon

A visit to the Oregon coast would be incomplete without stopping at Cannon Beach to see Haystack Rock. Cannon Beach, known for the distinctive 235-foot sea stack that protrudes into the Pacific Ocean, is a favorite tourist attraction in Oregon site for both Oregonians and visitors from other states.

With its picturesque beach homes, the quaint hamlet was named one of National Geographic’s top 100 most beautiful destinations in the world in 2013. 

Cannon Beach and its neighboring Ecola State Park have been featured in several films, including The Goonies, Twilight, and Point Break. 

Explore the Tide Pools of Oregon 

Tide Pools of Oregon: best places to visit in oregon
Tide Pools of Oregon: best places to visit in oregon

Tides pools provide a rare oasis of tranquility on the Oregon coast, sandwiched between the wild Pacific Ocean and rough rocky coastlines. Starfish coexist with crabs, urchins, and sea anemones in these shallow ponds that are only accessible at low tide. No other state is as ideal for tide pooling as Oregon. Bandon, Cannon Beach, Yaquina Head, and Heceta Head are all excellent locations for tidal pooling. 

Enjoy Run Up and Down the Oregon Sand Dunes 

Oregon Sand Dunes: best places to visit in oregon
Oregon Sand Dunes: best places to visit in oregon

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area encompasses one of the world’s greatest stretches of temperate coastal sand dunes. The stark mist-shrouded views of dunes, trees, and ocean so close together are uncommon and hauntingly gorgeous. The Oregon Dunes run approximately 40 miles north of North Bend to Florence, from the Coos River to the Siuslaw River. 

Pass-Through the Astoria-Megler Bridge 

Astoria-Megler Bridge: oregon places to visit
Astoria-Megler Bridge: oregon places to visit

If you are looking for a unique place to visit in Oregon, this bridge is the right choice for you. The Columbia River Bridge, which connects Oregon and Washington, is the world’s longest continuous truss bridge. Built in 1966, the bridge connected Olympia, Washington, with Los Angeles, California, via US Route 101. Numerous travelers from all over the world come to Astoria specifically to view and drive over the Astoria-Megler Bridge. 

While people are not permitted to cross the bridge, motorists may do so for some spectacular views of the river. You can also get good views down from the Astoria Riverfront Walk, but the best view of the bridge is from the RiverWalk Inn’s rooms. 

Make a Trip to the Painted Hills 

Painted Hills: oregon places to visit
Painted Hills: oregon places to visit

The Painted Hills are so named because of the vividly colorful stratification in the soil that can be seen splashed throughout the hillsides. At this bizarre Central Oregon site, vibrant greens, fiery reds, burned orange, and shimmering pink and gold colors cover the landscape.

Take a Scenic Drive Along the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway 

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway: oregon places to visit
Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway: oregon places to visit

The Cascades Lake Scenic Byway has to be the gorgeous drive in Central Oregon, if not all of Oregon. The scenic drive passes numerous glacial lakes, where you may spend days trekking mountain paths and fishing or canoeing on one of the numerous lakes. Along the way, you’ll be awestruck by the majestic peaks of Mt Bachelor, Broken Top, and South Sister. 

On Devils Lake, a Stand-Up Paddle Board 

Paddle Board On Devils Lake: fun things to do in oregon
Paddle Board On Devils Lake: fun things to do in oregon

Devils Lake is without a doubt the most vivid turquoise lake you’ve ever seen. It is without a doubt the gorgeous lake in the entire state of Oregon and the ideal site to spend a summer day. 

Make a Trip to Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park: fun things to do in oregon
Smith Rock State Park: fun things to do in oregon

Smith Rock State Park will make you feel as though you’ve just crossed the border from Oregon to Utah. This state park, with its red rocks jutting out of Oregon’s high desert plain, is a must-see for anybody visiting Central Oregon.

There are numerous hiking alternatives available here, including easy paths and viewing areas suitable for non-hikers. The most popular hiking trail in this area is Misery Ridge, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding environment. 

You can camp in Smith Rock State Park or stay in the nearby famous town of Bend. 

Visit Tumalo Falls in the Winter The Ultimate Oregon Bucket List

Tumalo Falls: fun things to do in oregon
Tumalo Falls: fun things to do in oregon

Tumalo Falls is a 97-foot-tall waterfall found in Tumalo Falls State Park near Bend, Oregon. To observe the waterfall, there is no need to hike; simply park in a nearby lot and stroll a few short steps to the viewing spot. However, if you wish to watch the falls from immediately above, a quarter-mile climb is required. Not to worry, this is a short hike. 

Tumalo Falls is stunning year-round, but we believe it takes on a particular quality during the winter. 

Proceed to the Blue Pool by Hike 

Blue Pool: places to go in oregon
Blue Pool: places to go in oregon

Tamolitch Falls, commonly known as the Blue Pool, is a popular summer hiking destination in Oregon tourist attractions and a top Oregon bucket list item for tourists going through the state. The turquoise waters of the Blue Pool are so brilliant and beautiful that they nearly appear unreal. Because the water is so transparent, most people believe the pool is just about five feet deep, but it is approximately 30 feet deep in most places.

The glass-like pond averages 38 degrees and is so frigid that you would quickly go into hypothermic shock if you were to submerge yourself. This is why swimming is discouraged here. 

Tamolitch Blue Pool is a two-mile trek along the McKenzie River Trail. 

Float Bend’s Deschutes River 

Float Bend's Deschutes River: places to go in oregon
Float Bend's Deschutes River: places to go in oregon

Floating the Deschutes River is the most popular summer recreation for Bend locals. We concur that it is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a summer day. Bring your most imaginative tube, but if you forget, don’t worry!  Several local enterprises rent or sell tubes. 

South Sister Hike 

South Sister Hike: places to go in oregon
South Sister Hike: places to go in oregon

If you’re looking for a strenuous walk, we recommend conquering the trail to the summit of South Sister. The hike is eleven miles round trip with an elevation gain of 4,820 feet. The trail is largely moderate, except for the final mile, which is steep and filled with loose gravel and boulders. The effort is well worth it, though, for the breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Cascade Mountains and Central Oregon valley. 

Aquarium of the Oregon Coast 

Aquarium of the Oregon Coast: oregon things to do
Aquarium of the Oregon Coast: oregon things to do

As a coastal state, Oregon has its share of docks, ports, bays, aquatic facilities, and exhibits of marine life. None of them, however, have a grasp on the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The Oregon Coast Aquarium, filled to the brim with literal tonnes of water, is home to everything from sharks to seabirds.

There are underwater corridors where you can stroll over the ocean floor and tidal pools where you may touch starfish or receive a sea otter kiss. As an educational facility, the aquarium also offers enjoyable educational opportunities. 

There are a variety of classes, lectures, workshops, and other special events available. They’re divided into sections for children and adults, ensuring that everyone has something new to attempt or explore.

Consider the Oregon Coast Aquarium when considering unique things to see in Oregon along the coast. It’s one of the nicest spots in the state for families who don’t mind getting a bit wet! 

Address: 2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd, Newport, OR 97365, United States of America

House Rimsky-Korsakoff 

House Rimsky-Korsakoff: oregon things to do
House Rimsky-Korsakoff: oregon things to do

The Rimsky-Korsakoffee House is one of the strangest locations to visit in Oregon, with gloomy lighting, crowded tables, and a décor named after deceased persons. You could even argue that it is delectable. Rimsky’s is filled with odd items, such as grisly knick-knacks on the shelf and tables that randomly rotate or vibrate.

The mansion itself is said to be haunted, and the owners certainly play up the superstitions with frightening decor and melancholy music. 

Additionally, the menu is a swerve. While they provide traditional coffees and cakes, they also experiment with freshly-made, limited-edition treats, including an array of spices, sauces, and toppings. They accept only cash. They do not advertise any specials on their website. When they run out of something, they run out of it. 

If you want to experience the Rimsky-Korsakoffee House in person, you must visit and be prepared for anything. Expect it to be unique in comparison to other coffee shops. This is a forward-thinking, innovative company that lives up to its reputation. 

Address: 707 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97214, USA

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center: oregon things to do
National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center: oregon things to do

You cannot discuss Oregon without bringing up the Oregon Trail. Over 300,000 settlers traversed its arid roads and rivers, and many were killed in the process. The Interpretive Center for the National Historic Oregon Trail pays tribute to their lives and legacies.

It is not only a museum with artifacts; it brings history to life through workshops and lives history demonstrations. Visitors can view films, listen to guest speakers, inspect wagon replicas, and examine meticulously maintained items from the nineteenth century. They can also walk outside and hike on many nature trails with stunning mountain views if they wish to stretch their legs. 

Is this something you and your family would enjoy the best tourist attractions in Oregon? 

The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center is one of the best Oregon tourist attractions for history fans, so if you’re a fan of wagons, bonnets, and axes, make your reservation today.


Cherryfest: oregon attractions
Cherryfest: oregon attractions

Are you planning a summer trip to Oregon? Do you enjoy biting into fresh red cherries? You might enjoy Cherryfest, a multi-day festival held in Salem, Oregon, in June or July. Salem is also known as the “Cherry City” because of the city’s natural abundance of cherry trees.

It has held a variety of cherry-themed fairs and festivals, but Cherryfest is the most enduring. It dates the neighboring pack to the days of the pioneers. What are some enjoyable activities at Cherryfest? If you enjoy music, there are constantly bands performing outdoors. 

If you’re there for the food and drink, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of meats, bread, cheeses, pies, and liquors. Although not everything is cherry-themed, the majority is. That is the magnificence of Cherryfest. If you’re a cherry fan looking for exciting things to do in Oregon this summer, block off a weekend and have a blast!

Fossil Beds of John Day 

Fossil Beds of John Day: oregon attractions
oregon attractions

The John Day Fossil Beds, which cover about 14,000 acres, are a breathtaking display of desert grandeur. There are red cliffs and dry, cracked valleys; there are colorful badlands and tough, spiky desert vegetation. The fossil beds preserve the remaining traces of flora and animals that once flourished in Oregon millions of years ago. They are a big attraction in the area, attracting thousands of people each year. 

There are, however, other activities available at the John Day Fossil Beds, so don’t feel compelled to spend the entire day squinting at the dirt. If you enjoy working up a sweat on the hiking paths, you can tour the museum, theatre, bookstore, and gift shop. 

The John Day Fossil Beds are a designated National Monument in the United States. They’re a must-see for history buffs, wildlife enthusiasts, fossil hunters, and everyone else who appreciates incredible natural treasures, so pick up the phone and begin arranging your vacation. You will not want to miss such a popular attraction in Oregon. 

Address: 32651 OR-19, Kimberly, OR 97848, United States of America 

Powell’s Books 

Powell's Books: oregon attractions
Powell's Books: oregon attractions

Powell’s Books, which spans a full city block, is a monstrous collection of everything from comic books to rare first editions. Its flagship store features over 3,000 sections, and it also has additional locations throughout the city of Portland. At Powell’s Books, bibliophiles will have a field day.

Not only does it feature the usual assortment of comfortable chairs and coffee bars seen in a modern bookstore, but it also conducts events such as guided tours, writing workshops, and children’s storybook time. 

This is in addition to the thousands of volumes that cover the walls and ceilings of dozens of rooms. If you are unable to locate a particular title in the store, they provide additional titles via their website. Each year, they transfer thousands of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books. If you’re in the market for new books to add to your collection, you won’t want to miss Powell’s Books. Exploring its labyrinth of corridors is one of the best things to do in Oregon! 

Address: 1005 W Burnside St., Portland, OR 97209, United States 

Treehouse Out’n’About 

Treehouse Out'n'About: things to see in oregon
Treehouse Out'n'About: things to see in oregon

A resort is open to anyone. How many people have visited a Tree resort? The Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort is unlike anything else you’ve ever stayed in. The chambers are entirely constructed of wood and are perched between 10 and 40 feet above the ground in treetops. The “Peacock Perch” and the “Treezebo” are the names of individual cabins.

After a rejuvenating night in the sky, descend to Earth and take advantage of the resort’s numerous activities and classes. There is hiking, ziplining, and horseback riding for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Families can participate in tie-dyeing and mosaic painting. Additionally, you can drive a short distance to adjacent stores to purchase food, firewood, souvenirs, and camping supplies. 

With the Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort, you may feel on top of the world. It’s unique in comparison to other Oregon tourist attractions, but unique can be a lot of fun! 

Address: Cave Junction, OR 97523, United States of America 300 Page Creek Rd

Lake Wallowa 

Lake Wallowa: things to see in oregon
Lake Wallowa: things to see in oregon

Year-round fishing, swimming, boating, and camping are available at Wallowa Lake, one of Oregon’s most picturesque attractions. At the southern end of this 3.7-mile-long glacial lake, a state park is tucked away, with the high Wallowa Mountains providing a magnificent backdrop. 

Numerous day-use places dot the lake’s shoreline, including the Riverside Day-Use Area, the Little Alps Day-Use Area, and the Wallowa Lake County Park. Enter the neighboring Eagle Cap Wilderness through the Wallowa Lake Trailhead, which provides access to the Chief Mountain Trail, the Fork Wallowa Trail, and the West Wallowa Trail.

Hikers of all abilities may enjoy stunning panoramas, colorful wildflower-strewn meadows, and high alpine lakes within this untouched environment. At the Witte Laykin State Heritage Site, learn about the conservation efforts made on behalf of indigenous peoples that resulted in the wilderness being protected.

Japanese Garden in Portland 

Japanese Garden in Portland: things to see in oregon
Japanese Garden in Portland: things to see in oregon

If you’ve ever fantasized about sipping sake beneath the softly falling petals of a cherry blossom tree, the Portland Japanese Garden can make your dreams come true. You won’t even need to leave Oregon to take advantage of them! The Portland Japanese Garden, despite its name, is a collection of gardens. Some feature ponds and streams teeming with koi fish, while others feature ferns, flowers, stones, shrubs, and water wheels reminiscent of a true zen garden. 

Temples and traditional Minka dwellings serve as inspiration for the architecture. The strolling paths are illuminated with lanterns. If you enjoy cultural activities, the Portland Japanese Garden also hosts enjoyable events. From tea ceremonies to woodblock exhibitions, you may immerse yourself completely in Japan’s art, music, nature, and tradition.

Consider adding the Portland Japanese Garden to your list of Oregon’s top tourist destinations. It’s one of the most enjoyable sports in the entire state to visit, even more so if you’re a committed student of eastern culture. 

Address: 611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205, USA

National Forest of Mount Hood 

National Forest of Mount Hood: best things to do in oregon
National Forest of Mount Hood: best things to do in oregon

Mount Hood is one of Oregon’s tallest peaks, standing at an astounding 11,239 feet. From the Columbia River Gorge to the Olallie Scenic Area, the Mount is surrounded by beautiful forest.

The forest covers an area of more than 1,067,043 acres and is one of the most beautiful sites in the United States of America. Over four million tourists each year traverse the forest’s 170 recreation areas. Timberline Lodge, Trillium Lake, Rock Creek Reservoir, and the Old Oregon Trail are among the most popular areas. 

Additionally, the forest contains eight officially recognized wilderness zones, each of which is a must-see for its unique biodiversity, natural scenery, vegetation, and animals. If you enjoy the outdoors, a visit to Mount Hood will quickly convince you why it is one of the top places to visit in Oregon.

Terwilliger Thermal Baths

Terwilliger Thermal Baths: best things to do in oregon
Terwilliger Thermal Baths: best things to do in oregon

Terwilliger Hot Springs, located approximately a quarter-mile into the forest, may provide a pleasant dip following along, sweaty journey. They’re one of the nicest spots in Oregon to visit, especially if you enjoy letting things breathe. 

Clothing is not required here! Six pools are separated from one another by rock formations along the river. Their temperatures range between 85°F and 112°F, ensuring that their heat penetrates deeply into your bones and relaxes your muscles. 

The mountain air is also a perk; it’s the kind of deep, cleansing oxygen that can only be found away from civilization. Consider exchanging your bath bombs for a soak in the Terwilliger Hot Springs. 

Also are not just one of the most gorgeous spots in Oregon, but they may provide much-needed R&R during a hectic vacation. 

Highway 19, approximately 1 mile south of Cougar Dam, Blue River, Oregon 97413, United States

Caves of the Sea Lions 

Caves of the Sea Lions: best things to do in oregon
Caves of the Sea Lions: best things to do in oregon

The Sea Lion Caves, which are home to hundreds of sea lions, are a labyrinth of massive underground tunnels where these lively beasts gather to frolic. To get there, visitors must descend the stairs and take an elevator.

When you arrive, however, you’ll be treated to a different kind of sightseeing. The underground streams are always gushing, and the stone walls are covered in moss and lichens. 

The sea lions congregate on the rocks, capering, chatting, and socializing. When your camera roll is full, head outside to the whale-watching deck to see if any orcas are visible on the horizon. If you wish to learn more about marine life, there are other instructional stations available, as well as a gift shop nearby for souvenirs.

Sea lions are some of the most fascinating marine species you’ll ever see, and the Sea Lion Caves make them even more accessible. 

Address: 91560 US-101, Florence, OR 97439, United States of America 

Mississippi Avenue North 

Mississippi Avenue North: best things to do in oregon

This avenue, which is located in Portland, is essentially its community. It has a fashionable, high-energy vibe, and its streets are always bustling with culture and commerce. Every hue of the rainbow has been painted on the buildings. There are bakeries and bubble tea shops among the enterprises, as well as jewelry stores and pottery barns. 

Live music can be heard from bars, cafes, and studios, and food trucks are always roving. On the avenue, art aficionados will find something to appreciate. It is home to a variety of independent galleries and attracts a large number of up-and-coming artists. 

If you enjoy independent art, this is a must-see place. 

Are you planning a trip to Portland this weekend and want to know what the attractive things to do in Oregon are? Pay a visit to North Mississippi Avenue. Take advantage of your closeness to one of the state’s most fascinating locations!

All in All!!

Portland, Oregon’s largest city, is home to attractive neighborhoods and a trendy downtown district. It is primarily known for its eccentric characters. Portland offers an abundance of sights and activities! Among the highlights are the St John’s Bridge, Washington Park, and the Saturday Markets in Portland.

Additionally, the city is noted for its abundance of breweries (there is one on about every corner) and food pods that sell virtually any type of food imaginable at extremely inexpensive pricing. I hope this list of the best things to do in Oregon will help you with the best.

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