6 Awesome Hot Springs In Washington

hot springs in Washington

Washington is very much famous for the unique adventures, consisting from the glaciers to underground beautiful features. One of such an enjoyment in the state is the mineral fed hot springs. It is easy to find the hot springs across the state.

The hot springs provide you the resorts and spa visits while you have a visit to these springs. Some of the best hot springs in Washington are listed below by Travelila .

1) Gold Myer Hot Spring

hot springs in Washington

Source: static.rootsrated.com

It is the place situated among the ancient forests of Alpine lakes, just 60 miles east of Seattle. To enjoy this place you need to do many hard things and you need to drive 15 miles on the non-maintained service road.

It is hard to reach the destination as well as there are just 20 peoples allowed to visit this place for a day. Excess of the tourists will be sent back if the place is full.

2) Sol Duc Hot Spring Resort

hot springs in Washington

Source: myolympicpark.com

It is situated in the Olympic National Park and is one of the most appealing hot spring destinations in Washington. It is very much easy to get access to the resort and also it is wonderful place for the families to spend time together and also there is fabulous Olympic national park where you can enjoy the natural beauty around the park.

It consists of the cabins and campsites where you can enjoy the family time as well as you can visit 3 different hot springs around there.

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3) Doe Bay Resort And Retreat

hot springs in Washington

Source: willycosmosguidetohotsprings.com

It is resort which will give you the chance to visit and have any of the things that San Juan Islands has to offer. The resorts have many things to offer and the mineral baths will increase the beauty of the place as the springs are just a small part of the enjoyment.

4) Olympic Hot Springs

hot springs in Washington

Source: assets.alltrails.com

It is the another option of the visit to the Olympic National Park, it is one of the place which gives you the more wilderness experience than the sol duc hot spring. You can access these natural hot springs after the trial of 2.5 miles.

There are not many facilities available at the resort as compared to the sol duc hot spring resort, but there is more natural beauty involved in the Olympic hot spring which makes it fabulous.

5) Scenic Hot Spring

hot springs in Washington

Source: blogspot.com

It is the hot spring covering the area of 40 acres and located on the border of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. It is a privately owned hot spring with the great history involved with the spring.

6) Gamma Hot Spring

hot springs in Washington

It is said to be one of the hot spring located in the remote area in the Washington, it is not much suitable for the first experience in the forest and the wilderness.

This hot springs have the mythic status. This hot spring is a hard one to find as it is not easily available; you can visit the nearby places such as Glacier Peak Wilderness even if the gamma hot spring is not found.

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