5+ Best Idaho Ski Resorts That Are Worth a Visit! (For 2024 Winters)

idaho ski resorts

Idaho, a separated U.S state with its own identity, is located or you can say wrapped around the snake river in the U.S. Despite its nickname as ‘Gem State’ it is famous for its potatoes. This is not it. The most famous or popular thing to do in Idaho is to explore the white powdered mountains. Looking for the best Idaho ski resorts for fun?

The snow mountains! Do you know what that means? Idaho is the best place for some skiing too!

There are in total 18 ski areas in the state. Idaho ski resorts are famous among families, friends, and even couples. 

Okay, we can’t say or expect everyone to be a snowbird for skiing. Some of you will be the first time skier. So is it safe for you? (The foremost concern of yours.)

We will just say, read the article and you will get the answers. Here in this article, we have gathered the seven best ski resorts in Idaho among the 18. You will get all the technical, practical, and emotional information about the ski resorts.

So without much further ado, let’s ski your way through the article.


What about understanding the meaning of a few terms? 

Magical Carpet: If you are a newbie and want to experience skiing without actually skiing, the magical carpet is the answer. It is a moving carpet that will take you up the slope. You just have to stand on it!

Green Trails: A snow path that is easy and gentle to ski on!

Chair Lifts: A lift that takes skiers and boarders up the slope on the chair, allowing you to rest the bars’ skiing boards.

Snow Tubing: A fun and recreational activity where you will be pulled down on the slope in an inner tube is Snow Tubing. It works with the gravitational force.

Seven Best Idaho Ski Resorts

Sun Valley Resort

idaho ski resorts

The most famous ski resort in Idaho is Sun Valley. From its opening to till now, it has maintained its title. Within the year of its commencement, it introduced the world’s first-ever chair lift in the ski resorts. Also, because of the chair lift, it came into the limelight and secured the place in the history of skiing areas.

Sun valley is named correctly as out of 150 skiable days, around 120 are sunny days. There are two significant mountains nearby for skiing namely, Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. Bald Mountain is for intermediate and expert skiers, while Dollar Mountain is for beginners and family vacationers. Hence, it is one of the best Idaho ski resorts.

Now here comes the essential details:

Vertical Drop: 3,450’

Annual Snowfall: 220”

Number of Lifts: 18

Skiable Acres: 2154

Nearest Airport: Friedman Memorial Airport (15 miles)

Best Time to Visit Sun Valley Ski Resort: December to February and June to September

Schweitzer Mountain Resort

idaho ski resorts

The second one on the list is the biggest ski resort in Idaho – Schweitzer Mountain Resort. Why is it considered the biggest one? Because of its highest skiable area in the state. It has 10 chair lifts, which include a six-passenger lift named Stella. Also, it is the only one in entire Idaho.

The Schweitzer mountain resort’s best thing is that it has 92 different trails for all levels of skiers. So whether you are a newbie or an expert skier, you will love hanging out here. Also, the tracks are long enough to create an appetite or tire out your legs. Don’t worry. There are plenty of restaurants like The Nest and The Red Hawk. Thus, it is one of the best Idaho ski resorts to stay in winter for skiing.

FYI: Schweitzer is also known for its fantastic tree skiing in the Selkirk Mountains.

Now here are the basic details that you need to know about:

Vertical Drop: 2,400’

Annual Snowfall: 300”

Number of Lifts: 9

Skiable Acres: 2,900

Nearest Airport: Spokane International Airport (93 miles)

Best Time to Visit Schweitzer Mountain Resort: January to February 

Grand Targhee

idaho ski resorts

The high-end ski resort in Idaho is the Grand Targhee. With the 500” of snowfall, it has 90 plus runs to offer for skiing. Travelers and vacationers who spend their time in Grand Targhee Resort often praise its trials as it compensates half of the amount paid. In short, it is worth all the money.

Grand Targhee also offers trails for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. It also has a few runs that will challenge even the snowbirds and experts. Everyone loves the small mountain community in the Targhee. So, it can be considered one of the best ski resorts in Idaho.

The following are the essential details about the Idaho ski resort:

Vertical Drop: 2,270’

Annual Snowfall: 500”

Number of Lifts: 5

Skiable Acres: 2,602

Nearest Airport: Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport (13.8 miles)

Best Time to Visit Grand Targhee Resort: January to March

Brundage Mountain Resort

idaho ski resorts

Fourth on the list is Brundage Mountain Resort, which is located in the mountains of central Idaho and works as the storm catcher from north and south. Because of which it gets easier to spot the untouched white powdered at certain distances. There are around 51 tracks for skiing and if you are brave enough, make one for yourself!

Skiing in Brundage mountain, Idaho, is a bit expensive, but if you are a newbie, there’s a piece of good news for you. You can learn skiing there from the experts, that too free of cost. The Brundage resort is renowned for its free skiing classes on Easy Rider Conveyor and Easy Street Triple Chair. Isn’t that amazing?

FYI: Brundage Mountain has claimed the title of “Best Snow in Idaho.”

A few primary details about Brundage Mountain Resort Idaho:

Vertical Drop: 1,800’

Annual Snowfall: 320”

Number of Lifts: 5 

Skiable Acres: 1500

Nearest Airport: Boise (122 miles)

Best Time to Visit Brundage Mountain Resort: Winters

Bogus Basin

idaho ski resorts

The nearest airport and city to the Bogus Basin ski resort in Idaho is Boise. You can reach the destination from Boise within just 40 minutes. Whether you are looking for secret and sunny mid-afternoon fun or affordable skiing, Bogus basin is the answer. You can ski there for like hours, literally. The 250” of annual snowfall makes it the white powdered desert.

It has 91 runs to select from based on your skill level (newbie or an expert) and 11 lifts taking you up to the views you will never forget. You will get to experience the separate tubing area with its own lift. Hence, it is one of the best Idaho ski resorts.

Also, if you are an adventure enthusiast, there is a winter roller coaster named Glade Runner. It descends the 4000 feet of twisted track. The most significant plus point is break will be in your hand. So it is you who decides the speed. Go as fast as you want, or slow it down.

FYI: The money you spend on the vacation to Bogus Basin goes to improving itself. It is a non-profit community.

Here are the details you need to know about this Idaho ski resort:

Vertical Drop: 1800’

Annual Snowfall: 250”

Number of Lifts: 11

Skiable Acres: 2,600

Nearest Airport: Boise (22 miles)

Best Time to Visit Bogus Basin Resort: January and February 


idaho ski resorts

Tamarack plans on being the next largest and well-known ski resort in Idaho, with its newest winter sports mountains. The Bitterroot Mountains is the home to the Tamarack resort. All the travelers, skiers, and snowboarders enjoy its steeps, cornices, glades, and groomers. Along with adventurous visits, it also offers luxurious staycation in the forms of condos, chalets, and posh homes.

The Tamarack is located on the east side, which saves everyone from the westerly winds. You can select from the 50 runs going up with several lifts based on the skill level. If you are a beginner or an intermediate, you can access the runs from the Tamarack Express lift. And if you love the hardcore adventure, head to the Wildwood Express lift and try your talent in The Grove. In this way, we can consider Tamarack as one of the best Idaho ski resorts.

FYI: The Tamarack resort Idaho is known for its uncrowded slopes and newest winter sports mountains.

Now here comes the essential details:

Vertical Drop: 2,800’

Annual Snowfall: 300”

Number of Lifts: 6

Skiable Acres: 1000

Nearest Airport: Boise (100 miles) and Spokane International Airport (284 miles)

Best Time to Visit Tamarack Ski Resort: January to March

Lookout Pass

idaho ski resorts

The last one on the list is the Lookout Pass ski resort in Idaho. This one is also one of the oldest ski resorts in Idaho. The ski resort located between the border of Idaho and Montana is family-friendly and is famous among family vacationers. The Lookout Pass had three different mountains and a dedicated chairlift making the navigation easy.

There are two terrain parks allowing freestylers and snowboarders to shred all day long, namely Huckleberry Jam and Rolling Thunder. This ski resort arranges free skiing classes for children between 6 to 17 years with pre-registration. Glades at Lookout Pass is famous among the tree skiers. 

If you feel appetite bothering you and want to grab the economical and best food, head to the restaurants and motels in Wallace (just a 20min ride from the destination). Most of its trails are popular among beginners and intermediate level skiers.

FYI: The slopes of Lookout Pass are learner-friendly. Also, make sure not to miss the beautiful progressive terrain parks nestled in the pure national forest.

So here are the essential details about Lookout Pass Idaho:

Vertical Drop: 1,150’

Annual Snowfall: 400”

Number of Lifts: 4 

Skiable Acres: 540

Nearest Airport: Spokane International Airport (99 miles)

Best Time to Visit Lookout Pass Resort: January and February

Enjoy Your Skiing Vacation in Idaho:

These were the best Idaho ski resorts that you should visit to have a perfect quality time vacation with family, friends, or your love of life. All the ski resorts in Idaho are good options for even a newbie, and if you don’t know skiing at all, it might be your only chance to learn it. 

After gathering this much information, we learned that you can’t always grab everything from a particular place, but you can always enjoy the moment. Idaho is a state with so many attractions, be it skiing or exploring its beautiful cities. So enjoy wherever you are! 

Let us know about your experience in any of these Idaho ski resorts (if you have been there!). For a personalized travel itinerary, drop us a message on our social media handle. Or you can also check out our other blogs on Travelila.

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