Know the Top 5 Beach Hotels And Resorts of Tulum

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Being one of the best tourist spots in the world, Tulum is a really exciting place. Every now and then, a number of people visit Tulum to experience the beauty of the place and explore the intimate beaches of Tulum. It is a place with a wide range of beaches, which is covered by luxurious and lavish Tulum hotels and exciting Tulum resorts for tourists. People often look for the best Tulum resorts where they spend their vacation in Tulum with full enthusiasm and comfort. As Tulum is a place popular for tourists, it contains multiple exciting resorts. There are resorts that are specially designed near the beachside and give spectacular views of the nature of Tulum

Tulum resorts are well known for their professional maintenance and exciting management of guests. Therefore, if you are in Tulum and looking for Tulum resorts where you can stay comfortably without any hesitation and problems, then we are here to help you. In this article, you will get to know about the best Tulum hotels which are popular worldwide. These Tulum hotels will give you a worthwhile experience and will add stars to your vacations.

Following are the top 5 Tulum resorts and Tulum hotels which are must be considered by every tourist:

1. Hotel Esencia 

Hotel Esencia
Hotel Esencia

Designed with extraordinary infrastructure, here is Hotel Esencia. It is counted among one of the best Tulum resorts where an individual can stay with full comfort and satisfaction. This hotel possesses a beautiful interior with professional and home staff. The rooms and lobby of this hotel are lavish and make a man feel special throughout his trip to Tulum. It is located near the beach and hence considered among one of the best Tulum hotels on the beach.

Whenever you’re looking for hotels in Tulum, you should never miss out on the hotel Esencia of Tulum. Its design is as per the needs and aspirations of a guest. From swimming pools to delicious food, from big rooms to luxurious bathrooms and potential staff, there’s nothing you can be disappointed about in this Tulum resort.

This Tulum hotel on the beach gives an exotic beach view, this makes the hotel Esencia more intimate and romantic. The best part of this hotel is, the rooms here are available at a very affordable and reasonable price. An individual can plan an economical vacation to Tulum by staying at this Tulum resort.

2. Nomade Tulum

Nomade Tulum
Nomade Tulum

Presenting you another beautifully designed hotel in Tulum which is very popular and exciting. Hotel Nomade Tulum is a hotel in Tulum which is very well constructed with a number of luxurious amenities.

An individual can make the best use of this Tulum hotel on the beach and have unlimited fun with his family and friends. People from various corners of the world, when visiting Tulum, often tend to stay at this hotel. Due to this, Nomade Tulum is often counted as one of the most demanding hotels in Tulum. Most of the time, it remains crowded and people do not get the booking here. 

Therefore, they have now started accepting the booking of rooms in advance. The working staff and managerial staff of this hotel is potentially expert and have great skills to treat the guests in an effective manner. From welcome drinks to room support, they will provide you exceptional accommodation services in Tulum. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to staying in a Tulum hotel on the beach and want a thrilling vacation, then hotel Nomade Tulum is the best option for you. 

3. BE Tulum Beach & Spa Resort 

BE Tulum Beach & Spa Resort
BE Tulum Beach & Spa Resort

If you want a luxurious experience and are looking for a Tulum hotel on the beach, then Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort is the perfect place for you. Equipped with great furniture and multiple amenities, this Tulum resort has been proved to be one of the best hotels in Tulum. There are a number of people who have stayed here and experienced a luxury holiday. This hotel has comfortable and large bedrooms with corridors and balconies which give direct views to the beach and seaside. 

The design of this hotel is in such a way that guests can experience the beauty of Tulum city and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Even after providing so many facilities to guests, a room in this Tulum resort is easily available at a very low price. An individual can easily plan to be at this hotel to make a successful vacation to Tulum. 

4. Nest Tulum 

Nest Tulum
Nest Tulum

Here is another Tulum hotel on the beach that is worth visiting. Nest Tulum is a magical setting for an authentic experience elevate by original architecture and exceptional service, in an intimate native beach setting. The minimalist design and culture at NEST is an ode to the region’s deep-root history and lifestyle before the area was discovered, and the property quietly resonates with the ancient spirituality and traditions of the Mayan civilization.

The Villa includes 4 beds, 3 baths, common areas, a kitchen, a large palapa terrace, expansive gardens, an outdoor, oceanfront patio and lounge area, with direct access to NEST common areas and all the amenities including room service, drinks, and dining. 

Relax to the sound of the ocean and palms in the breeze from the comfort of your private terrace. Each room features its own entrance, bathroom, air-conditioning, and unique furnishing. All guests share access to our cozy common areas including a luxury living room, tower roof deck with scenic views, and private beach accommodations. To feel the beauty of beaches in Tulum, taking accommodation at Tulum Resort could be the best thing you do on your vacation. 

5. La Valise Tulum

La Valise Tulum
La Valise Tulum

Offering direct access to both the pool and the sea, with a unique sense of privacy, this amazing Tulum hotel will give you a worthwhile experience. It is count among the top Tulum hotels on the beach with luxurious infrastructure and architecture. Enjoy a cocoon of comfort with ocean views and all our property amenities easily at reach. Fall asleep to the stars and wake with the sun in these upper-level, impeccably designed rooms as you enjoy the finest in luxury and a large private hammock terrace overlooking the sea.

The most majestic room in Tulum – gaze at the stars from under a 7 meter elevated palapa roof within the comfort of an enchanting chamber featuring an unforgettable bathing tub and sprawling private terrace.

A private oasis, each of our eleven exotically furnished rooms juxtaposed between jungle and sea, combines stunning views, curated works of art from local craftsmen, spacious bathrooms, luxury linens, and access to our salt-water infinity pool steps away from the Caribbean Sea. So what are you waiting for? Book your vacation suite now and enjoy with your friend and family to the fullest.

How Can You Choose the Right Hotel in Tulum? 

Whenever you are on vacation or on a holiday trip, it is important to choose the right place to stay. Without a comfortable place of accommodation, you cannot have your dream vacation and enjoy it completely. When you are in a place like Tulum, which is one of the best vacation spots, it is very essential to choose the right hotel.

There are a number of hotels in Tulum which are popular and claim to give the best experience to the guests. Hence, it becomes difficult for the tourist to choose the right place to stay. Tulum hotels on the beach are usually more popular than the hotels based in the Tulum town area. Well, there are multiple things that are to be considered while booking a hotel in Tulum.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Area or locality 
  • Amenities provided by the hotel 
  • Its respective viewpoint 
  • Infrastructure and architecture of the hotel
  • Reviews about the hotel
  • Your budget 
  • Your basic requirements 

Above were some of the important factors that would influence your choice of hotels in Tulum very closely. Whenever you are planning to visit Tulum, make sure that you choose a perfect Tulum hotel or Tulum resort for your better experience and memorable vacation in Tulum. 

Wrap Up

Now that you are aware of the various exciting hotels in Tulum and factors important to be considered while choosing a hotel, you would surely be able to select a perfect and luxurious hotel in Tulum. It would help you to have a memorable and exciting vacation. Make new you don’t compromise with the hotel in Tulum as it would be the basis of your worthwhile holiday. 

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