3 Best Restaurants in Tulum: All You Need To Know About Mediterranean Food

Restaurants in Tulum

Food is always a source of joy and unity; hence, “a family that eats together stays together.”  Food is said to have the ability to relieve stress. Nothing compares to some authentic Mediterranean cuisine in strategic locations like Tulum; it is positioned on the Yucatán Peninsula, making it the crème de la crème of the world’s best cuisines.

This post seeks to enlighten you on some of the best restaurants in Tulum.

Loco Tulum

Restaurants in Tulum

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Loco Tulum should be your first stop when you visit Mexico. It is the best Tulum restaurant. It offers a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine dishes, perfectly blended by the legendary chef Idan Lifshitz. Here you can rest assured to experience authentic tastes and flavors you will never get anywhere else. This restaurant is known for its amazing Tulum fish tacos. 

You can rest assured you will receive nothing but the best any time you are at Loco Tulum. 

Pasha Tulum Down Town

If you want an unforgettable experience with mouthwatering Mediterranean cuisines, Pasha Tulum Down Town is ideal for you. A dedicated couple runs the restaurant. It’s the best place to be with your family and friends while in Mexico. 

Let me give you an overview of what to expect here. They offer lamb kebab; it is slowly cooked in the oven until it is a bit crispy on the outside but retains the juicy inside. Also, they serve falafel, Meze, and Shish Kebab. Vegetarians are not left out because here at Pasha Tulum Down Town; there are such options. Also, there are lots of Gluten-free options.

It is the best place for some Greek salad and coffee. Here you can rest assured to get Turkish cuisines.


Saikuk is also a top Mediterranean restaurant in Tulum.  The restaurant serves unique cuisines that include African, Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisines. Most customers come back for the tasty foods and cocktails. Here you are likely to experience a cocktail experience like no other.

Restaurants in Tulum

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What foods will you Encounter in any Mediterranean Restaurant in Tulum?

Well, apart from the foods above, the following will cause you to keep going back to Tulum.


Restaurants in Tulum

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It is made from fresh raw fish which is marinated in fresh lime juice and fresh minced chile. In 15 minutes, the meal is prepared and cooked. With some cilantro, onions, and tomatoes, your finger-licking good meal is served with tortilla chips.

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Sopa de Lima

Restaurants in Tulum

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This soup is super healthy and delicious. Lime is the key ingredient here. Even on hot days, you can still rock it. With some slow-cooked turkey or chicken and some onions, tomatoes, and sweet chile, you are good to go. You can opt for some tortilla chips garnishing to have a much more unique experience.


Restaurants in Tulum

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We can’t seem to get enough of tortilla dishes here. Gringas is Mexican cuisine that hardly misses in any Tulum restaurant menu. All the chef requires is some cheese, marinated pork meat, pineapple slices, coriander, chili sauce, and onions. However, some of the secondary ingredients listed above are added as per the preference of a customer. Now, the legendary tortillas are folded in halves and munched the same way tacos are eaten.

Tacos al Pastor

Restaurants in Tulum

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Here is another Mexican cuisine that is impossible to miss in Tulum restaurants.  The tacos are made out of sliced pork. The pork is placed on a tortilla, after which some onions, salsa, chili, and pieces of pineapple are added.

Cochinita Pibil

Restaurants in Tulum

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Cochinita pibil is yet another brilliant Mediterranean cuisine. For an authentic Yucatan taste of the meal, some pork, which is marinated in a combination of annatto paste, garlic, and bitter orange juice, is baked slowly.

It is worth noting that the pork must be wrapped inside banana leaves before baking. However, civilization has replaced the leaves with aluminum foils. The spices and every taste intended by marinating are adequately absorbed in all areas of the pork.  After baking, it is cut into small pieces and spread over some tacos, tortilla chips, or eaten its own with some roasted vegetables, salsa, and pickled onions.

The red color of the meat and the annatto seeds that remain after marinating make it unique.


Restaurants in Tulum

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These are puffy deep-fried tortilla chips that go well with shredded turkey or chicken. You can also go for some chopped red onions, avocado, and cabbages to have the best snack.

Restaurants in Tulum

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The above cuisines are to die for. You should be able to make a list of what to eat because every cuisine is a beautiful experience in Tulum.

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