7 Spectacular Oregon Hot Springs to Visit! (Facts Mentioned)

Oregon hot springs

Traveling is all about knowing the culture, geography, and history of the place. Every trip makes you realize something more interesting and unique. I often wonder about the surroundings while on the streets for a little walk and a cold breeze. The last place I explored was Oregon, to be specific, Oregon hot springs.

Do you know? There are several hot springs in the Oregon state of the US. among them, few are natural, and few are human-made. The government has defined them as public and private Oregon hot springs. The public hot springs are free of cost, while you will need to pay certain fees for experiencing the private ones. 

Volunteers manage public hot springs in Oregon, so you might have to pay for parking passes. However, when you are visiting one of them, discipline and cleanliness are necessary. Consider it as your responsibility.

Commercial authorities manage private hot springs in Oregon, and they are also located on private property. They have been modified and upgraded during the time. You can enjoy the sun soaking with fewer crowds. 

Also, the Americans have a long history with Oregon’s hot springs. These hot springs were considered sacred healing places and still remain the same for many of them.

So without much detail, let me take you on a virtual tour and show you off the seven best hot springs of Oregon.

Oregon Hot Springs to Enjoy When in City:

Umpqua hot springs

Oregon hot springs

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Oregon hot springs

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Oregon hot springs

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No matter which list you look at, Umpqua will always be on the first preference. Why? Because of its inexplicable beauty. Everything is breathtaking from the starting point to the bath in one of the seven pools in the Umpqua near the wooden house.

There are two pathways to reach near the pools – either opt for short hiking and paying the parking fees or hike up the 80-mile-long North Umpqua trail. All the tired will swoosh away once you enter the pool. 

Umpqua hot springs are the public ones. You will have to pay for parking only. There were times when camping was allowed, but visitors didn’t respond to their responsibilities, leaving garbage, and doing illegal activities.

The temperature of the pool is around 108-degrees. You can see the beauty of the North Umpqua River while soaking, and if you are lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of Surprise Falls.

Belknap hot springs

Oregon hot springs

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Oregon hot springs

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Belknap hot spring is the answer if you are a reserved type of person and want to be at the hygienic and mineral-rich pool. Yes, it is one of the private hot springs in Oregon. As you move north on Highway-126, you will see a resort on the bank of McKenzie River.

The wooden setting resort has an abundant space of collective gardens. It also provides a lodge, RV sites, cabins, and a campground for the night stay. If you don’t want to stay there, just a few miles ahead, there’s a camping ground from where you can hear the lullaby of River waves.

If I talk about the pools, there are two – one is accessible for the guests staying overnight only, and the other is open to all, even the day visitor. The temperature of the pools stays around 185-195 degrees, which is consistent throughout.

Crystal crane hot springs

Oregon hot springs

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Oregon hot springs

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Another private hot spring making people all comfortable and have a heaven-like feeling. No, I am not hyping about the place. It is really making everyone happy with its services alongside the bath in a hot spring.

The crystal crane hot spring is a true oasis in the mid of Oregon’s High Desert burns. The place is maintained so well, with proper cleanliness and management. If you are staying there overnight, enjoying the hot spring pool is free of cost.

It also has private warm water bathtubs where you can relax time to yourself exclusively. (The charges are per person/per hour.) The artificial bathtub is filled with the same piped water as the natural hot spring pond.

Summer lake hot springs

Oregon hot springs

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Oregon hot springs

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Want to go to a bit more exclusive place, what about the one between the plains? Yes! Summer lake hot springs are located in a secluded spot in the arid High Desert. It is a 145-acre healing resort, with luxurious facilities.

Here along with the natural rocks and indoor pool, there are facilities like geothermally heated cabins, RV sites, campgrounds, and guest houses. The indoor pool is known for its picturesque beauty with the location of a rustic and metal-clad barn.

The temperature of two outdoor soaking options and one indoor pool is around 108 to 118 degrees. Even its outdoor stay sites (such as campgrounds and RV sites) are packed with vaulted toilets and a hand pump for potable water.

Cougar hot springs

Oregon hot springs

Source: theculturetrip.com

Oregon hot springs

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Terwilliger or Cougar hot springs are both the same. The location is pretty impressive as it is in the middle of Willamette National Forest on Highway-126. It features six different pools connected with the cave, from where the warm water is filled in them. The pool near the cave will have the warmest water pool.

This one is open to all hot springs. Also, there’s no regulation related to clothing. You can even swim nude (if you like!). The spring is located at ¼ mile from the parking at Cougar Reservoir. Hike up the trail and relax in warmer water.

Are you worrying about clean water? The water is drained and clean every week. So don’t worry about hygiene!

Bagby hot springs

Oregon hot springs

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Oregon hot springs

Source: planetware.com

As I said in the introduction part, traveling is all about exploring culture and history along with the place. So this hot spring has a fascinating history. It is hidden in its name. Yes! Bagby, as in  Jim Bagby. He discovered this hot spring in the year 1880. Hence, the government named this place by his surname.

The location of this pool is in the forest of Portland. You can reach there by taking a short and mile and half hike to the Collawash River through the forest of cedar and fir trees. Isn’t it exotic? Finding a place in the depth of the jungle!

The Bagby hot spring was public property taken by a private company due to visitors’ irresponsible behavior. The charge is nominal – $5 per person. 

Bigelow hot springs

Oregon hot springs

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Oregon hot springs

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I told you about the most beautiful hot spring and the secluded one, now here’s the hidden gem of portland Oregon’s hot springs. Bigelow hot springs are located just 60miles away from Eugene. It is also known as the Deer Creek Hot Springs.

The exact placement of the pool is inside the cave with the backdrop of water dripping rocks. The babbling of the flowing river and overgrown ferns will give you immense tranquility. Though it is not exactly hidden, you can see a glimpse of it from the roadside as well.

Be mindful, the Bigelow hot spring has only one pool, so be ready to share it with strangers. It is not as popular as other hot springs in the area, but you can find real calmness here only.

This isn’t the end! Below I have mentioned a few interesting facts about the state – Oregon. Have a look at it!

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Few of the interesting facts about the Oregon State of US

Oregon hot springs

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#1: Oregon is among the list of most hot springs in the world.

#2: There are more than 200 breweries in the Oregon state.

#3: Oregon houses the deepest lake in the U.S – Crater Lake.

#4: With so many gardens around the state, it also has the smallest garden in the world – Mill Ends Park.

#5: Oregon is the first state to ban non-returnable bottles and cans, i.e., plastic ones.

#6: Oregon knew as the Ghost capital of the nation. It has more than 80 ghost towns listed in the national register.

#7: It is the home to the Nike brand.

#8: Where’s the largest cheese factory in the world? Oregon.

#9: There’s an official activity called Mushroom hunting.

#10: It is the only state with an official state nut. The official state nut of Oregon is Hazelnut.

These were the facts that I found really exciting! There’s more but let’s keep it short!

Oregon hot springs

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Wrapping Up:

So here we are at the end of this article. Did you enjoy this little virtual tour? If yes, then make plans and make your bookings. Also, check the COVID measures and look at our travel gear section to know what to take on a hike.

If your answer was yes, do consider checking our website –Travelila. You might find more exciting things about the next expedition. Thanks! Feel free to contact us on social media platforms for any query.

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