Year: 2019

Weird Trees on Earth: World’s Unique Trees and Forests

weird looking trees

Today I am here with creepy and weird trees. The world is full of unexpected events and things. And that is what mesmerizes us the most. Every little thing has different forms and unexplainable stories. You may have heard about[…]

Spend your Christmas in Europe – Best Christmas Markets in Europe 2022

best Christmas markets in Europe 2021

Europe – The continent with 44 countries is widely loved by travelers. The perfect time to visit Europe is from May to October, of which May, September, and October are the best ones. During those times, crowds are lesser, and[…]

11 Best Puerto Rico All Inclusive Resorts & Hotels in 2022

all inclusive resorts puerto rico

With rich history and culture, Puerto Rico’s climate is as inviting as the rest of Mexico is. Looking for a place to spend this year’s family vacation, Puerto Rico seems like a wonderful gateway. Puerto Rico features a wide array[…]

This is What Adventurous Heaven Looks Like: Yosemite Hikes

Things To Do in Yosemite

Want to experience camping, sightseeing, the best of nature, hiking, etc. that too in one place? Don’t get shocked. There is a place that offers everything at a location. Yeah, obviously it is on this planet only. Mars is still[…]