Weird Trees on Earth: World’s Unique Trees and Forests

weird looking trees

Today I am here with creepy and weird trees. The world is full of unexpected events and things. And that is what mesmerizes us the most. Every little thing has different forms and unexplainable stories. You may have heard about the appearance of strange creatures, but what about the weird trees that are on this god’s good green planet for years.

Here I am going to throw some spotlight on nine such trees that will make you feel every emotion in the strangest way. They are located on different continents, but the common factor about them is their look, or you can say structure. If some have unusual height, then others have an unusual width. Some of them are weird-looking, and some of them are out of the box beautiful (that too naturally, no human-made efforts are made!)

What I felt after knowing about such trees is enigmatic! The statements that I used were something like – ‘Woah! That’s creepy.’ ‘Aww, what a beauty!’ ‘OMG! I can touch the sky if I climb this tree.’ ‘Huh! This tree isn’t even hug-able.’ and blah blah …

Weird Trees On The Earth

Are you excited enough to know about the same? Let’s get going…

Dragon Tree

weird looking trees: Dragon Tree

Location: Canary Island

Age: 650-1000 years old

Scientific name: Dracaena draco

Family: Asparagaceae

The dragon tree is famous for its appearance. Its structure defines the shape of an umbrella. The fruit of this tree was once the food of the flightless bird (extinct species). They use to eat the fruit and spread the seeds by elimination. People say the decreased number of dragon tree is directly related to the extinction of this bird.

Baobab Weird Trees

weird looking trees: Baobab Tree

Location: Madagascar, Africa, and Australia

Age: about 1000 years old

Scientific name: Adansonia

Family: Malvaceae

The Baobab tree has in total of 9 species around the world, of which six are found in Madagascar, and two species belong to Africa, and one is found in Australia, which is also used as a prison due to its structure. This tree is known for its height and width. It can grow up to 16 feet to 98 feet in height and 23 feet to 36 feet in width.

The strange thing about this tree is its leaves that grow only on the top and that too without any new branch forming (Oh and yes! They are edible). This tree’s trunk has the capacity to store gallons of water. But the tree can be leafless throughout the year. The reason for the same is unknown!

Silk Cotton Tree

weird looking trees: Silk Cotton Tree

Location: Cambodia

Age: estimated to be 200 years old

Scientific name: Ceiba pentandra

Family: Tetramelaceae 

The silk-cotton tree in the Seam Ream Province of Cambodia is truly one of the most weird-looking trees in the world. The trunk of this tree goes upward in the direction of the sky and makes a canopy around the temple, while its roots stay coiled to the ground. It is said that the place where these trees are found growing has remained untouched for hundreds of years. Then how are they growing? Now there is Angokar Archeological Park.

Tree of Life

weird looking trees: Tree of Life

Location: Bahrain

Age: over 400 years old

Scientific name: Prosopis cineraria tree

Family: Fabaceae

The story of this tree is unusual, as well as strange. First thing this tree has survived for about 400 years without water (how is that even possible!). Undoubtedly it is mysterious how this tree survived where no one lives. It is about 2 km from Jebel Dukhan (the highest point of Bahrain) and 40 km from Manama (the nearest city). It has been the center of attraction for tourists due to its strange survival. Locals say that this is the place where the Garden of Eden was located.

General Sherman (U.S) Weird Trees

weird looking trees: General Sherman (U.S)

Location: United States

Age: Approx. 2,300-2,700 years

Scientific name: Sequoiadendron giganteum

Family: Cupressaceae

General Sherman is found in the Sequoia National Park in the United States. It is known for its age and height. This tree is one of the oldest and huge single stem trees on the earth. It has a height of 275 feet. The circumference of the tree near the ground is around 102 feet. It is the only largest living tree on earth. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing Nature.

El Árbol del Tule (The Tree of Tule)

weird looking trees: El Árbol del Tule (The Tree of Tule)

Location: Mexico

Age: Approx. between 1200 to 3000 years

Scientific name: Taxodium mucronatum

Family: Cupressaceae

The Tree of Tule in Oaxaca, Mexico, is famous for its structure. And it’s one of the stoutest trees around the world. The attractive point of the tree is its trunk that is about 32 feet in diameter. It is 111 feet tall. It is one of the oldest and the widest tree around the world.

Sandbox Weird Trees 

weird looking trees

Location: South America

Age: Still a mystery (its age is undiscovered)

Scientific name: Hura crepitans

Family: Euphorbiaceae

The sandbox tree is truly the creepiest and dangerous one. The tree’s trunk is the dangerous one; it has thorny cone-shaped spikes around it. It is found in the Amazonian forest in South America. The scariest thing about the tree is its seed-dispersing process. The seeds are formed in the shape of a small pumpkin, and eventually, with time, it gets harden and mature.

When they are fully mature, they are more like a ticking time bomb. The seed will explode and shoot out at a speed of 150 miles per hour and measures the distance of 60 feet. It’s really dangerous to stay in the diameter during the explosion process. One more thing! They are poisonous too.

Banyan Tree 

weird looking trees

Location: India

Age: about 250 years old

Scientific name: Ficus benghalensis

Family: Moraceae

Banyan tree has looks that are terrifying (as if snakes are hanging on the branches of the tree), but there is an amazing fact about the tree – it is considered holy and sacred in India. Its existence dates back to the 19th century, and there are some banyan trees whose age is around 1000 years too.

It is believed that the leaves of the Banyan tree were the resting place of Lord Krishna. Married woman in Maharashtra region observes the fast called Vat Savitri Vrat, in which they worship the banyan tree and tie a thread around the tree. This is also the national tree of India. 

Pine Tree

weird looking trees

Location: Crooked Forest of Poland

Age: about 4600 years old

Scientific name: Pinus

Family: Pinaceae

The pine trees in the Crooked Forest of Poland are crookedly weird in shape. Here the pine tree grows in J-Shape. There are two stories that are revolving around the J-shape of the tree, but none of them have the proof. The first one is they are bent due to the heavy snowstorm, and another is farmers intentionally bent the branch of pine tree to create the naturally curved timber wood to use in furniture. But to date, no one knows the exact reason for the bent structure of the tree. There are around 400 bent trees in the forest.

Beautifully Weird Trees:-

These were the nine weird trees that are watch-worthy. We mentioned some of them there are much more like them, hidden in the deep wilderness. You may have seen the tree with unusual shape and size at the usual place. Some grow naturally, and some are human-made. What I believe is, whatever the shape of the tree is, it will always remain beautiful. The natural wonder of the god’s planet, visit them and get pictures clicked!

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