Where Is Mystic Falls of Vampire Diaries? – The Mystery of Decoded

Where Is Mystic Falls

This is a question to all the fans of the superhit CW Show, “The Vampire Diaries”- Do you know there is a place called Mystic Falls in real life as well? We are not joking. You can go and visit the legendary place and quench your curiosity by finally getting the answer to “Where is Mystic Falls?” and does the famous Mystic Grill serve food? 

Now without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Where Is Mystic Falls from Vampire Diaries?- Answered Below

Where Is Mystic Falls

The adoration fans have for their favorite show is commendable. Fans love to travel with friends and family to the locations where their favorite TV series and movies are filmed for a significant portion of the time. For instance, the bridge shown in the movie Harry Potter does exist in real life.

It is located in Scotland and receives heavy volumes of footfall every year. Some towns in real life have been turned into fandom hotspots. Local businesses that offer tours, goods, and meals with a theme welcome the fans. This is unquestionably the situation in Covington, Virginia, also known as Mystic Falls. 

A Summary of the Uber-Hit Show

Where Is Mystic Falls

The show was an overnight success and became a phenomenon in the small-screen world. For those unaware, the town of Mystic Falls serves as the setting for the television series The Vampire Diaries. The program is a young-adult drama with supernatural elements. It is based on L.J. Smith’s book series of the same name.

Elena Gilbert, played by the actor (Nina Dobrev), a recently orphaned adolescent, falls in love with vampire Stefan Salvatore (played by Paul Wesley), then with his notorious brother Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder). 

Elena discovers that her little hometown is the home of supernatural entities, including mysterious characters such as witches, Vampire hunters, and werewolves, while teen drama erupts. 

Million Dollar Question-Where Are Mystic Falls from Vampire Diaries?Where Is Mystic Falls

While Mystic Falls, VA, is primarily a work of fiction, the town that inspired its name is not. The charming hamlet of Covington, also known as the actual Mystic Falls, is situated 35 miles from Atlanta in the lovely state of Georgia. The most well-known locations from the program, like the Mystic Grill and the recognizable town center, will make you feel right where you belong.

From Covington to Atlanta, Georgia, transportation is effortless. In actuality, the trip only takes around forty minutes

Covington has been a highly popular location for filming TV series and movies for more than 60 years, in addition to being the setting for the fictional Mystic Falls! This small and endearing village served as the primary shooting site of several shows and movies.

There is excellent news for you; you can take a guided tour of Mystic Falls, Virginia. What could be more special than witnessing the sets of your favorite show and getting to live all those moments again? 

Everything You Need to Know About the Mystic Falls Tour 

Where Is Mystic Falls

These Vampire Stalkers, a bunch of fans who have kept in touch with the cast of your favorite show, lead all tours and are responsible for ensuring that you experience the experience of a lifetime.

Visit the iconic Lockwood Mansion, a stunning historical residence used in several sequences, including Miss Mystic Falls and the Masquerade dance, which is only accessible through the Mystic falls tour. Additionally, you may visit the Gilbert residence and perch on the exact stairs where Elena used to kiss Stefan and Damon. We occasionally even have the good fortune to see filming. The legacy series is still being made.

Please note that visiting the actual shooting locations for the show is only possible if you take the official tour of the place. Let’s talk more about the time now! 

As a part of the official tour, you will get access to Free parking and parking your vehicle on the site. There are a couple of gift and souvenir shops you can check out and get something to remember this trip.

 If you are wondering where Mystic Falls is located because you happen to be nearby, take interstate highway 20. It is the closest route to the site.

American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Discover have accepted cards. Carry some loose change as well to avoid last-minute chaos. The tour usually lasts 2-4 hours covering all the essential locations and ending at the gift or souvenir shop. 

The official tour is a fun activity catering to Vampire Diaries fans of all ages. What’s more? It is open to people throughout the year. When you do not stop being a fan a single day, why should the Mystic Falls VA tour? You can book the tour on their official website.

Insiders’ Details on the Mystic Falls Virginia Tour 

Where Is Mystic Falls

The official Mystic Falls Virginia tour other tours is that it provides ‘exclusive access” to the shooting locations. Let’s unfold that for a moment.

People who visit the town assuming they can see all the filming locations are mistaken because they only bother the residents of the houses where the show was filmed. Be courteous of them and if you are a true fan, then book the appropriate tour. A true Vampire Diaries fan would never bother anyone unnecessarily.

Iconic Sites to Visit in Mystic Falls Va

Here are a few places that you can visit while searching mystic falls for vampire diaries. Learn and explore the following places:

The Lockwood Mansion 

Where Is Mystic Falls

Get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the iconic Lockwood Mansion, where some plot twists were filmed. The real name of the site is Worthington Manor. Please note that you are not allowed to enter the house as residents live. Would you not want to barge into somebody’s house now? Visit the house and experience the iconic Caroline and Klaus moment. Shivers!!

The person responsible for the Mystic Falls tour is a good acquaintance of the residence owners. So, if you want to check out different parts of the house, such as the backyard, you can place your request with the concerned person. 

The owners are kind and might oblige you with a full house tour. Keep in mind that while this is just a tour for you to relive TVD moments, it’s their house for them. So, be considerate if they decline the offer. You can always come back next time once you have answered the question, ‘Where is Mystic Falls located?Trust us when we say this, the experience will be phenomenal.

Other significant locations for a Vampire Diaries fan are Elena’s house, Isobel’s House and Carloine’s house, and The Mystic Grill.

The Gilbert House

Where Is Mystic Falls

The next location on tour is the Gilbert house, the residence of the show’s protagonist, Elena Gilbert. If you are a TVD fan, you know this house’s importance. Some of the most heartwarming and bold scenes took place in this house.

Scenes that required the inside location were filmed at the original filming location and sound stages. But the outside shots, such as the porch scene, were filmed outside the house.

The Forbes House

Where Is Mystic Falls

Explore the legendary Forbes’ Residence, the house of the witty and super gorgeous character, Caroline Forbes Just like the Gilbert house, scenes that required the inside location were filmed at the original filming location and sound stages and only for the outside shots such as the porch scene, were filmed outside the house.

Mystic Falls Town Square 

Where Is Mystic Falls

Apart from the residences, there are several other places that you can explore on your Mystic Falls tour. The first name that comes to mind is the Mystic Falls town square. The square is always buzzing with tourists and locals alike. The gift shops have a plethora of souvenirs and original props that were used in the show. The props are not for sale, but you are free to take pictures with them, living your best TVD fan moment.

Pro tip: Get yourself the Mystic Grill t-shirts and flaunt them wherever you go. All the gift shops have televisions and keep showing reruns of the show.

Mystic Grill

Where Is Mystic Falls

You are not the only one who drooled at the sight of delicacies served at the Mystic Grill in TVD. The question people ask after they have learned,” Where is Mystic Falls ?is about whether Mystic Grill is open to the public and does it serve all those dishes. The answer to both questions is yes, it is open to the general public all year round and serves all those dishes.

The Mystic Grill is also located in the square itself. Yes, the rumors are true; you can eat at the grill. The place serves southern-style cuisine and is food heaven for TVD fans. You can even make reservations for the rooftop seating since the view from there is breathtaking. It overlooks the entire town square.

RV Camping in Mystic Falls

RV camping is a fantastic way to experience the serene natural beauty of Mystic Falls without paying absurd Long Island hotel prices. There are numerous RV camping sites near the Georgia like Atlanta South RV Park and Georgia District United Pentecostal Church Campground, with many boasting easy access to hiking trails, county parks and nature preserves. If you love the idea of RV camping in Mysrtic Falls, but find yourself lacking an RV, reach out to an RV manufacturer and peruse their catalog of motorhomes and travel trailers. Companies like Ecocampor have the knowledge and expertise to outfit you with the perfect RV for your dream vacation to the Mystic Falls.

Final Thoughts on the Curiosity,” Where Is Mystic Falls?’

There is something so fascinating about fictional characters and how they are portrayed. The Vampire Diaries was an overnight success and, despite the criticism, did not stop from delivering enchanting content.

Visiting the place, i.e., Mystic Falls, Virginia, is a treat. As a fan of TVD, you deserve to see the place and reel in the glory. We hope this answers your question, “Where is Mystic Falls ?” and clears any further doubts. For more articles like this, visit Travelila and stay tuned.

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