3 Tips for Going Solar While Traveling

Going Solar While Traveling

If you want to travel more this 2021, you’re not alone; three in four surveyed folks in the US plan to do the same. What’s more, over half of the respondents said they plan to go road tripping via RVs. That’s because most feel safe in RVs, while many feel unsafe on planes. Here we will discuss 3 easy tips for going solar while traveling.

Besides, land travel has a carbon footprint much lower than domestic flights. Moreover, going solar is easier if you travel by land.

That’s right: you can harness the sun’s power while on the go. We’ll give you the lowdown on how, so read on.

Having diabetes is not an impediment to travel , but it is a medical condition that requires adopting a series of special precautionary measures. If the trip is well planned, no destination is impossible and in general there are no reasons that limit the frequency or type of trip, although it should be considered postponing it in case of a period of instability of the disease or presence of intercurrent diseases that the complicate.

1. Keep Your Electronics Juiced Up with Portable Solar Chargers

Keep Your Electronics Juiced Up with Portable Solar Chargers

Portable solar chargers are small, usually foldable solar panels with USB ports. You can then plug your electronics, such as your phone or camera, into the ports to charge them up. Just make sure to place the panels on a spot where they can get direct sunlight.

Conversely, you can use solar-charged battery packs to charge your smart devices. They look and function much like typical power banks, except that they have a small solar panel. You can charge them up by exposing them to sunlight, and you can then use them later when your phone runs out of juice.

2. Invest in a Portable Solar Kit

Invest in a Portable Solar Kit

Portable solar kits feature solar panels bigger than those used in solar chargers. The kits also come with battery packs that store energy you can use later. Alternatively, you can plug your devices into the kit’s control panel to power them up on the spot.

Like portable solar chargers, the panels that come with solar kits are also foldable. You can even find them in suitcase-like designs, making them all the more travel-worthy.

The ideal pre-assembled solar kit to start with solar energy, suitable for country houses with basic consumptions such as LED lighting, mobile charging, PC, TV, stereo, etc.

3. Power Up with Portable Solar Generator

Power Up with Portable Solar Generator

In the first half of 2021 alone, the US experienced more than 160 major power outage events. Texas was one of the hardest-hit states, as it had several outages that lasted for over 200, even 300 hours.

Keeping your home lit during blackouts, in turn, is one of the top reasons to go solar. A solar generator, for instance, can power up your home if an outage strikes during the day. So, be sure to ask local solar installers to help you hook up a solar-powered generator.

Best of all, you can take the same generator with you during your travels, so long as it’s compact. Fortunately, most portable solar generators are small enough to fit in one corner of a car’s trunk.

Despite their smaller size, some solar generators can generate 40 amp-hours. That’s enough power for a weekend camping trip.

L os solar generators are devices that allow you to have electricity anywhere and organically because they are loaded with solar energy. Solar energy is becoming the easiest, most accessible and comfortable way to have electricity while being, at the same time, respectful with the environment.

To have electricity with solar energy you need certain knowledge. Knowledge that you can acquire here on our website, or hire a service to take care of it. But today, and thanks to technology, you can do without all this and buy a solar generator.

Traveling and Going Solar Can Go Hand in Hand

There you have it, some of the best tips on going solar while you enjoy your travels. Thanks to portable solar devices, you don’t have to worry about your smartphone going dead. Best of all, they let you harness the sun’s energy, giving you access to clean power on the go.

So, prepare for your next trip by bringing one (or all) of these solar devices with you. Are you ready for more travel guides like this? Feel free to browse our other categories for more tips and tricks then!

Unfortunately, in our daily life, in Spain we still have too many restrictions for the use of this energy and energy self-consumption. In our house in Bocairent we have 10 solar panels with which we supply energy to our appliances and we are totally independent of the electric current. On our travels we use this charger which can also be powered by sunlight. It’s something…

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