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things to do in nashville with kids

There are many excellent and fun things to do in Nashville. There are great Nashville attractions such as tours, restaurants, museums, and food. You could spend days exploring everything Nashville has to offer. With so many things to choose from, it can be hard to decide what things to do in Nashville. Let’s see the things to do in Nashville TN.

Nashville is open for business, and businesses are having fun. For locals, there are various summer entertainments around the town where the crowds are not so densely packed. To help you out, read this article to learn more about things to do in Nashville this weekend or whenever you visit. We have prepared the list of the best places and fun things to do in Nashville TN.

Things to Do in Nashville TN

Make plans to get out of your house and experience the best that Nashville has to offer. Here is a list of things to do in Nashville TN.


things to do in Nashville TN: Broadway
things to do in Nashville TN: Broadway

It is the heartbeat of downtown Nashville which covers various neon-lit blocks, with a neighborhood where there are clubs, bars, shops, saloons, restaurants, and honky-tonks as far as your eye can reach.

During the day, Broadway is one of the more usual Nashville attractions. You can enjoy dining, shopping, and sightseeing as they hop on old-time trams and trolleys and explore.

During the night, Broadway transitions into something else. Live music with numerous bars and pubs—rooftop bars glitter with everything from swimming pools to lights.

You go to places where you can drink, eat, dance and do other various things. Broadway is the center of all of the action. For this reason, it is the best place to visit this place.


things to do in Nashville TN: Parthenon
things to do in Nashville TN: Parthenon

Before it was known for country music, it had a reputation for higher learning. Parthenon offered the largest number of colleges and universities in Tennessee and was known as “the Athens of the South.”

Builders in 1987 decided to go with that nickname and create a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in the middle of Nashville.

Today, the Parthenon works as an art museum and cultural center. It hosts some paintings, texts, statues, and sculptures from the classical era.

It is amongst the major interest points in Nashville, specifically for arts patrons. You can often find theater troupes doing Greek plays on the front steps.

The Parthenon is one of the top things to do in Nashville TN, Tennessee. It is such a great Nashville attraction that it deserves a visit even if you are not the type to wear a toga and philosophize about the stars.

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

things to do in Nashville TN: Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center
things to do in Nashville TN: Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

You may not have seen a hotel like this. Not only does it have luxury suites in the most hopping, bopping parts of downtown Nashville, but it is also home to activities and amenities that make it one of the best things to do in Nashville with kids. 

The resort has pools, plants, gardens, fountains, and waterfalls in a glass atrium, for starters. Boat tours are available if you wish to drift along the water and enjoy all nine acres of the indoor jungle.

Nashville Zoo

things to do in Nashville TN: Nashville Zoo | Crocodile
things to do in Nashville TN: Nashville Zoo | Rhinos

It is one of the best Nashville attractions in Tennessee. Located about 6 miles south of Downtown,  this zoo was also a standard farm home in the 80s on land that was donated to the city.

This standard home paved the way for the country’s 9th biggest zoo. It is located on the property and is available for tours. There are about 3,000 animals in total, with about 350 different species.

You can even feed or take pictures with some of the zoo animals. You can also visit zoo-sponsored camps and classes for things to do in Nashville with kids.

For instance, “Night Owls” is a sleepaway adventure, and “Zoo Tots” has lessons and games for tiny zookeepers.

You should opt for a trip to the Nashville Zoo if you’re looking for the best attractions to put on a to-do list. It is amongst the top places to visit in Nashville for sure. Moreover, this zoo is full of rich history and a wide range of animals.

Warner Parks

things to do in Nashville TN: Warner Parks
things to do in Nashville TN: Warner Parks

Nashville is a busy metropolitan area that you can easily forget about its green places. Warner parks will also help you to remind yourself about the majesty of these natural landscapes.

It is Edwin Warner Park and Percy Warner Park, that span thousands of acres in the wilderness near Nashville.

The beautiful lush hills with everything from nature trails to picnic areas will make your visit to Nashville great. For example, you can walk, tour, hike, bike, or go horseback riding among the sights.

If breaking a sweat is something you like to do, you should check out the playgrounds, tennis courts, golf courses, and mountain bike trails. If you like more low-key activities, stroll to the top of an observation point and see miles away as the leaves fall and the sunsets.

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy here, so if you are a nature lover wondering what you should do in Nashville, Tennessee, consider a trip to the Warner Parks.


things to do in Nashville with kids: Hermitage
things to do in Nashville with kids: Hermitage

It is one of the essential sights in the United States regarding the history and heritage of the American South.

It is the home of former President Andrew Jackson with a stunning example of exquisite and plantation-style architecture. People have preserved it as a testament to how the wealthy people of Nashville used to live.

It is also uncomfortable to see how the slave trade was normalized in the South in the 80s. Andrew Jackson owned dozens of slaves housed in log cabins behind the estate.

The dual nature of the Hermitage is the reason why it is considered one of the best tourist spots in Nashville. Moreover, it is beautiful and culturally significant and does not let you forget about the dark past.

You should visit Hermitage if you are wondering where to go during your trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

Ryman Auditorium

things to do in Nashville with kids: Ryman Auditorium
things to do in Nashville with kids: Ryman Auditorium

Located right in the heart of Nashville, it is one of the world’s most legendary music venues. Having been played by some of the most famous and world’s leading artists, the Ryman Auditorium, steeped in over 135 years of history.

Now, if you can, get yourself some tickets to one of the shows while you’re there. If availability is slim, you can take a tour of the auditorium and learn about the heritage of this spot.

It is an excellent place to start a stroll around Broadway and to experience some of the best live music bars in the South!

Frist Art Museum

things to do in Nashville with kids: First Art Museum
things to do in Nashville with kids: First Art Museum

It is located at Nashville’s old main post office which is a historical, art deco-style building of gleaming white marbles from the 1930s.

The museum does not house permanent collections, and the exhibitions change every 4 to 6 weeks. Moreover, the twenty-four thousand feet of gallery space shows everything from photographic impressions of the Civil Rights movement to white and black images depicting Afro-American Life in Louisiana and holding Paris-themed entertainment evenings.

If you go to the Frist Art Museum, expect diversity – it doesn’t disappoint.

Pub Crawl

things to do in Nashville with kids: Pub Crawl

There are so many drinking holes in Nashville you will not know which one to choose. Walk down the infamous Honky Tonk Highway or Lower Broadway. You will also find that there are over 40 bars in a couple of blocks – all with live bands each night.

Go to the hosted bar tours, and discover the best of them, along with hearing anecdotes about the city’s history. The pub generally crawls for around two and a half hours, during which you will visit 4 or 5 bars with drinks at each watering hole to keep you in the party mood.

There are no cover charges in any of the bars. If you really enjoy the music and make your feet tapping the floor, do not forget to throw a few dollars in the group’s tip bucket.

Ghost Tours

things to do in Nashville with kids: Ghost Tours

Every city has its spooks, in Nashville, you should find out who is the spirit in the world of Nashville on a ghost tour. Meet up with a costumed guide Downtown, and they’ll walk you around the Ryman Auditorium. This century-old building is allegedly cursed and haunted by the ghosts of ex-employees and the singer Hank Williams.

Go on to the investigations of Printer’s Alley, where regular sightings of the ghost of a colorful neighborhood character who was killed were reported with his dog. Regardless of what you think about ghosts, these tours are fun, and you will find out appealing facts about this city. You can mix a ghost tour with a pub crawl and make the circuit of the district’s haunted taverns and pubs while having a beverage.

If that does not give goosebumps, you can visit a spine-tingling ghost tour around Downtown in a hearse.

things to do in nashville with kids


There are undoubtedly fun things to do in Nashville; if you plan to go to this place, make sure you know well about the place. Knowing about the place will help you with excess expenses, and you can save yourself from fraud. It is best to go with your family or friends on a trip where you can make memories to look at later in life. If you plan to go there recently, you should do the above-stated things to do in Nashville TN this weekend.

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