4 Must Visit Attractions In Durham

Attractions In Durham

In this article, we will discuss the most amazing attractions in Durham that you should visit. So, let’s have a look at it:

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral: Attractions In Durham

The British-Roman architectural style of the Durham Cathedral is one of its claims to fame. Stop by crossing the River Wear using Prebends Bridge, or you can approach the cathedral using the picturesque narrow streets of the Old City near Palace Green. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Durham Cathedral, also known as St. Cuthbert of Durham, was built near the turn of the 12th century and was also worked on during the 15th century. The northwest door provides access to the cathedral. Ironically, this is the door used during the 12th century to harbor fugitives who were seeking help.  

The interior of the cathedral is fascinating and ready for you to explore. Some tour highlights include Norman Wave, which features massive columns, and The Cathedral Tower. There are 325 steps if you choose to climb the tower. Another main highlight of your tour will be seeing Galilee Chapel.

The 14th-century cloister of this cathedral was used for the set of the first film in the Harry Potter franchise. Additionally, the collection of medieval claustral buildings at this historic site is the most intact grouping of its kind in the entire United Kingdom.  

A tour of Durham Cathedral lasts about an hour and a half. Additionally, there is an adult learning program available that provides even more information about the history of the area. Enjoy workshops, lectures, and even additional tours that take you to the riverbanks and the surrounding wooded areas. 

A library and archive are also available at The Durham Cathedral. When you are done touring the grounds and learning about the history of the area, be sure to stop by the gift shop and on-site restaurant. 

Open Treasure

Open Treasure: Attractions In Durham

Open Treasure is a former dormitory for monks, and it is locating within The Durham Cathedral. This room alone represents nearly 1,000 years of history and features many important relics and unique collections. 

One of the feature exhibits is St. Cuthbert’s wooden coffin, which dates back to the 7th century. There are also quite a few ancient books and a centuries-old collection of silver plates. 

Another point of interest is Sir John Conyers’ ancient sword, the Conyers Falchion. This sword was used by him when battling against the Sockburn Worm. This sword is presenting to each newly elected Bishop of Durham; otherwise, it remains on display.

Be sure to check out the monks’ quarters, including the kitchen. The octagonal ceiling of the kitchen itself is quite remarkable, and there are eight fireplaces. The lives of the monks are depicted in fascinating displays that you are sure to find intriguing. 

You will also discover the original knocker that sanctuary seekers used for seeking refuge during ancient times. The main door of the cathedral also boasts a replica of the knocker. 

Durham Castle

Durham Castle: Attractions In Durham

The Earl of Northumberland built The Durham Castle near the end of the 11th century, and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. William the Conquerer gifted the castle to the prince bishops of the city. One highlight of the castle is the Norman Chapel, and another point of interest you do not want to miss is the 14th-century dining hall. Be sure to check out the pineapple carvings on the Black Stairs, too, which date back to the 17th century.  

The University College, which is the foundation of Durham University, is also on-site at the castle. The University College houses 100 students and is a very unique building featuring nine centuries of history. The castle can book as a B&B stay if students are on vacation. 

Museum of Archaeology

Museum of Archaeology: Attractions In Durham

The Palace Green Library houses The Museum of Archaeology. Artifacts from the Norman, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon periods. Medieval artifacts discovered during digs in the Old City during the 20th century are also on site.   

The university’s museum boasts special collections and archives including ancient books. In fact, over 70,000 volumes of books in the library predate 1850. Enjoy free admission to both the museum and library, and that also goes for educational programming and lectures that are offered there.

Find the best Durham breaks and enjoy all this historic town has to offer.

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