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Dubai is the city of Gold. The United Arab Emirates offers tourists many astonishing urbane creations and various technological wonders. But apart from these, there are many charming beaches where you can relax without any tension. The Saudi Arabia beach provides its tourists with a great eye soothing view of vast sand, a perfect romantic sunset, and a lovely sunrise.

The sound of the waves can tranquil the soul of the visitors. There are many beautiful Dubai beaches where you can enjoy yourself fully with your family. The Arabian ocean with its sparkling water is a sight must-visit. The desert city is filled with lots of beaches. The beaches are tourist-friendly. So, let’s take a quick glance at the most popular Saudi Arabia beach.

Kite Beach:

Kite Beach
Kite Beach in Saudi Arabia

Dubai’s Kite Beach is one of the most popular Saudi Arabia beaches and it is an ideal choice for the tourists who come with their families. The main attraction is the sky. It is a treat to watch the sky filled with many colorful kites.

There you can get a chance to play volleyball, football, and tennis. This beach is the perfect place for outdoor games. But the kite is the show stopper. You have a great view of Burj-Al-Arab from this beach. The sands of this beach are soft and clean. There are many cafes and food trucks. It is for sure that you will definitely enjoy the beach, food, drinks, and its various activities.

Jumeirah Beach:

Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach in Saudi Arabia

The mesmerizing golden sand stretch, beautiful grassy area, and rows of palm trees make this one of the most desirable beaches in the UAE. Visitors can be able to chill out on this beach by cycling, swimming, jogging, taking the sunbath, and enjoying its warmth. Let’s see saudi arabia destinations.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted to this beach especially because of the marvelous view of the Persian Gulf. The beach is famous for its soft and clean sands. The granules of the sand are so soft that your feet easily sink into them. You can find here the cafes, barbeques, and children’s amusement parks. The beach is the perfect one for the sunset. The romantic atmosphere is perfect for your holiday.

Marina Beach:

Marina Beach
Marina Beach

The blue water and the stunning skyline are the perfect introductions to Marina Beach. It offers many exciting relaxations like cafes, jogging tracks, etc. The perfect atmosphere and the activity like camel riding are enough for you to enjoy your evening. This beach is the ideal one for the night walk with your partner. You can also find some positive vibes on this beach.

Al Sufouh Beach:

Al Sufouh Beach
Al Sufouh Beach

Al Sufouh Beach is famous for water sports. But you can also just swim and relax on this beach. It is the perfect location for solo travelers who really like sporty adventures. The beach offers you exotic views of the famous landmarks in Dubai. It is also known as Black Palace Beach.

Saadiyat Public Beach:

Saadiyat Public Beach
Saadiyat Public Beach

This beach offers the spell bounding blue color of water and alongside the whiteness of sand. The Saadiyat Public Beach provides weekly yoga classes. It also provides showers and changing rooms just like the Corniche Beach.

Corniche Beach

Corniche is the most popular beach in the UAE. It is the best place to see the sight of the sparkling Arabian Gulf and you can also be a witness to the dazzling skyline of the United Arab Emirates. There are many food stalls and large umbrellas where you can sit peacefully. On this beach, one can fully enjoy the sun and the beach vibes.

Al Maya Island:

Al Maya Island
Al Maya Island in Saudi Arabia

This island is about 10 minutes offshore and can be proud of many beautiful beaches. This is the perfect place for party venues. But apart from these beautiful beaches, there are some that you must visit once in your life. The parties are usually full of young people and loud music. But during the daytime, this island is perfect for the beach is like a half-moon shape. There are little coves that are very helpful to break the strong waves. It is a perfect and safe place for kids swimming.

The line of palm trees provides sheds and comfortable shelter for tourists. It also adds beauty to the beach. The underwater of this sea is full of corals and colorful fishes. There is a playground for the kid. They can enjoy themselves there with plenty of water sports. The beach is also famous for its natural beauty. The volleyball game is a good time pass for the tourists who come to enjoy this beach.

There is a water sports club that provides banana boating and wakeboarding. Mercato Beach Mercato Beach offers a jogging track and a beach library for book lovers. You can enjoy the sunny beach with your favorite book in your hands. The idea is very unique and it attracts visitors. If you want to shop, then the Mercato shopping mall is near to the beach. You can also visit the mall and purchase your valuables.

Royal Island Beach is a perfect destination to enjoy a five-star meal and expensive drinks. You can also get a chance to smoke shisha. This beach is full of international restaurants, long beach areas, swimming pools, and event areas. It is the hottest dining spot in Dubai. This beach can offer you a family-friendly atmosphere. This is the perfect beach for relaxation.

There are several lifeguards who are always on duty. So, safety issues cannot bother you anymore. There are many more beaches in the UAE. The beautiful atmosphere and the exotic scenic beauty attract many tourists to these beaches. The various kinds of water sports and beach activities provide constant good vibes and energy to the tourists. To cover these all beaches in one go is very difficult for the tourists. But as a tourist, you cannot ignore the call of these beaches. To explore the beauty of Saudi Arabia, Please visit Travelila.

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