Things to Do in Long Beach That You’ll Love

fun things to do in long beach

After experiencing the pandemic crisis of this year, travel trotters cannot quench their travel thirst anymore. For family travel, a staycation in the coastal city would be a great option. Escape the chaos of the busy city without going too far. Today, we will discuss the best things to do in Long Beach.

A great place to pick up for vacating in this year is Long Beach, thirty miles away from Los Angeles.

For enjoying a family reunion or a romantic weekend, or a gateway with kids, the spot is ideal for planning things to do around. Tourists of all ages gather for good times and can make new friends. Vacating around the seaside city is a gateway to a comprehensive view of events such as sports, concerts, live music, arts, and nightlife.

The oceanfront metropolis offers a nearby staycation to the beach. Both young and old can pick their favorite urban waterfront attractions and the exciting things on long beach. As the name of the place suggests, it is ideal for relaxing, and it is worth visiting the community with a growing cocktail movement.

People find many fun things to do on the long beach along the shore of the long beach. They can engage in waterfront activities such as driving, entertainment, and shopping. Next, the village is a popular spot in Long Beach to visit.

Schedule Things to Do in Long Beach

It is worth finding accommodation close to the beach. Living by the ocean beaches, visitors choose the best activities to do. For embracing beautiful nature, they go on boardwalks and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather.
More to it, there are urban waterfront activities such as active neighborhood associations, and bike-friendly streets. During the staycation of Long Beach, cyclists and runners rush to the spot.

Invest Time Across Waterbodies


Long Beach offers multiple activities for entertainment. Long Beach is the best to plan for if you want to spend time visiting world-class attractions along the water’s edge. Exploring the beaches is a great thing to do. Most importantly, public beaches spread over three miles along the ocean.

For coastal quality living, tourists find it worth investing in popular waterfront activities such as sunbathing, swimming. The Junipero Cherry Beach is the spot where tourists enjoy the best things to do on the long beach. It is well equipped with standup paddleboards sailboats, harbor cruises, to gondola rides.

Early in the morning, tourists rush to Bluff Park to continue their scheduled morning walk on the manicured grounds. Everywhere they can find green spaces to breathe and relax. The fitness-conscious minds run to the spot to perform yoga along the well-maneuvered jogging paths. Frequent visitors gather in the area who want to enjoy the outdoors. They can use telescopes to take a peak far from the horizon.

After travelers land at the destination, they discover the unique culture of the place. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for tripping throughout the coastal city. On the family-friendly beaches, there are fun things to do on the long beach.
Some active and healthy families can ideally backpack and move to the coastal destination. Enthusiastic tourists possess the agility to do sailing, jet skiing, and hiking.

Plan a few more things that tourists never get to experience. So listing the places and the things to do on long beach are fun to do.

After reading the detailed guide, readers can pick the top attractions and favorite spots for visiting. While many attractions require a fee, some locations don’t charge a fee.

Encounter Adventure Routes

boardwalk sea

Long Beach is the prime spot for enjoying bike rides. Those who want to enjoy bike rides along long trails can ideally pick the location. Also, tourists can do extensive boardwalk along Long Beach.

If it is a family trip, planners need to choose the right type of bike as per the individual’s choices and ages.
Bike riders can rent bikes at Wheel Fun Rentals of Shoreline Village. It is one of the best things to do in a long beach.
The leased services include varied types such as pedal karts, tandem bikes, surreys, and traditional bikes.

Before starting the bike ride, they need to map the route of the bike trip. For enjoying themselves at their best, they can continue the bike ride through the Shoreline village to Lighthouse to Belmont Shore.

Every traveler wants to have unique travel experiences. For a delightful trip, flying in and out of the Long Beach Airport is essential. The municipality took the effort to design the historic Art Deco terminal and Depression-era mosaic floors. Though a few gates have opened recently, it is backed up by modern facilities.

Next, in transit, people can use wi-fi.

For sufficing their hunger pangs, travelers can fetch the service of iPad food ordering from local restaurants. What else when the border can get direct entry inside the aircraft? The well-designed throwback boarding system is perfect for those who wish to walk directly onto the tarmac and a few stairs up into the plane.

After visiting the vibrant spot of long beach, there remains a shortage of things on long beach. The destination of the beautiful waterfront scene has much to offer. Here, individuals show interest in embracing the culture.

Entertain at Your Wish

beach food

Keep on planning and exciting with some first Friday plans. Discover the quaint neighborhood between downtown and North long beach. Popularly known as the Bixby Knolls and here art lovers can find their areas of interest. If you are new to the spot, then get guided by local people. They are the right source to feature the correct information.

Next, planners need to carefully design the itinerary to enroll in the famous art walk, hosted on the first Friday of every month. More it, bands play in every storefront. A search for cheap food eats get an end with the deals of bars and restaurants. Want to have an eye on the local art? While moving around the city, backpackers come across multiple business outlets. Here, the decor of the spare walls with local art is noticeable.

Equipped with Faster Commute

queen mary Ship

The well-equipped transport facility gives a facelift to the commute system of long beach. There needs a mention of the Aqualink. For the things to do on a long beach, tourists can afford boats as modes of transport. With pay of $5, they can shuttle along the shoreline ranging from downtown to QueenMary to Belmont Shore. While onboard, individuals get well served with snacks and Bloody Marys at the whole bar.

Pick Your Favorite Fish from Berth 55

Berth 55 Sea food

Is it irresistible for you to control the fish appetite? If it is so, public access in the port of Long Beach is meaningful. One of the best things to do in Long Beach is to visit the famous fish market named ‘Berth 55’. Fish lovers crowd over the fish market to buy their favorite fish. Here, a handful of shopping is made on grilled salmon and live lobster. Also, food connoisseurs can relish the taste of the fresh Alaskan king crab legs.

Pay for Interesting Tattoo Activities

Tattoo Activities

While building the itinerary for long beach, tourists seek fun things to do on long beach. To create a favorite pass time, trying some tattoos is interesting to look for. Individuals can discover the right spot named the Outer Limits Tattoo Museum.

The tattoo parlor is the oldest in the province, and it dates back to the past. In a section of the parlor, clients can spot the tattoo guns and old flash photos. None should drop the plan because the tattoo-making experience will last for long. Confirm the appointment much before and get notified with the permanent reminder of the same.

Rejoice the Local History

Queen’s Mary

Tourists need to make attempts to delve into local history. In long beach, California, the Queen’s Mary is a famous historical site. Hovering over things to do on the long beach? Indeed, the Queen Mary is one such top attraction to visit on a sunny morning.

Locals can board the vessel and can occupy any cabin as per their choice. Recently, the entire vessel functioning as a working hotel. Clients have individual budget preferences and can cherish the ambiance of the boutique hotel. Accordingly, they need to choose the room size.

Next, for excellent viewing, they can choose from the machinery to the deck. Be it a guided or self-guided tour, and it is worth investing in Long Beach. For outside reservations, boarders can enjoy the dining room restaurant onboard. Individuals are free to pick the onboard for a stay-in cabin or a seasonal event.

Experience Underwater Scenes

Underwater Scene

After a visit to the Pacific Aquarium, explorers can magnify the underwater species at their closest looks. The world-class aquarium exhibits 11,000 wildlife exhibits. Visitors must see the famous species of the Shark Lagoon. In the touch pools, visitors love to gaze at the smooth skin of live and docile crocodiles.

Kids need to be taken to the new stunning glass building to experience state-of-the-art immersive theatre. They love to remain engaged in interactive art installations, live animal exhibits, and engaging multimedia displays.

Shop in Flea Markets

Shop in Flea Markets

In long beach, visitors can find thousands of things and bargain in the antique market. It is known as the best thing to do in a long beach. Shoppers will surely take the time to visit the well-known flea market of Long Beach.
Individuals need to be updated with the timings of the market. However, tourists can shop on the third Sunday of every month, and it starts at 5:30 pm.

The bargain shoppers arrive early in the markets. They enthusiastically do shopping with fold-carts and eco-friendly bags to fill with purchased vintage clothing and home goods.

The entry fee for the product doesn’t cost much. So the bargainers can afford the entry fee which costs $10-12. However, children aged below twelve years are allowed free entry.

Reconnect with Artists in Streets of California

Streets of California

The Long Beach East Village is a part of Long Beach, popularly known as the “East Village Arts District.” The local artists of the province take pride in expressing their imaginative thoughts. So, art lovers should visit the spot. They can connect with the professionals who host festivals and monthly art receptions throughout the year.

Recently, there is a noticeable development in the region for which traders wish to run independent store openings, art galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

Time to Sail in a Boat

Sail in a Boat

Traversing across the Pacific Ocean is a memory to cherish. Tourists will love to get in the water and complement it with a boat ride. An onboard experience opens up the opportunity to view the mammals of Long Beach. They can visualize the pleasant scenes of whale watching and dolphins. Also, things to do on the long beach are to entertain themselves with party cruises and mouthwatering dinners.

Area for Kids Entertainment

Kids Entertainment

While it is a family trip to the long beach, it will include fun things to do in Long Beach. Organizing a picnic in Bixby Park is excellent. Next, kids can play for hours in the playground. To accompany children, community crowds engage in mobile stake parks and sports fields. On any day of the week, people can gather for some picnic activities. Also, the area is noted as the Saturday morning farmers market.

What to Do in Long Beach After the Sun Sets?

After a detailed discussion of what locals and non-locals do in the vibrant location of Long Beach, it is wise to throw light on entertaining activities just after the sunsets.

There are a host of exciting activities that are good to cheer.

So start enjoying the nighttime by drinking varied preparations of cocktails. At your preference, begin to taste the multiple options of alcoholic drinks. Complement the same with delicious bites and continue to relish for three hours.

Fill Your Stomach with Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

The most loved location in Long Beach is Gallagher’s Pub and Grill. There is more crowd of customers because the bartenders offer warmth and hospitality. In the neighborhood bar, there is a continuity of excellent services. So make your emotions high with the tasty accompaniments of classic Irish food and beers.

Enjoy the barbeque night at Hilltop Park. Doesn’t it sound interesting? It is the ideal spot to reunite and spend hours with the family. So take some time from busy schedules and enjoy the DIY outdoor picnic.

Take your partner with you and sail around the harbor. If there is something fancy to do, then the Long Beach dinner cruise is one of the best things to do on long beach. It is worth trying to spend time for three hours on it. Along with the dance in the set live music, partners can make it more special with a four-course dinner and tasty champagne.

The Bottom Line

Long Beach is the destiny to enjoy staycations full of fun and relaxing activities. It is wise to plan for it today. After scheduling the trip, browse through the top accommodations near the beach. Indulge yourself in visiting outdoor parks luxury resorts, and casinos. Those who have more ocean appeal need to check the top-rated beaches in California.

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