Tips to Travel for Canada

Tips to Travel for Canada

Some great tips on how you can spend less and enjoy more of your vacation in the beautiful country of Canada! My goal is to show people that they don’t need a lot of money or time off work to travel the world, as long as they have a little bit of creativity.

Tips to Travel for Canada

Here are some tips to travel to Canada.

Tips #1: Visa Guidelines / Eta

Tips to Travel for Canada

The Visa or eTA is an electronic travel authorization required by many countries including Canada and India to enter the country for tourism purposes. It is argued that this visa waiver program increases tourism among participating countries. This Visa or eTA is similar to the ESTA (USA), Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) (USA), and e-visa (eVisa).

Selected Indian citizens can get this visa waiver for traveling to Canada by applying online. 

Tips #2: Driver’s License Accepted as an Id in Canada

One of the most commonly asked questions, when Indians are planning to go to Canada, is about carrying their driver’s license which they use daily for identification purposes. According to the official website, all international visitors including Indians can present two (2) pieces of ID at the port of entry:

  • One (1) document with your photograph, name, and date of birth
  • One (1) document with your address

A driver’s license usually satisfies this requirement. So, if you already have an International Driving Permit (IDP), there is no need to get a second one for traveling to Canada. And even if you don’t have an IDP, you can use your Driver’s license as your second piece of ID.

Tips #3: Bring Cash with You for Emergencies

Tips to Travel for Canada

Credit cards are widely accepted in Canada but sometimes there might be emergency situations where even credit cards don’t work. Hence, it is advisable to carry some cash (USD/CAD) to meet emergency situations.

Tips #4: Tipping Does Not Mean That You’re Overpaying the Services

You will find a lot of articles and blogs which say that tipping in Canada is mandatory because almost all restaurants, hotels, and taxis will add 15% to the total bill as a tip. This might be true to some extent but when I went to Montreal, I didn’t find any restaurant or shop where prices were jacked up just because they knew that people are going to tip. So, if you don’t want to be overcharged, please do not feel guilty about tipping in Canada.

Tips #5: Carry Cash When Attending Any Party/Event With Free Entry

When attending any event or party which is free of cost, please carry cash to pay the entry fee. This is because you will be asked for ID proof and they might not accept your driver’s license if it does not have a current address on it.

For example, when I went to watch Blue Man Group show in Montreal, my driver’s license was not sufficient to enter because it had an old address on it. So, I had to carry cash (CAD) with me before going to the show.

Tips #6: Carry Small Change in Canada

Tips to Travel for Canada

Even though people in Canada use big notes like $10 or $20 when paying for any item in restaurants, it is always better to carry some change (CAD) with you. Carrying small change comes handy when:-

  • You want to tip any waiter/taxi driver etc.
  • You want to buy something from a store that does not accept cards and has a price tag of $1 or $2.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that most stores and restaurants will not return the change to you if you don’t ask for it. So, once you buy something from a store or restaurant, make sure that they don’t pocket your change.

Tips #7: Find a Friend With a Car When Going to Canadian Ski Resorts

Tips to Travel for Canada

One of the most popular activities for Indians who go to Canada is skiing. So, finding a friend or colleague with a car might be very useful if you’re planning to attend any ski trip during your stay in Canada.

Tips #8: Don’t Carry Cash and Keys Together

When going out at night, don’t carry your car or house keys with you if you want to keep your money safe. This is because once the robbers find out that you have a set of keys in your hand, they will definitely use them to break into your house/car and steal all valuable items including cash, jewelry, etc.

Tips #9: Carry Your Passport When Attending Any Paid Event

Tips to Travel for Canada

When you’re planning to attend any event which charges an entry fee, make sure you carry your passport with you. This is because some clubs might ask for ID proof and if the only one they accept is your Passport, not carrying it might cost you a lot in case of emergencies.

Tips 10: Don’t Always Expect Canadians to Be Polite Backpackers

Many of you might be shocked after reading this but that is the harsh reality. Yes, there are some nice people in Canada who will help you during tough times but it’s always better to carry your own safety gear (like pepper spray) if you’re traveling to Canada alone.

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So, these are my top 10 tips for first-time visitors to Canada. However, please remember that the things you read here might not be valid all the time. The only way you can figure out how helpful these tips will be during your visit to Canada is by visiting the place and experiencing them first-hand.

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