Best Way to Travel from Montreal to Ottawa in Canada

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Ottawa, the capital of Canada, has become a significant tourist attraction due to its abundance of exciting attractions. Because there are so many exciting sites to see and activities to participate in, the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, is consistently ranked among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

This city is home to a diverse range of people and cultures, and visiting it will be an adventure you won’t forget. From world-renowned museums to exciting beach parties, the city of Ottawa has everything you could want for a fun weekend with your loved ones.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Method for Traveling from Montreal, Quebec, to Ottawa, Ontario?

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa

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Taking the bus from Montreal, Quebec, to Ottawa, Ontario, will be the most cost-effective option for getting there. When compared to the rates of various modes of transportation to Ottawa, Ontario, you may discover typical ticket prices of about $25 (€24):

The cost of riding a bus to Ottawa, Ontario, is often $630 (€605) lower than the cost of taking a flight there, which is, on average, $655 (€629) for the same journey.mOn this route, using a bus is cheaper than taking a train by $20 (€19), with train tickets costing an average of $45 (€43) to go from Montreal, Quebec, to Ottawa, Ontario.

Which of the Following Is the Quickest Route from Montreal, Quebec, to Ottawa?

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa

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Taking a flight from Montreal, Quebec, to Ottawa, Ontario, takes an average of 41 minutes, making it the most suitable mode of transportation between the two cities.

There are several ways to go to Ottawa, Ontario, some of which take much more time than others:

In contrast, using the bus will take you, on average, two hours and forty-eight minutes. For instance, using the train to travel to Ottawa, Ontario, may take up to two hours on average.

How Much Does It Cost to Get from Montreal to Ottawa by Bus?

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa

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The cost of tickets from Montreal to Ottawa bus may change significantly based on various aspects, such as the amount of time in advance that you make your reservation, the dates of your trip, and the mode of transportation you choose. There may be many classes available on specific routes, each of which will have its capacity, which will also affect the pricing. When purchased in advance, bus tickets from Montreal to Ottawa cost $ 19.42 and are the least expensive option. 

The price of a bus ticket is typically about 55.76 dollars on average. When saving money on travel expenses, it is recommended that you make reservations as far in advance as possible and keep an eye out for low-cost choices, such as purchasing non-refundable tickets or flying during off-peak times. It is essential to be aware that certain sellers of lower-priced tickets do not permit refunds or modifications, and it is recommended that you confirm this information before finalizing your purchase.

How Many Commuters Make the Trip from Montreal to Ottawa Every Day?

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa

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Greyhound, Tour Express,  Maheux, AUTOBUS MAHEUX, Tour express, and Orléans Express are some companies that offer service along this route between Montreal and Ottawa. There are as many as 34 departures per day from the companies on this list of transportation providers. However, the precise quantity will change from time to time. Montreal is the starting point for an average of 27 different travels every single day. This figure accounts for all transportation companies that provide service along the route.

 When you are planning to travel from Montreal to Ottawa, you can take a circuitous route that requires many transfers along the way. If you would instead not do this, an average of 27 direct trips are available to you each day. However, using circuitous routes offers additional options to passengers who are willing to be flexible. Zero travels involve one change or more daily, on average. These are all averages for the numbers. They may shift ever-so-slightly from day to day, month to month, year to year, and in response to regional celebrations and other events.

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When Does the First and Last Train Leave Montreal for Ottawa, and What Are They?

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa

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The very first trip of the night from Montreal to Ottawa departs at 23:15, while the last trip leaves at 8:30 p.m. According to the typical timetables, these are the schedules that apply to the journey between Montreal and Ottawa. 

However, given that the schedules of many service providers might shift from one day to the next or from one month to the next, these specific departures might not be accessible every day. On public holidays and weekends, as well as during the months of summer, some service providers may alter their regular timetables. When making your reservation, be sure to double-check your trip dates.

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