Best Things to Do at Branson MO: Top Branson Attractions

things to do at branson MO

Traveling is adventurous whether it’s a solo trip or with family and friends. Visiting new places, trying new things, and finding thousands of amazing dishes to build your confidence and fall in love with more and more things. Traveling to places, eating a variety of foods, and taking part in different activities and events are a delicacy. To have the most out of the trip and enjoying to the fullest below are things to do at Branson MO-

  • You must try the local foods as it tells the culture and habit of the place.
  • Before traveling has travel insurance.
  • Try to carry around spare passport photos for emergency use.
  • Pack all the important things in your daypack.
  • Apply plenty of sunscreens every day if you are going to a tropical or coastal place.
  • Take more photos of yourself and your family, enjoying every moment and cherishing them later.
  • Before going to a particular place, learn a few words of their language.
  • You must bring your credit cards and debit cards with you and a stash of emergency cash.
  • Enjoy all the tourist stuff in the city as much as possible, along with the deserted roadside trips.
  • Try to travel in shoulder season to avoid the crowd and save money

About Branson

Huge Marry go round: attractions branson missouri

Branson is an Ozark town and a city in southwest Mussoorie known as a family vacation destination. Branson is the perfect destination for any getaway from world-renowned museums to countries’ best magicians to rock-and-roll the biggest act; you will enjoy the exciting nightlife. People can spend their time at the nearby Whitewater water park challenging the park’s wave pools and many slides. You can also spend your time at theme park Silver Dollar City for a day of thrill.

Visit the Titanic museum and watch out for the real RMS Titanic reviving the short past of the ship and enjoy the city on an amphibious vehicle called Ducks. You can also enjoy an iconic performance at one of the 50 theatres of Branson. So what are you waiting for, there are so many things to do at Branson MO, just plan your trip as soon as possible Branson.

Things to Do in Branson

If you’re looking for family excitement and entertainment, then you need to have a trip to Branson MO. Make your trip to Branson memorable with different performances and shows that are suitable for any age. Whether you want to fly over the lights in one of the many helicopters or want to cruise Table Rock Lake, you can all find it in Branson.

They bound your Branson vacation to be a blast with many best shows in the country and hundreds of fun things to choose from. Branson is truly one of the best places to spend your vacation with family, friends and watch quality live entertainment no matter what is your age.

Some of the most popular attractions in Branson Missouri are –

  • Silver Dollar City
  • Aquarium at Boardwalk
  • Branson Landing
  • Titanic Museum
  • Wonderworks
  • Table Rock Lake And table Rock State Park

1. Go To Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City: things to do at branson MO

One of America’s greatest theme parks Silver dollar cities in the 1880s themed experienced park that will put the word fun and family at the heart of everything attracting about 2 million visitors each year. There are plenty of family-friendly charms offering visitors to the beautiful Ozark Mountain. Enjoy a full day of over 40 thrilling attractions and rides and over 40 live entertainment shows daily.

You can find many things to do at Branson MO like eating at great places, listening to music to enjoy, shops to browse, and enough entertainment to keep you busy the entire day. Try most of the notable rides including powder keg, time traveler, wildfire, outlaw run along with thrill rides, roller coasters, water rides, and children’s rides.

One can become a volunteer for a day at a firefighter’s landing or feel your belly with the good cooking of Ozark Mountain in different pubs and restaurants. Enjoying the roller coaster that goes at a speed of 50 mph making 10 stories, 90-degree vertical drop making you crave for the next visit.

2. Visit the Aquarium at Boardwalk

Aquarium at Boardwalk: things to do at branson MO

The aquarium at the boardwalk differs from all the aquariums you visited and is one of the best things to do in Branson Missouri. You will get to enjoy unexpected things in this aquarium, which includes –

  • An original 5D submarine adventure to the bottom of sea shark
  • Enjoy seeing over 250 different animal species
  • A gorgeous 16-foot view of a coral reef
  • 24-foot high kelp forest climbing structure for kids stingray
  • Over 72000 individual sea animals
  • A sense of infinite Ocean life lionfish with two mirrored art installations.

You will also be able to meet the adventures like a golden puffer, the aquarium’s characters Aquarius, and the wise and helpful giant Pacific octopus and Finn. Thus making the aquarium at the boardwalk the best thing to do with kids in Branson MO.

3. Check Out Branson Landing

Branson Landing: things to do at branson MO

If you are visiting Branson, then you must surely check out the Branson landing for a glimpse of the City of Brandon Missouri. From places to eat, places to seek entertainment, and places to shop, this is a complex that provides everything a tourist is looking for in Branson. It is a tribute to the city of Branson designed with absolute love where-

  • You can eat at great restaurants like White River Fish House and Black of the Grill
  • Do some shopping at Chicos, Mark Ashton bass Pro shops, White River Outpost.

From farmer’s markets to summer concerts there is a list of fantastic events happening which make you feel you are a part of the Branson community. We will offer you the opportunity for ziplining in the beautiful lake, Lake Taneycomo, near Branson landing. You can have an expansive Broadwalk and watch around the magnificent water fountains to delight your tour to Branson landing.

4. Visit Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum: things to do at branson MO

More than a museum, the Titanic museum attraction is an unforgettable experience. You will climb the grand staircase, become a passenger, and meet the crew of the Titanic once you step inside the ship. It’s a whole level of a unique experience of history preparing to interact with displays, artifacts, hearing sounds and stories from additional passengers, and experiencing history.

You must take a picture of the real iceberg by stepping outside the wall of the ship and feeling the 28-degree water before you leave the ship. They set the ship in water where the museum is designed as a half-size replica of the original ship. The hours you spend during the Titanic museum provide a fascination and admiration and is one of the best things to do in Branson MO.

5. Go To Wonderworks

Wonderworks: attractions branson missouri

Wonderworks is the newest attraction of Branson and has quickly become the favorite spot for tourists and crowds. You can’t miss the iconic exterior of wonderwork found in the heart of Branson’s entertainment district. It is a huge upside-down house where you can discover four stories of intriguing and interactive activities, mysteries, and experiments. This will surely educate, entertain and inspire the entire family once you get inside.

As you lie on a bed of nails, you can enjoy the world of science, becoming a human lightning rod for Tesla coil, stepping into a motion theatre. Experience big miniature Ocean trenches through argument and reality, and holding on tight through a hurricane simulation. Thus, you can entertain your brain by visiting 48000 square feet of Wonderworks.

6. Go To Table Rock Lake and Table Rock State Park

Table Rock Lake and Table Rock State Park: attractions branson missouri

Table Rock Lake is one of the most attractive places to visit in Branson Missouri where you will get a lot of fun. It is one of the best aquatic attractions in Branson. You take a trip down to a massive lake enjoying an unforgettable and soothing time in Branson Missouri. The lake has an artificial design, and they often draw the tourists visiting Branson to do all the activities provided in table Rock lake like-

  • Casting a fishing reel and catching some catfishes
  • Taking a boat ride down its water
  • Taking a dip inside the water.
  • People who love to explore and have adventures can go scuba diving.

Thus, you can have great fun with lots of adventures like going fishing and taking a cruise ride if you visit Table Rock Lake.

Besides Table Rock Lake, there is Table Rock State Park close to Branson where tourists love to go to get a gentle flow of nature. State park is an incredible attraction in Branson with heavily populated oak trees where you can go hiking and rest a minute near the trees. You can also make a camping reservation there, pushing away all the modern conveniences for weekends. People can feel comfortable and beautiful mother nature there.

7. Visit Talking Rocks Cavern

Talking Rocks Cavern: attractions branson missouri

We have also known Missouri as a Cave state because it has over 7000 caves, while most jaw-breaking ones are at Branson. Talking rocks cavern originally named Fairy Cave will surely shock you with its stunning rock formations and wild inhabitants. By taking 150 steps deep down into the earth you will get to see formations of rocks basked beautifully in the light.

On the surface of the talking rocks cavern, they offer you unique activities outside the cave which include hiking, gem mining, sightseeing, a mini-golf course, and a maze run. As you explore the best places in Branson, you will feel gained in connection with the world around you. With the breathtaking beauty of the cave, get the knowledge of different formations of rocks through centuries and decades.

Plan a Trip to Branson, MO

things to do at branson MO

There are many other places to visit apart from these 7 places like

  • Butterfly palace and rainforest
  • Branson’s promised land zoo
  • College of the Ozarks
  • Schaeffer’s of The hills, fish hatchery
  • Marvel cave
  • Branson scenic railway
  • Sight and sound creators
  • Fritz’s adventure
  • Bigfoot fun park and many more

You won’t be able to visit all these places during your first visit to Branson. But surely you can plan a trip and enjoy most of the listed above places as much as possible. Have a safe and fun trip to Branson!

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