What Is the Best Time to Cruise Alaska? Ultimate Guide

best time to cruise alaska

We always choose a destination that gives us all the happiness and relief from the stress of the world we’re living in, in our daily lives. So! Tell me, what is a vacation for you? For me, vacation is something where I can live without any commitments and responsibilities. These are days when you can enjoy every single moment alone or with your loved ones best time to cruise Alaska. 

Choosing the best destination matters a lot when it comes to fun and worth experiencing holidays. Today we will be exploring one such destination which you must visit once in your lifetime. ALASKA, yes Alaska! This happens to be a fascinating and exciting place you can visit for your holiday. The best time to cruise Alaska will be focused on in our today’s blog. 

Before you select the mode of traveling to Alaska and the, you need to make sure that you consider the following perspectives; the best time to visit Alaska, the best time to cruise Alaska? What are the places and aspects that are famous? Which hotels and houses can you stay in, and many more?

What Is the Best Time to Cruise Alaska in this year?

best time to cruise alaska

Cruising Alaska at any time of the year is ultimately your choice. Still, if you take my advice, you can visit some specific months and seasons, which results in investing in your Holidays.

Before planning to book the cruise, look at this blog further. You will discover that there are so many different seasons and months of the year when it will be worth traveling to Alaska on Cruise. 

Spoiler Alert: June and July, these two months are the best time to enjoy whale sightseeing and Alaskan fishing. This is for those who like to enjoy these water animals and species. They are worth watching in these seasons and months. 

Alaska is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I believe this should be considered in one of your dream traveling lists. And if you have made your mind and plans to visit Alaska choosing the right time of the years matters a lot for the type of experience you will be having. 

If you have made up a plan that you want to experience some of the factors, you must know the right time and season for Cruising to Alaska. Honestly, there is no specific time to visit Alaska, but every month and season has its plus points. 

What Is the Right Time to Take the Alaskan Cruise?

As I said, Alaskan Cruise services are available throughout the year. Still, you need to choose the right season according to your preferences. The majority of the Alaskan Crises travel in the months of late April to early September. 

This was just a brief about the month and time when people are usually happy to visit the place. But, let us explore what are the expectations you can get for every month and their season. 

Late April – May (Opening and Early Season)


What you can explore: You will get to see a lot of wildlife in the spring season. Trees shed their leaves, which gives the tourists a sneak peek through the branches. Once the greenery is seen again, the mountain goats, Dall sheep, and wildlife are taken into the areas where you can easily observe them. Songbirds and seabirds migrate themselves to southcentral nesting colonies in the spring.

If you are interested in watching the natural vegetation, Asparagus starts showing up from the farm to the table.

Fishing is seen the best from early May to late July in the Arctic Char. If you like going fishing, you can get the local fishermen’s help, and they will help you find the perfect spot and lakes or rivers for fishing.

Activities: Fond of tracking and hiking? You can go for the tundra, the treeless mountain tracts. The snow still has the shine, and it starts melting in late June. You will get all the fun and adventure in the mountains.

Pack your bags with: One single warm jacket is enough to keep you warm for the evening in May. Ensure that you are not packing any such clothes, which keep any part of your body other than the face open. It is pretty cool, and you would feel the breeze. You should keep yourself covered.

Weather: driest month of the year, when the lowest temperature goes down to 39 degrees and highest can extend to 54 degrees.

June & July – The Summer makes its entry!

nature alaska

What you can explore: seabirds and bear viewing are the best options in these two months. Both of them are on the extreme opposite ends, allowing you to explore all the state zones. Wildlife like the Porpoises, Sea Lions, and otters are very active in these months. In these months, you can even see the newborn mammals.

Some of the Alaskan local people will help you experience assisting the mother cow, horse, and elephants in giving birth to their small ones. This is not less than any adventure you will get to experience. Personally, this is the most beautiful moment one can witness.

The Alaskan cruise offers you the best sightseeing experiences in July. 

June & July are one of the growing seasons of vegetations. Greenery and gardens are ready to blossom once again in these months. You can go to Tongass National Forest, Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure (They are rainforests, still you can enjoy them in July.), Jensen- Olson Arboretum, and many more.

Activities: you will have a full lot of fun in June & July. You can go to the Girdwood Forest Fair, which has music, traditional cultural events, and Crafts. This happens every year in a small resort outside the town of Mount Marathon.  

Don’t miss the summer solstice on June 21, where you will enjoy the day feeling for almost twenty-four hours. Preferably stay or visit Denali for witnessing this day.

Pack your bags with: Alert – Do not forget to pack your polarized sunglasses, you will be experiencing the shining glaciers that may hurt your eyes. Pack long jeans and tops to avoid bug bites and suntans.

Weather: June – July is the warmest month of the year. The highest temperature will go up to 65 degrees, and the lowest will be 47 degrees.

Late Summer and the Fall season – August & September

alaska national park

What you can Explore: 

Activities: This is the best time to visit all the national parks where all the wild animals are out in their areas. The most fantastic animals like the sea lions, wild beers, and forest dogs are seen on the jungle safari roads and tracks. This is the best time of the entire year if you are fond of wild animals and want to have their sightseeing or watch them closely.

You will be having a good experience of fishing with the silver and the pink salmons. Sometimes the travelers and the fishermen have experienced the Dolly Vanden Trout jumping on the boats and ships.

Pack your bags with:  not forget to carry raincoats and warm clothes that keep you both dry and warm.

Weather: in these two months, you will experience rainfall and cold at contrasting times. The highest temperature will go to 63 degrees, and the lowest temperature will fall to 41 degrees.

Why Cruise to Alaska? 

cruise alaska

If you have decided you want to visit Alaska, I will suggest you go on a Cruise to Alaska. You will get to explore a lot of things if you choose to cruise Alaska. This is an easy way to travel. You will be taken through so many different places and destinations that will be the best decision you are making!

I am listing down some of the reasons why you should Cruise to Alaska.

1. You Will Get to Experience the Feel of the Massive Glaciers Personally

Imagine Cruising into Glaciers in Preserve and Glacier Bay National Park, the best experience you will have for a World Heritage Site. You will get to see vast and massive glaciers like the famous and significant Margarine, Grand Pacific, Lamplugh, and Johns Hopkins piles up with enormous ice packs. 

This place is a showcasing factor of approximately 100,000 glaciers, which is different from that many are in inaccessible areas. If you are interested in visiting these glaciers, you will have to visit there, especially in some other travel way. 

If you visit Alaska through any Cruise, you will surely get a stop at one or two famous sightseeing glaciers. Some of the cruises take you deep inside Glacier Bay. Honestly, this is my personal experience taking a cruise to Alaska, as I could see the Glaciers so closely, which highlighted part of my entire trip to Alaska. 

2. You Will Experience Eating the Local Foods Out of the Ships

The best experience about cruising to Alaska is that you will get to eat many different local foods when you have a stay at the port or a stop. Though I am a sensitive person and can’t tolerate local foods from any random place, I tried many different dishes. 

You can explore many traditional and local restaurants and food stalls and enjoy the yummy foods and drinks. Even on the cruise, you will be served, and every single dish is extremely delicious and mouth-watering. 

3. Exploring Land Is Unlimited

The best thing about cruising is you will have so many stops on land to explore the state and the places in detail. Though the cruising package’s primary focus is to take you around the country and the state through the water, they will settle you down on land to explore.

You will be offered hotels or villas based on your package type for staying on the land. Thus, you need not worry about where to stay and how to manage the traveling without stress. 

4. The Best Way to Travel Alaska

Alaska happens to be the largest and the biggest state in the country. If you focus on the country map, you will realize it is surrounded by water, and there are hardly any roads to travel through the wildest parts of the trip. 

Thus, the best way to reach Alaska and travel the beauty of the country is by ship. Even the localists have stated, “traveling to places is easier by sea instead of the lands. It is more convenient and less time-consuming.” 

Now the choice is yours, will you like to travel by other means, or would you like to flow with the water through the beautiful places of Alaska?

5. Adventures Are Guaranteed

You will be offered many of the exciting adventures that are worth experiencing. Once you reach the port, you can book the adventures and activities by the cruise line itself or even get it done by the local vendors. 

You can go for land activities; dog sled runs, zip lines, and guided mountain hiking. If you are interested in going for some of the thrilling water sport activities, you can opt for; Sea Kayaking, fishing, or Scuba diving. 

You are offered all these thrilling activities you can do.

These were the reasons why you should prefer cruising to Alaska instead of going by some other means of traveling. Now let us see why when is the best time to cruise Alaska?

Know the Best Time to Cruise Alaska

So, with this, we come to the end of the blog. And you must have noticed by now that every month and season have its importance and experiences that are worth investing in. Thus, the month from May till late September is the best time to Cruise Alaska. You will have many fun adventures and will be creating a lot of excellent and cherished memories.

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