Pets Friendly Hotels in US For Your Perfect Holiday Trip

Pets friendly hotels in US

When individuals think pet-friendly, extremely pet-friendly, many think of Europe. Though, in our many years of knowledge, we’ve seen the US developed as more and more pets friendly hotels in US, to where you can feel relaxed finding not only pet-friendly hotels and another lodging for your dog or cat but also an array of pet-friendly services and venues—in small towns and large diverse areas.

7 out of 10 families have pets in their house. Most commonly people have a dog or a cat or even a bird. Having a pet is a lot of fun, spending time with them and never feeling lonely. You love the little creature so much that you want to make them feel safe and loved all the time as they become a part of your family, even when you aren’t there. That is when the greatest disadvantage comes.

In a family of pets, an individual has to stay back from going on vacation to look after the safety and food of the pet, as most of the places don’t prefer taking pets. Even most of the pets friendly hotels in US don’t have excellent facilities to stay with them there during your vacation days.

Things to Remember While Travelling with Your Pet

It is stressful to plan a trip, and there are many things to worry about when you go with your pet. The new list includes checking your pets-friendly hotels in US policy, the right equipment, and making sure that your pet meets the travel criteria for the country or States you are visiting.

But traveling with your pet can be a positive experience if you are aware of the steps that are needed to be taken. The things that should be kept in mind while traveling with your four-legged friend are-

1. A Vaccination Record

Pets Health record

This is one of the most essential things to carry, even if you are only traveling within the borders of your state. You should carry a current record of veterinary inspection with you whenever you travel with your pet.

It is important to carry a copy of their health certificate and vaccination record when you go outside the borders. The foremost thing is to have the medical paper works of your pet with you to get on the plane.

2. Having an ID Tag for Pet

ID Tag for Pet

No matter how careful you are, there may be a possibility of your pet getting lost while traveling abroad. This is the reason to make sure that your pet has an identification tag with your current home phone number or your cell phone number on them in case a stranger finds your pet.

3. Using a Crate

Crate for Pets

A crate is an extremely handy thing when you are traveling with your pet in a car or by flight. If people are against the crate, it is for the safety of the pet from roaming freely while on board. Make sure that the crate you are using is well ventilated and roomy and let the air pass freely.

4. Have a Collar, Harness, and Leash

Collar, Harness, and Leash for Pets

It is vital to bring a harness collar and leash no matter what your vacation plan is while you are traveling with your pet. Whether you are exploring a national park or waiting in an airport or going for a stroll around the luxurious resort, you must always make sure to safely control your animal while you are out.

5. First Aid Supplies and Medication

First Aid Supplies and Medication

You must double-check your occasion bag to make sure that you have taken all the medications and supplements for your pets. Even if your pet is healthy, but you must take some emergency supplies and medications.

6. Find a Pet-Friendly Hotel or Accommodation

Pets friendly hotels in US

There are many policies at hotels for bringing your pets. You must make sure about the limitations in terms of the size and breed of your pet. Not only that, check the other offers and services like dog walking while you are out for dinner before booking a hotel.

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in the US

It is not easy to find a dog-friendly hotel in US that is a part of a large hotel chain. Because of large hotel chains you may face problems, for example, it may happen a hotel chain except for pet accommodation in one city but the same brand will not accept it in another City.

You need to check properly before you go on a vacation with a pet. But there’s nothing to worry about during your trip to the US, as there is a growing number of upscale pet-friendly hotels and dog-friendly hotels in the USA.

A trip to the United States of America will be a great one along with your pets as US news has identified the best pet-friendly hotels in the US where your pet can stay for free by considering reputation among the professional travel experts and other guest reviews and hotel class ratings. Here are the lists of pet-friendly hotels in US.

1. Aloft Hotels

Aloft Hotels: Best Pets friendly hotels in US
Aloft hotels: Best Pets friendly hotels in US

There are over 90 pet-friendly Aloft hotels in the United States, which will make sure that you have no problem. Experience in one of the greatest hotel brands in the country along with the best pets friendly hotels in US.

From having the latest technology, to live music appearance by touring band, to always open swimming pools and stunning interiors you will get everything in these hotels along with your dog or any other pet accommodation. It is one of the best dog-friendly hotels in the US.

2. America’s Best Value Inn

America's Best Value Inn: Best Pets friendly hotels in US
Best Pets friendly hotels in US

America’s best value inn will provide you with nearly 600 pet-friendly properties to choose from. Thus making sure you and your pet will enjoy the best vacation along with finding a clean and friendly staff comfortable room and making it indeed one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the US.

3. Best Western

Best Western: Best Pets friendly hotels in US
Best Western: Dog: Best Pets friendly hotels in US

The world’s largest hotel chain Best Western International has 1600 global properties with pet-friendly accommodation all over the world and thousands of these are in Canada and the United States.

Best western is a perfect choice for you and your furry companion for road trips, summer vacations, and weekends away. And you can easily find the best western in the most popular resorts, the world’s biggest cities, and even in far-flung corners.

4. Kimpton La Peer Hotel In Los Angeles

Kimpton La Peer Hotel: Best Pets friendly hotels in US
Kimpton La Peer Hotel: Pets friendly hotels in US

Kimpton La peer hotel welcomes pets of all sizes, shapes, and species without a fee. Your pet gets complimentary goodies and attends the daily early evening social hour while their human companions get complimentary wine. They regard this as one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the US.

5. Ascend Hotel Collection

Ascend Hotel Collection: Dog friendly hotels in US
Two Dogs: Dog friendly hotels in US

The Ascend hotel collection is a hotel chain of one-of-a-kind upscale boutique property with a pet-friendly location. They offer you luxurious comfort and great services, as this hotel is a unique reflection of its host city.

You can enjoy your elegant lodging experience with pet-friendly hospitality. It has a welcoming environment for pets and is regarded as the best dog-friendly hotels in the US.

6. Clarion Inn And Suites

Clarion Inn And Suites: Dog friendly hotels in US
Dog friendly hotels in US

Clarion Inn and San suites have over 60 pet-friendly lodgings throughout the United States and offer facilities at cheap prices. You don’t have to leave your pet behind during vacation if you are visiting the USA. The

Clarion inn and suites hotel chain is located all over the US with their pet-friendly hotels making. It is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the US at an affordable price.

7. Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton: Dog friendly hotels in US
Dog friendly hotels in US

Four Points hotel provides the greatest service and style at an affordable price. The Four Points in the USA have 30 pet-friendly locations. Whether you are heading to the beach or a big city or staying at the airport or visiting the suburbs.

You will always find a four-point hotel to accommodate your entire family along with your pet. It is one of the best options for you to check in if you have a dog. They provide exclusive offers for pets, making it indeed one of the best pet-friendly hotels in the US.

So what are you waiting for, your problem with the family and pets has solved while your trip to the United States?  Enjoy your vacation with your pet and have a memorable experience on your trip to the US.

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