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When people talk about New York, one of the main things that come to mind is the impressive skyline of the city. With tall buildings and skyscrapers, there are many high spots to go to and admire. Among the options available, one of the newest locations in recent years is The Edge NYC.

This spot is undoubtedly one of the tallest observation decks available in this city, with a view of the expansive NYC horizon. Visitors and locals visit this location in droves and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, what exactly makes this such an interesting place when there are other options to go to, like the Empire State Building? 

In this article, we delve more into that, helping you make your next travelling decision. 

Highlights of The Edge NYC 

For an overall understanding, here are some of the main highlights that you would experience at The Edge NYC.

  • Get a panoramic view of Central Park, all the way to the Statue of Liberty and the overall NYC skyline.
  • The sight of the 100 underlying stores through the glass floor.
  • High-quality multimedia experience with interactive and fun activities before reaching the top deck. 
  • Opportunity to sit at high altitude with a glass of champagne and admire the view through the angled glass wall.

The Edge- A Basic Overview 

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Teamed with engineering prowess, architectural work, and technological services, the tall point of The Edge is a must-go-to spot in New York.  If you are wondering how tall is The Edge NYC, the answer is around 1100 feet. This gives the feel of suspending mid-air over the already tall NYC skyline and provides long-distance views of the west Manhattan area. 

Visitors must go to Hudson Yards, and specifically reach the 4th level of the spot, The Shops. From here, the journey to the top starts. Moreover, at this level and for some floors above, there is a multimedia animation video in place. This gives visitors information on the brilliant construction, design, and structure of Hudson Yards.

After reaching the very top, you would find yourself at the Observation Deck. If you are still interested in the sprawling The Edge NYC view, go further 80 feet up to the Outdoor SkyDeck. 

At The Edge NYC restaurant here, guests can lounge with their companions, with jaw-dropping views all around. At the indoor Champagne Bar, you can order their signature cocktail creation or champagne. 

What is the Hudson Yards?

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Hudson Yards is the main location for The Edge, which is present on the West side of Manhattan city. This area stretches for 28 acres and is a mixed-use development site. There are many things to admire here, like the public green space, commercial areas, and residential spots. 

Besides the various attractions of The Edge NYC, visitors also like going to the centrepiece of Hudson Yards called Vessel. There are restaurants and around 100 shops available here as well. The public plazas are spread over 14 acres of land, with public art spots, groves, and gardens all around. 

How to Reach The Edge

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The location of The Edge New York is in 30, Hudson Yards which is present in West Manhattan. There are train tracks present at this location that were available before. However, they are not operational. 

The way to reach The Edge structure is through the Hudson Yards’ The Shops area on Floor 4. You can take a direct elevator ride up from there. 

  • Subway– To reach the structure, travellers go through the subway station. The closest station is the Hudson Yards at 34th Street stop, via train 7. You can walk to The Shops which take approximately 2 minutes. 
  • Road– People can take a cab or Uber via High Lane to reach the Hudson Yards’ The Shops location beside The Shed. 

Top Attractions at The Edge 

The following are the main points of attraction you would find at The Edge NYC.

1. Sky Deck 

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One of the main places you can go to is The SkyDeck at The Edge. From the top of this platform, visitors get a view of the sprawling Manhattan area and the midtown region. 

Besides that, people can lay their sights on the far away Statue of Liberty and Hudson River. Here, the main highlight for people is its floor which is entirely built of durable glass panelling. It gives a clear view of 1,000 feet under the structure till the New York streets down below. 

Travellers go to the eastern end of this deck area to click pictures. The spot is popular among all visitors so there may be a line present. For people wanting to rest, there are sitting areas like many steps available. These are known as the Skyline Steps which reaches the 101st floor. 

2. The 101st Floor 

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There is an observation deck present in an indoor location on the 101st Floor. From here, visitors get a view of Central Park, all the way to lower Manhattan in the southern direction, with New Jersey to the west. The sights from this spot are also very awe-inspiring. 

3. Champagne Bar 

Another notable location at The Edge NYC is the Champagne Bar. This is present on the hundredth floor of the building. Additionally, the professionals here also organize an impromptu champagne bar area on the 102nd floor. This occurs on the Sky Deck when there is a lot of crowd at the location. 

Here, you can buy different types of beverages like sodas, champagnes, wines, and beer. Snacks are also available. However, the costs of the items are relatively high, like a $5 glass of Coke or a $21 flute of champagne. 

4. Peak Restaurant 

At NYC The Edge, you can dine with your fellow travellers or family members at the high-class Peak Restaurant on the 101st Floor. Here, the windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling. So, guests get a stunning view of Manhattan city while enjoying a fine dining experience. 

The chefs at this restaurant serve classic gourmet dishes, for lunch, dinner, and brunch. There are vegan options and non-veg courses available with a wine list as well. Besides the regular dining experience for which you can book a reservation, people organize Private events or relax at the Lounge area. 

5. Sky High Yoga 

For a fun experience, you can join a yoga class directly at The Edge NYC in the mornings. The tickets are available for advanced booking and cost $50 on average per person. 

Tickets and Reservations at The Edge NYC

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The Edge is open daily starting from 8 in the morning till midnight. 

As for The Edge NYC tickets, the average prices range for:

  • Child– $31
  • Adult– $36 
  • Senior– $34 

You can directly book the tickets at the official website of The Edge NYC. For on-spot booking, there is a box office at the Level 4 of Hudson Yards, in the location of the Restaurants and The Shops. The cost for tickets at the box office is comparatively higher than via the online platform. 

Additionally, tickets cost $34 for adults on standards, with discounted amounts for active/retired U.S. veterans and residents of NYC. 

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When Should You Visit The Edge?

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Time-wise, evenings or the period of dusk is the best moment to go to NYC The Edge. The appearance of the sunset across the New York City skyline is magnificent. 

To avoid crowds, midday and later afternoon are good times to visit. However, for photo-graphing needs, the later afternoon is the best time, despite the bigger crowd. 

Interesting Facts About The Edge NYC

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There are multiple interesting facts to know about The Edge, some of which include:

  • The total time for the elevator ride takes approximately 52 seconds. 
  • There are 15 sections of the Sky Deck. Each of these sections weighs around 35,000-100,000 pounds. There are anchors in place that hold them to the east and south sides of the overall structure. 
  • The overall weight of the Sky Deck is 765,000 pounds. 
  • There are around 79 glass panels, each weighing 1,200 pounds and 9 feet in height that align the external deck border. The angle of their slant is 6.6 degrees in the outward direction. The original manufacturer of these panels started in Germany, then Italy, and was later transported to the US for installation. 


Overall, there is much to see and admire at the NYC Edge. Take the right precautions and go to visit the structure at the correct time after booking your ticket. Visit all of the attractions at the location at least once for an overall unforgettable experience.


What Is the Age Limit for Visiting the Edge?

There is no specific age limit for visiting The Edge NYC. However, to drink at the restaurant area or bar, 21 years is the lowest limit. 

Can I Get Vouchers While Buying the Edge NYC tickets?

Yes, people get exclusive ticket deals with gift vouchers for visiting The Edge. 

Is a Ticket Necessary to Enter the Edge?

Yes, you would need to buy an entry ticket. Exceptions include those with Free vouchers or under the age of 5 years. 

How Long Should I Stay at Edge?

There is no set time limit for staying at Edge, though most people spend 45 minutes- 1 hour at the location on average.

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