Here’s How You Can Get to Sonoma or Napa Valley!

Sonoma or Napa Valley

Hey there, fellow traveler! 

Finally, after 2 long years of being locked inside your homes, you now have a chance to get back on the road. Travel to the finest destinations and explore what the world has to offer you.

If you ask us, we will be highly interested in visiting the wine country in California.

Oh, don’t you know about the exotic wine country in California? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We will tell you briefly about the wine country and two of the most important locations you must visit Sonoma or napa valley. 

Sonoma or Napa Valley

California wine country consists of Sonoma or Napa valley in the Bay Area. Both these regions have the right temperature and climate for growing grapevines and making fantastic wine in the region.You can visit these places in the summer to enjoy the warm breeze and sunshine. However, fall is the best season to visit the region. 

Visit the wineries, taste the wine, learn how to make your own wine, and so much more! 

But how exactly do you get there? What are the nearest airports? Can you go by road? Well, let’s find out!

Airport Connectivity

Now, you do have multiple airports connected to Sonoma or napa valley, but you need to invest time in some extra footwork. You need to be ready to take bus rides, ride-hailing services, or transit lines. 

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Sonoma or Napa Valley

Probably the nearest airport with the best connectivity to Napa and Sonoma. The airport caters to several different airlines so it will make it easier for you to reach the destination. 

For Napa Valley, this is the route you can follow. From SFO, you can get connected to the Ferry Building in the city using Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). In the city, you can catch the san francisco Bay Ferry. This will take you to Vallejo. And from there, you can take Napa bus line 11 straight to Napa Valley. 

For Sonoma Valley, you have two options. You can choose to go using Golden Gate Transit’s shuttle. Or you can directly go from the airport to Sonoma using the Airport Express. 

On arrival in both regions, you can take local rides using Lyft or Uber to explore the wineries in the region. You can also choose wine tours Sonoma Valley or Napa to explore the region. 

Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

Sonoma or Napa Valley

Another airport that connects you to California wine country! You can book Napa tours straight from the airport. Napa Airporter is one of the best services to book from SMF to visit Napa and Sonoma. 

Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Sonoma or Napa Valley

This airport is also served by the BART which you can take to Napa Valley. Alternatively, you can take Airport Express straight to Sonoma Valley. While en route, you can also see stops like Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and more. 

Sonoma County Airport (STS)

Sonoma or Napa Valley

This is one of the most convenient airports that you can choose when visiting Sonoma Valley. However, this airport only caters to Alaska Airlines. So, if you want to directly reach Sonoma without transit lines or ride-hailing services, book your tickets with Alaska Airlines. 

If not while arriving, you can most certainly book your tickets with Alaska Airlines on departure. And guess what? You get a wine case for free! 

Once you are here, you can use Airport Express, Sonoma County Transit, or taxi or Uber to explore the region. Or you may already want to book your Sonoma County wine tours package with a company. 

Alternative Ways to Get to Wine Country

Sonoma or Napa Valley
  • You can also take rail lines from different locations. For example, you can take Coast Starlight between Los Angeles and Seattle. You can choose Amtrak’s San Joaquin from Bakersfield, CA. You can take Caltrain from San Jose up to San Francisco. Lastly, you can also take California Zephyr from Chicago. 
  • Alternatively, you can always drive by using a car rental. Land in San Francisco, Sacramento, or Oakland and rent a car from services such as Zipcar or GIG. You can take US Hwy 101 from San Francisco, or I-80 East from Oakland and Sacramento I-80 west will take you to the destination. 

Wine Tours

Sonoma or Napa Valley

However, the best option will be to choose the best Sonoma wine tours from us at Wine and Limo. We have curated tour packages for our guests, and we will take care of it all. 

With our wine tour packages, you can explore the California wine country easily. So, let us take you to a wonderful experience that you will remember for your life.

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