Embracing The Bay: Moving To San Francisco

San Francisco bay

Known for its cable cars, Victorian houses, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge; San Francisco – the Bay Area is a home to a lot of people. It’s a region popular for its finest wines and incredible views.

Some assume moving into the Bay Area will cut a deep hole in your pocket. If you are thinking of moving in, there is a list of affordable and picturesque cities you can choose. 

We will discuss some of the best affordable cities and their details here so that you can move in easily. 

Quick Summary:

Moving to San Francisco is like starting a new chapter by relocating near the Bay Area. With a diverse culture, tech-savvy areas, and iconic landscapes; it opens up an opportunity for a lot to call it home. This region is widely known for its finest selection of wines. If you want to relocate to this land of scenic beauty and opportunities, there are a lot of options like Vallejo, San Pablo, Concord, San Jose, Dublin, Walnut Creek, and a few more. 

6 Most Affordable Places Near Bay Area

1. Vallejo


Vallejo is a budget-friendly city in San Francisco. There are several places to pay a visit to like Glen Cove Waterfront Park, Children’s Wonderland Park, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Vallejo is also known for its delectable cuisine options. Some of its popular restaurants include House of Soul, The Sardine Can, and PHO#1 Noodle House.

About Vallejo
Average Home Price$550,000
Average Monthly Rent$1,150 to $4,500+
Average Household Income$73,869
Crime Rate4,874 per 100k people.

2. San Pablo

San Pablo

San Pablo, known for its historic Spanish colony, is an inexpensive community with superb schools, work opportunities, and weekend activities.

The Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, San Pablo Reservoir, and Wildcat Canyon Regional Park are among the best sites to visit. Then there are restaurants like La Strada, Rockin Crawfish, Sukie’s Country Kitchen, and El Cuscatlan.

About San Pablo
Average Home Price$501,000
Average Monthly Rent$1,284 and $2,850+
Average Household Income$60,819
CountyContra Costa
Crime Rate3,839 crimes per 100k people

3. Concord


Concord is one of the largest cities in San Francisco. No matter what age range you belong to, what you do, or who you are – there is something for everyone in Concord. Here most residents are the owners of their houses. 

About Concord
Average Home Price$800,000
Average Monthly Rent$1,875 to $3,000+
Average Household Income$92,706
CountyContra Costa
Crime Rate3,905 crimes per 100k people

4. San Jose

San Jose

San Jose is home to prominent financial and technology organizations and has swiftly been regarded as the Capital of Silicon Valley and it is frequently a site where young people in these sectors want to live. 

San Jose is noted for being a haven for people of all ages, with beautiful parks, kid-friendly activities, museums, and historical monuments.

While certain San Jose neighborhoods are costly, there are many places to get low-cost housing.

About San Jose
Average Home Price$1,250,000
Average Monthly Rent$2,400 to $3,650+
Population1.029 million
Average Household Income$117,324
CountySanta Clara
Crime Rate2,858 crimes per 100k people

5. Dublin


For those who wondering what home could be like – Dublin can be their perfect place to live and to call home. A family-friendly environment and diverse community are what make this city more welcoming.

Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl, The Wave Waterpark, Dublin Iceland Ice Skating, Emerald Glen Park, and Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park are among the many exciting activities available.

About Dublin
Average Home Price$1,280,000
Average Monthly Rent$1,510 to $3,000+
Average Household Income$152,745
Crime Rate2,067 crimes per 100k people

6. Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is one of the best suburbs to relocate to in San Francisco. It’s a place that offers affordable house renting and security for all individuals.

About Walnut Creek
Average Home Price$985,000
Average Monthly Rent$2,220 and $2,656+
Average Household Income$108,689
CountyContra Costa
Crime Rate170 crimes per 100k people


What Makes San Francisco Such An Attractive Location To Live?

San Francisco is known for its vibrant cultural scene, prominent monuments, and growing tech economy. It is popular due to its different neighborhoods, warm climate, and proximity to natural beauties.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In San Francisco?

San Francisco is well-known for its high cost of living, with housing being a major outlay. Rent, food, and other everyday costs are often higher than the national average.


Living in the heart of San Francisco can be both exciting and thrilling. Beginning a new life in a new city in the Bay Area can open opportunities to so many good days. 

Yet, some feel concerned about the high living cost in San Francisco.

While it’s true, this could be quite an expensive place to move into. But there are many affordable and cheap options as well. 

In this article, we have shared some cities that will go smoothly on your budget and quality of life.

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