12 Best Parks in Washington State That You’ll Love

parks in washington state

Washington has been named the Evergreen State. Visitors will experience the advantage of its public, state, and neighborhood parks in energetic colors and different landscapes all year. From snow-capped mountains to Puget Sound islands, there are plentiful regular parks in Washington state to visit. Park activities in Washington are pretty much as diverse as the actual parks. 

If your timetable considers one park visit in Washington, make it Mount Rainier National Park. Certain attractions might be temporarily closed or require advance ahead of time. A few cafés are presently offering pickup, as it were. Hours/accessibility might have changed. 

The Washington State Parks system has a collection of wonderful, beautiful parks that rival the state’s three notable public parks. Parks range from waterfront seashores to mountain tops and a frozen forest. Unique perspectives from climbs are both simple and challenging. Perhaps the best thing you love about Washington State Parks is pet-friendly, and dogs are allowed on the path. So regardless of whether you’re searching for a bit of experience, or perhaps a multi-day trip, even only a memorable view long into the future, look at our list of the best public and state parks in Washington. 

1. Battle Ground Lake State Park 

parks in washington state

For fun, a speedy reprieve from the hurrying around of being overworked and over-burden with hectic home life, Battle Ground Lake State Park is the ideal place to disappear into the wild. It is extraordinary for setting up camp, swimming, and fishing; it’s situated in the Cascade Mountain lower regions.

This is a great lake to climb around. It can get a little packed in the swimming region in the late spring. Perfect for a climb with your dogs. This park is an extraordinary spot for families. The view is fabulous. I loved boating on the Lake, walking, and picnicking there. It is a dynamite spot to enjoy in the marvels of nature.

2. Pacific Beach 

parks in washington state

If you love ocean-side setting up camp, this is an ideal camping area for you. While the campground itself is essentially an immense parking garage with a tiny patch of grass close to your site, it sits right on the sand, and the ocean side here is vast, making it an extraordinary spot for youngsters and the ocean side sweethearts.

Our family cherishes this park! We’ve set up camp here each late spring throughout the previous 4 years with family. Our initial 3 visits were adequately fortunate to hold the yurts, particularly when you have small children who rest.

3. Deception Pass State Park

parks in washington state

With multiple million visitors every year, Deception Pass State Park is one of the most famous Washington state national parks. Extended between the northern tip of Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island and associated with a high bridge over the Deception Pass stream, Deception Pass State Park offers various outlets to explore the encompassing Puget Sound region.

Climbing or hiking is found in abundance in the old-growth backwoods of Deception Pass State Park. On the last visit, we couldn’t explore Deception Pass because many of the relatives didn’t want it. On a past visit, my better half and I hiked a couple of Deception Pass State Park trails. That was a wonderful view everywhere.

4. Riverbend RV Park

parks in washington state

If you’re searching for one of the best RV parks in Washington state that allows you to enjoy shortly of everything, Riverbend RV Park is the ideal place for you. The incredible area is only the starting Riverbend offers innumerable excellent facilities and conveniences that make it an undeniable place to camp! Your visit at Riverbend RV Park makes sure to loosen up one-riverfront sees. Full hookup destinations, remote web associations, and clean bathrooms and showers are generally accessible to ensure a problem-free outing.

It’s rare a put satisfies and exceeds your needs. However, Riverbend RV Park effortlessly did that for us. We had a very great experience here. This park was a great space for our RV and leaving our tow vehicle.

5. Curlew Lake State Park

parks in washington state

Known as the “Gem” of Washington’s State Parks, Curlew Lake State Park is found only 25 miles from the Canadian line with an 87-section of land set up in the camp region. Boasting 5.5 miles of coastline, Curlew Lake is well known for swimming, fishing, waterskiing, drifting, and other personal watercraft like jet skis. Birdwatching, wildlife survey, climbing, and trekking are additionally regular exercises here. 

I went here for an end of the week setting up a camp outing with my sweetheart. Our first time looking into a State Park (without a specialist present) was a bit challenging. The guidelines aren’t clear; however, it was a minor bother. The camping areas are extremely all-around kept up with and exceptionally perfect.

6. Lake Chelan 

parks in washington state

Got a boat? Then, this is the place to be. This is an exceptionally well-known campground for boaters, mariners, fishers, water skiers, and windsurfers, making it difficult to get bookings. It’s exceptionally near the town of Chelan, which has numerous incredible eateries, restaurants, and breweries. My beau and I had to postpone our anniversary excursion to Chelan to the offseason in light of the fire close by in the pre-fall, and we were searching for exercises to do in the colder climate. So happy we found this journey!

7. Palouse Falls State Park

parks in washington state

Palouse Falls State Park is named after its iconic primary fascination, the 198-foot Palouse Falls cascade in the southeast corner of Washington. My wife and I visited Palouse Falls in July of this year. We’ve seen marvelous photographs of it taken for the most part in the daytime and some exceptionally stupendous expert photographs taken around evening time and first light. While this grand cascade, frequently depicted as the most incredible in the state, is the fundamental fascination in the park, numerous visitors travel here for the chance to surround themselves with nature.

Palouse Falls isn’t the most well-known state park in Washington, and hence it’s an incredible place to discover some peace and have some private time in the high-desert scenes of Southeastern Washington. 

8. Lake Sammamish State Park

parks in washington state

With two lakefront seashores, surrounded by trails winding through transitory forests and wetlands, Lake Sammamish is pretty much as attractive as its name. Find proper external Seattle; visitors will want to get away from the clamor of the city without going through hours in the vehicle.

Notwithstanding being so near the highway, this is a quiet spot with heaps of beautiful trees and birds. I saw bald eagle the day I visited. To explore more, visit Issaquah Salmon Hatchery close by. Then, at that point, finish your outing with a visit to one of the incredible cafés and restaurants on Front Street in the downtown area. 

9. Ebey’s Landing 

parks in washington state

Situated on Whidbey Island, Ebey’s Landing is a memorable sight utilized during WWII for the seaside. Named after one of its first pioneers, Colonel Isaac N Ebey, the park is saturated with rich military history, including underground exploratory rooms, so visitors should bring spotlights and headlamps. I went here on a dark and breezy day, yet it made for an astonishing walk with incredible views. My better half and I visited the island and this area with a few of our friends. It was overall quite excellent. Visitors are additionally allowed to harvest seaweed during specific seasons.

10. Lewis and Clark National Historical Park 

parks in washington state

The Lewis and Clark National Historical Park envelops locales along the Pacific Coast and the Columbia River with beautiful beachfront perspectives and immortal rainforests. It tells the stories of a portion of the country’s most popular adventurers and features the rich legacy of the Native individuals who initially possessed these excellent terrains. This was one of my highlights in Astoria. The set of experiences here is so enlightening and fascinating. The Interpretive Center is a must. We stayed an additional night in Astoria to visit this park.

11. Fort Vancouver

parks in washington state

Situated on the northern shore of the Columbia River, Fort Vancouver was first established in 1825 by Hudson’s Bay Company of London. Giving sensational perspectives on snow-covered mountain tops diverging from the dynamic metropolitan scene of the city, Fort Vancouver includes a rich social past. Displaying four extraordinary locales on its grounds, it walks visitors through its storied history, finding its contention, change, settlement, and the local area. 

12. Mount Rainier National Park

parks in washington state

Arriving at 14,411 feet (4,392 meters) in the sky, Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade Range. Our outing to Mt. Rainier started with a short-term in Yakima, WA, the core of apple country. That is worth a stop to see and smell the miles of exquisite apple trees and packing houses, as well as the lovely town of Yakima. If you’re searching for a super-amazing well of lava in a public park, Mount Rainier is one of your most available choices. 

Furthermore, the mountain likewise has the most glaciers of any mountain in the adjoining United States. It’s the wellspring of five significant streams in the district and the highlight of Mount Rainier National Park, one of Washington’s three tremendous state parks. You must see these 7 best hot springs in Washington.


It’s hard to imagine the territory of Washington without its amazing system of state parks. These amazing parks are the spots we go for relief, harmony, and to assemble appreciation for nature.

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