Some Of The Best Places To Visit In Washington DC That You Cannot Miss To Check

places to visit in Washington DC

If you are in the states and decided to be in Washington DC for your holidays then you must be wondering about the places where you can visit there. Washington DC is the capital state of the United States and this place definitely has many things to offer you with. This place is definitely very beautiful as well as attractive but sadly you cannot complete the whole place in just one holiday but here are some top listed places where you need to visit in case you are in the states and you cannot really miss these places as well:

Washington Monument As Well As The National Mall:

places to visit in Washington DC

This place is one of the best places as well as the most visited place of the Washington DC, there you would be able to see the Washington monument constructed at the center of the area and the monument is surrounded by many other small monuments. The beauty of the place makes it perfect for taking pictures there. You simply cannot miss visiting this place even if you are in short of time then also mark this place as the must-visit place.

The U.S Capitol:

places to visit in Washington DC

This building is definitely beautiful and the area is quite complicated that you may need a guide to completely explore the place. There you can get to know about much historical information of the state and other than that you may get to see how the legislation of the state work. The complete white building is something that would mesmerize your eyes and you would never regret visiting this place. Make sure to visit the place before sunsets otherwise you may not be able to enjoy the beautiful scenario of the place.

Library of Congress:

This place is the biggest library in the entire world and you need to visit the library for sure. Apart from being the biggest library in the world, this is one of the most prestigious places in the states as well. This library is one of the oldest cultural places of the states as well and this library constitutes of three different building and more than 160 millions of items are them in the library. The interior of the library is something which would get you peace of mind.

U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum:

places to visit in Washington DC

This place is near to the national mall of the states so you may get to visit both the places in just a single day. You might have guessed by the name of the museum that the museum has some amazing holocaustic histories. You may view many historical pictures and can also get to see many beautiful artifacts which are kept safely in the museum. With a single visit to the museum, you may also get to know a lot of stories as well as facts about the Nazi regime. A visit to this historical museum should be on your must-visit list while you are in the states.

Georgetown and The Waterfront:

places to visit in Washington DC

This place is a favorite hangout place for many people and this place is held just beside a lake where you can roam for a while and you can even feed all the birds out there. After you are done with roaming you can actually go shopping as there are many good shops around the place and apart from that you can even fill your tummy on the go and the place holds many famous restaurants that serve some delicious food to the visitors.

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This is one of those zoos that keep pandas and the best part is that this zoo is a free zoo. You can walk down the place alone or even with your kids and get amazed by the collection of animals that are kept safe at the place. Apart from the pandas of the place you can also enjoy watching big cats as well as giant apes that are kept in the zoo. You can even enjoy a morning walk at the place but make sure to be there before the crowd arrives at the place.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum:

places to visit in Washington DC

If you get amazed by who aircraft, as well as space crafts and vehicles, were previously then you need to visit the place. You may get to see how things in space are like such as there is a space toilet that you can check out. You can even enjoy viewing through the big telescope that is there in the place.

These were few places to visit in Washington DC that you need to check in case you are in the states for your holidays. Thank you for reading the article till the end, keep visiting Travelila!!