Tips for Female Camping Trip Alone Guide [Must Know]

female camping

Solo female camping impacts your life and outlook on the outdoors a little more. It also changes you as a person. When you spend time alone with yourself, you gain confidence and independence. It decreases the negatives like ego in you, it also humbles you in many ways, and you realize the things that used to matter don’t matter that much when it comes to materialistic things. So, let’s talk about the benefits of female solo camping. 

It Makes You Stronger

Camping alone makes you stronger as an individual. You can get over many of your fears through camping, like fear of the dark and fear of insects. It also brings you confidence and self-reflection. Many important things like self-validation, self-care, self-growth and self-respect increase when you go for a solo camping trip. 

Peace of Mind

Nowadays, we all live in busy cities with rush hours, traffic, and pollution. Most of us do not get to have even 5 minutes in a day to sit down in peace. Solo female camping gives you the peace that your soul is searching for. 

Learning from Mistakes

female camping


You learn a lot when you are alone, and something goes wrong. Solo female camping gives you opportunities to learn from your mistakes and allow you to become better with every passing day. Even if the first few solo trips are hard and you feel like you have not learned anything, you have overcome many obstacles and will find changes. 

These are some of the benefits of solo female camping. Now, let us see how you can make the most out of female camping trips. 

Plan a Destination

The first and the most important thing you should do is determine where you are headed. After that, you need to plan a campsite and check if you need a permit or a reservation. You also need to check what time you will get on these campsites and outline a schedule. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be followed exactly, but you still need to know everything you can to tell multiple people where you are headed to. If you are planning a solo female camping trip, you need to let some people know the place and estimate the timing when you will be there. 

Plan for the Worst & Expect the Best

female camping


When planning solo female camping, planning for the worst and expecting the best is something you should go about. Think about what can happen if you might get lost. If someone has an idea of where you can be, the search party can jump start when they search for you. This might sound grim to you, but still, plan for the worst and expect the best. 

Take a GPS With You

If you want to go somewhere remote, and maybe you are backpacking solo, it is good to invest in a GPS. The reason behind this is that people can know your location through GPS. Many backpacking guides carry GPS with them. Sometimes GPS can be expensive, so the cheaper version is to get your phone and share your location for the duration of your trip. It won’t be super precise, but it will give them an idea of where you are. GPS should be one of your camping necessities.

Let People Know If Your Plan Changes

You should let people know if your plan changes in the middle of the trip. Try to find reception from the new place, and if you can not, give them a holler. This is one more way to be safe while in female solo camping. First of all, look around your plan properly, so that you do not have to change it at the last second. And if you have to for some unknown reason, please inform some people to know your whereabouts.

Plan for More Than One Location

Sometimes you might get unlucky with the first plan of your solo female camping for different reasons like climate, weather conditions, traffic, etc. That is why you need to have more than one location in your mind so that if the first doesn’t work, you can choose the next one and so on. So come up with a second plan, and make a third plan too.

Find a Place That Is Not Completely Packed

female camping


If you are camping in a place fully packed with people, you can not feel the joy and sense of adventure. This is the reason why you should look for a place where you can enjoy nature freely with fewer people around. If you choose more than just one location, you get to choose the one with fewer people. 

Be at Your Campsite Before Sunset

It’s very important and very safe if you get to your campsite before sunset so that you can look around all the places near your campsite and look out for anything dangerous or concerning. If you get late to reach your campsite, you can not choose a proper place for your tent, while during the day, you can find where the level ground is, and also you can find the best views if you get there early.

Bring Something to Read

Well, now that you have made so many plans for being alone in the wild, you shouldn’t use your phone or the internet since it’ll be just like home. You can read to pass your time the night before you go to sleep. You can also bring your diary and write your thoughts. It would help if you tried to be in the elements and the solitude of nature. You can take the novel you always wanted to read, or write about the thoughts that give you peace and happiness. 

What If You Do Not Like Tents

Well, if you are not comfortable sleeping inside a tent at night, you can start your first few solo female camping trips inside your car. It feels much safer inside a car at night than in a tent. So if you are habitual of living inside a tent, you can always stay in your car for a few trips until you are comfortable sleeping in a tent at night. The car is a little less exposed, and you can lock it; you will feel much safer there. But don’t get in the habit of sleeping only in the car; this is just for a couple of times. After that, you should build up the courage to leave your comfort zone and live inside your tent. 

Bring Your Headphones

Everything sounds big at night. If you have never tried female solo camping before, you should consider bringing your headphones for the night so that you can sleep peacefully. Even the running of a squirrel can sound terrifying to people who have never camped alone, so having something to distract yourself can be useful to you. 

You Can Bring a Weapon

This depends on you; if you feel you should carry a weapon with you for extra safety and peace of mind, you should carry a weapon. You may not need that for your peace of mind; you may feel perfectly capable of camping by yourself. It does not come under camping necessities; it depends on you.

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Pack Your Clothes According to Your Climate

female camping


You should wear something that keeps you comfortable and suits the weather in which you are planning the solo female camping. Although you should keep some warm clothes just in case it’s a chilly night, even if days are sunny and warm. what to wear camping female for summers, you can wear something like shorts, but be aware of the fact that you might encounter mosquitoes at night. So bring something in case that happens. 

Look Out for Animals

You should gain all the necessary information about all the animals you might encounter on your solo camping trip. Most camping sites provide bear lockers, but if you are camping in a very remote place, try to get as much information about that place as possible.

Bring Spare Tools and Female Camping Essentials

Sometimes it’s better to have two essential items than one in case one of them breaks down, or you lose it. So, please carry spare tools and essential items if you lose the first one. 


These are some things you should know, understand, and remember before starting your free solo camper. Camping alone is one of the best experiences of life, and you should look forward to this beautiful camping experience. Believe us when we say, you will be an entirely different person after you start solo camping trips. 

You can improve a lot when you camp alone. You find yourself, but you also get to see your flaws and learn from your mistakes. Solo camping makes it possible for you to grow self-love and self-care. When you stay with nature, you get rejuvenated with the natural surroundings, which is impossible to find in cities nowadays. So, plan a trip, make a few changes if necessary and gain new experiences.

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