Unveiling the World’s Top 15 Hidden Hiking Trails in 2024

best hiking trails in the world

When wilderness calls, you must answer it with your sturdy hiking boots and strong willpower. Explore the best hiking trails in the world and look at the unexplored landscapes the globe has to offer. The thing that makes up some of the best hikes is the beautiful natural views. Whether you are a novice or an experienced hiker, the best hiking trails will give you moments & memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Plan your next hiking adventure by looking at our picks for the best places to hike in the world.

1. John Muir Trail

John Muir Trail

Country: USA

This 211-mile hike trail, located amid the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges in California, exceeds over 14,000 feet in altitude. Hikers looking for the best hiking vacations can expect an experience like no other when they set out on the John Muir Trail. Being among the popular trails in the US, it can take around two to four weeks to complete the trek with one of your best travel backpacks

Hikers will see stunning alpine meadows, lakes, and high mountain passes, including the trail’s highest point, the famous Forester Walk. Along the way, one can witness diverse wildlife and breathtaking views, like the Half Dome and Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the United States. Due to its popularity, make sure you obtain the required permits in a timely manner.

  • Location: Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, California, USA
  • Length/Distance: 211 miles (339 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately two to four weeks
  • Best Time to Visit: July, August, and September
  • Weather: Varied, with sunny days and potential for thunderstorms
  • Highlights: Alpine meadows, lakes, Forester Walk, Half Dome, Mount Whitney

2. Pennine Way

Pennine Way

Country: England

One of the longest hikes in England, engulfing the Scottish borders, is the Pennine Way hike. Approximately 270 miles long, it takes almost three to four weeks for hikers to complete the trail. Hikers travel via magnificent peaks like Kinder Scout and Cross Fell, windswept moors, and old woods. Along with these sites, the trail passes through the picturesque Yorkshire Dales and the Hadrian’s Wall .

Hiking through the Pennine Way promises to be an amazing experience full of challenges and rewards. For those seeking some adrenaline rush, this is the one to go for. Remember, to hike through the best trail in the world, you have to be the best! 

  • Location: Edale & Yorkshire dales, England
  • Length/Distance: 270 miles (432 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately three to five weeks
  • Best Time to Visit: Mid-May, June, July, August, and September
  • Weather: Varied, warm and cold
  • Highlights: Hadrian’s Wall, Yorkshire dales, Kinder scout, and Old woods

3. Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc

Country: France, Italy, and Switzerland

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a famous hiking trail in Europe. This 106-mile-long trek spans three European countries and can be completed within two weeks. For experienced hikers and those looking for a unique outdoor experience, the path provides a hiking vacation unlike any other.

While hiking through the trail, you will come across some of the best landscapes in Europe. The sightings you’ll come across will forever be etched in your memory. The trail’s allure is found in both the beauty of the surrounding environment and the friendships made with other hikers who share the same experience.

  • Location: The Alps, France, Italy, Switzerland
  • Length/Distance: 106 miles (170 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately two weeks
  • Best Time to Visit: June, July, and August
  • Weather: Average temperature, with July the warmest and January the coldest
  • Highlights: Mont Joli, Bionnassay glacier, and Chamonix Aiguilles

4. Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail

Country: USA

Regarded as one of the longest hiking-only footpaths globally, the Appalachian trail passes through some remote locations in the US. It spans a distance of 2200 miles, traveling across 14 different states in the US. 

Hikers experience a range of landscapes throughout the route here, such as serene meadows, beautiful waterfalls, and steep ridges. In addition, the trail goes through towns where hikers can stop for supplies and food before moving further. 

  • Location: Appalachian mountains, Northern Georgia, USA
  • Length/Distance: 2200 miles (3520 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately six to eight months
  • Best Time to Visit: Mid-April, May, and June
  • Weather: Varied, warm and cold, snowy in some months
  • Highlights: Skyline caverns, and Sky Meadows State Park

5. Half Dome

Half Dome

Country: USA

The Half Dome is among the top iconic places in the world, including the Yosemite National Park in the US. The trail’s peak point is definitely the climb to Half Dome, a massive granite mountain that provides stunning sweeping views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. 

The trail is around 16 miles long and can be completed within two days. Moving forward, the famous cable section, where climbers must rely on metal cables for support during the final ascent, is the trail’s most prominent feature. For all the adrenaline seekers, this is a top place to hike in the world. 

  • Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA
  • Length/Distance: 16 miles (25.6 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately two days
  • Best Time to Visit: From early June, July, August, September to October
  • Weather: Occasionally, there are snowy winters, gentle springs, warm summers, and vibrant autumns.
  • Highlights: Half Dome rock formation, Yosemite valley

6. Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal

Country: Morocco

For those looking for the best hiking experience, Mount Toubkal is among the top hikes across the globe. Tucked in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, this trek presents both challenges and amazing views for experienced hikers also, and not only for beginners. 

At 4,167 meters, Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in North Africa. In addition, it offers various routes with different degrees of difficulty, catering to both experienced hikers and beginners. Furthermore, It is also one of the greatest hiking trails in the world and provides an amazing experience for anyone looking for either a tranquil getaway or a thrilling challenge to conquer.

  • Location: South Marrakech, Morocco
  • Length/Distance: 4 miles (6.5 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately three-five hours
  • Best Time to Visit: End March, April, May, June, and September, October, mid-November
  • Weather: Varied, with hot summers, cold winters, and unpredictable mountain conditions.
  • Highlights: Alpine lakes, Traditional berber villages, and beautiful views

7. Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago

Country: Spain

The Camino de Santiago, located in the northwest part of Spain, is a pilgrimage route, also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For various reasons, including religious, cultural, or personal, people develop a special bond with one another along the hike.

Hikers’ experiences are enhanced by coming across hostels, centuries-old cathedrals, and regional cuisines as they make their way through scenic countryside and historic cities. For all the adventure seekers, this is a must-hike trail!

  • Location: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
  • Length/Distance: 500 miles (800 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately 30-45 days
  • Best Time to Visit: April, May, June, July, August, September, and October
  • Weather: Generally mild, with slight rain showers
  • Highlights: Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and Cruz de Ferro

8. The Narrows

The Narrows

Country: USA

This hike is one for all the adventure-seeking geeks out there located in Zion National Park. The 16-mile-long hike follows the cold Virgin River through a narrow canyon that makes up one of the best spots for hiking vacations. Apart from good planning and the right equipment, the hike further demands walking and swimming also through the river. 

Being one of the top hiking destinations in the world, it attracts worldwide visitors & hikers. The hike prompts them to come and soak in its natural beauty. If you are a fan of nature, the Narrows will provide you with an amazing adventure.

  • Location: Zion National Park, Utah, USA
  • Length/Distance: 16 miles (25.6 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately one-two days
  • Best Time to Visit: April, May, June, and July
  • Weather: Mild temperatures with occasional rain, particularly in spring and fall
  • Highlights: Spectacular narrow canyon walls, towering cliffs, and stunning river views

9. Tergo La Trek

Tergo La Trek

Country: Bhutan

The Tergo La Trek is one of the most beautiful yet lesser-known Asian hiking trails. Hiking the trek offers an experience that takes you through green landscapes and different Bhutanese cultural experiences. 

The 42-mile distance hike, rising from 3500 meters to around 4135 meters, passes through peaceful forests. While hiking, you will go through the mountainous tracks that will give you a view of the 3rd highest peak in the world, the Kanchenjunga.

  • Location: Haa, Bhutan
  • Length/Distance: 42 miles (68 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately three-four days
  • Best Time to Visit: Between April, & mid-November
  • Weather: Cool and mild, with occasional rain and snow in winter months
  • Highlights: Alpine lakes, View of Kanchenjunga peak

10. Tahoe Rim Trail

Tahoe Rim Trail

Country: USA

The Tahoe Rim Trail combines the ultimate adventure vacation experience into one of the best hiking journeys.With a distance of around 170 miles, this well-known trail offers a diverse scenery that highlights the area’s natural splendor.

For outdoor lovers of all skill levels, the path provides day treks as well as multi-day expeditions. It is a one-to-go location for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for an amazing experience because of its well-maintained trails and lots of camping areas.

  • Location: California, Nevada, USA
  • Length/Distance: 170 miles (272 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately 15 days
  • Best Time to Visit: June, July, August, and September
  • Weather: Snowy winters, mild summers, with occasional rain or thunderstorms
  • Highlights: Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows

11. Great Himalaya Trail

Great Himalaya Trail

Country: Nepal

This 2,800-mile-long distance trek is by far the longest on the list. Trekkers go through isolated settlements, coming across a wealth of cultural legacy, from the Sherpa community of the Everest region to the remote far-western hills and their traditional ways of life. 

The Great Himalaya Trail offers an incredible experience for those looking for the greatest hiking vacation among the gorgeous Himalayan range; it is unquestionably one of the best hiking trails in the world. 

  • Location: The Great Himalaya Range, Nepal
  • Length/Distance: 2800 miles (4480 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately six months
  • Best Time to Visit: October, November, December, & January
  • Weather: Varies from mild to extreme, with snow in higher elevations
  • Highlights: Annapurna Circuit, Langtang Valley, and Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

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12. Lechweg Trail

Lechweg Trail

Country: Austria and Germany

The Lechweg hiking trails spans across two countries and is approximately 80 miles long. It follows the Lech River right from its source in Austria to Lechfall waterfall in Germany. The Lechweg trail passes alongside one of Europe’s largest ibex communities and a waterfall that, each year, miraculously stops and starts again. 

It also passes the Bavarian royal castles and the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Austria. The Lechweg Trail is ideal for both beginners and experienced hikers due to its well-marked trails.

  • Location: Arlberg Mountains and Füssen, Austria and Germany
  • Length/Distance: 80 miles (128 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately 10-15 days
  • Best Time to Visit: June, July, August, & September
  • Weather: Mild and temperate climate with cool summers and cold winters
  • Highlights: Lech river, Alpine landscape, and Waterfalls

13. Trolltunga Hike

Trolltunga Hike

Country: Norway

Enjoy the beauty of Norway through the beautiful views offered by the Trolltunga hike. Stretching around 17 miles, hikers follow it to a steep cliff’s edge, where the renowned Trolltunga rock formation emerges over the breathtaking Lake Ringedalsvatnet. 

Already among the beautiful hikes of Norway, this is also among a few of the best hiking destinations globally. Reaching the Trolltunga peak, where adventurous people can hang on the brink of the cliff for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity, is the journey’s highlight. 

  • Location: Odda, Norway
  • Length/Distance: 17 miles (27 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately 3 days
  • Best Time to Visit: June, July, August, and September
  • Weather: Varied: cold winters, mild summers
  • Highlights: Trolltunga Cliff, Beautiful Norwegian views

14. Inca Trail

Inca Trail

Country: Peru

For those looking for the best hiking vacation experiences, travelers consider Peru’s Inca Trail to be among the world’s best hikes. This famous hike, which is approx 26 miles long, passes through thick forests, historic Incan sites, and the stunning Andes range. 

The hike comes to an end at the majestic Machu Picchu archaeological site, offering a unique fusion of breathtaking scenery and the local culture. For all the adrenaline lovers, the Inca trail provides what you desire! 

  • Location: Cusco region, Peru
  • Length/Distance: 26 miles (42 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: Approximately 7 days
  • Best Time to Visit: March, April, May, and September, October, November, mid-December
  • Weather: Moderate to cool temperatures, occasional rain showers, generally pleasant conditions.
  • Highlights: Machu Picchu

15. Cloud Forest trek

Cloud Forest trek

 Country: Laos

The Cloud Forest Trek is among the offbeat hiking destinations in the world. It is an immersive journey into the heart of the wilderness, where with every step comes new wonders and challenges. It is not just a hike but a wholesome lifetime experience.

Make sure to take proper gear along with you as you hike the 7.5-mile distance. Moreover, if you are craving to get the taste of one of the best hikes in the world, this is the one!

  • Location: Laos
  • Length/Distance: 7.5 miles (12 Km)
  • Time to Tackle: 1-2 days
  • Best Time to Visit: November, December, and January
  • Weather: Mild and temperate climate with consistent rainfall and lush greenery
  • Highlights: Karst formation, dense vegetation, and waterfalls

Wrapping the Trails Up:

Trekking through these famous hiking trails will let your soul experience the unimaginable thrill these hikes tend to bring. The sites of lush green natural landscapes, watching the sun rising and setting, will feel like a surreal dream. Wait no more; grab those boots, pack your bags(be prepared for varied climatic conditions), and Get Set Hiking!

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