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Singapore is one of the most iconic Asian countries there are while still keeping to its routes; the traditions that form the base of Singapore society Singapore has marched steadily forward into the modern age. As of right now, Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in the world, not only because of technological advancements but also because of several other factors. Some of the main factors are:

Environmental Awareness:

singapore hotels: Environmental Awareness

Source: ipscommons.sg

Singapore is one of the most environmentally aware countries in the world. For about a decade now, Singapore has had negligible levels of pollution. All waste, whether it is environment-friendly waste or waste made of artificial materials such as plastic, and polythene.

A friendly population:

A friendly population: singapore hotels

Source: news.nus.edu.sg

Singapore has one of the most friendly populations in the world. They fully co-operate with the government and follow all directions and instructions given to them. There friendliness and capacity for co-operation is the main cause of Singapore’s negligible pollution and tourist industry.

Singapore has some of the best hotels and lodges in the world as it was, previously, a seat of the British Authority in Asia, there are some truly splendid constructions to be found in Singapore. Whether one is talking about the gigantic, magnificent Forts complete with splendidly kept grounds, the smaller Boutique hotels with their own gardens with lovely blossoms, or even the smaller Lodges with cozy grounds and a homely feel, Singapore quite definitely has some of the most memorable and unique hotels in the world.

Here is a list of some of the most iconic hotels one can find in Singapore:

The Capella:

The Capella: singapore hotels

Source: asiaculture.info

This is one of the most expansive hotels to be found in Singapore. The hotel is set against a lush rainforest, complete with its own exotic animals, birds, and flora. The rainforest provides a natural and soothing background to the rustic looking but quite modern hotel itself. Old traditions meet new modern facilities at Sentosa’s modern six-star luxury hotel, the Capella.  The hotel has some of the most modernistic features and facilities that one can hope for.

The hotel itself includes a Vivo City shopping mall, a cutting-edge resort, some of the best water sports in Singapore. It also has a state of the art spa that offers a host of advanced treatments, massages, and other proclivities. Adjoining property is available for residents who wish for a longer term of stay.

The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore:

The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore: singapore hotels

Source: fullertonhotels.com

This was originally a large complex for various government departments, like the prestigious general post office. It was bought by a particular Hong Kong firm in 1997, reopening its doors as a luxury hotel in 2001, a year after the turn of the millennial. It is one of the most iconic landmarks lying on the edge of the Singapore River. It features a huge atrium and utilizes the fairly unusual wedge-shaped floor plan. It goes for a cool and breezy aesthetic but includes all the latest and state of the art gadgets and electrical facilities. It has a whopping four hundred rooms which offer some of the best views of the Singapore Skyline. Guests are also invited to enjoy themselves at the infinity pool located on the roof of this prestigious hotel.

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The Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa:

The Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa: singapore hotels

Source: imgcy.trivago.com

This resort is one of the most famous beach hotels in Singapore. Each and every guest of this acclaimed resort give it absolutely glowing reviews and recommendations. It has state of the art features such as king-sized beds, thoroughly cleaned, spacious rooms that come with complimentary toiletries and free wifi. It features a wide array of restaurants, diners, and cafes that serve a host of cuisines, both western ones, and Asian ones. And there are many things that you can do for couples as well!! 

On top of all these features, the sanctuary is famed for some of the most helpful and friendly staff to be found in a Singapore hotel.


Le-Meridian: singapore hotels

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Le-Meridian is one of the most luxurious beach hotels in Singapore. This hotel is famed for its expansive dining facilities and evening beachside cafe. Their rooms offer great views, including the famed Merlion of Singapore. While the beds are not king-sized, they are reputed to be very comfortable, with pillows that guarantee a good nights’ sleep. The hotel offers free transport around the island and to Singapore itself. It is located very close to the beach, so much so that it is a short five-minute walk from the hotel. They offer a complimentary breakfast, a buffet styled, and complimentary tea. The chefs make some of the best local cuisine food one can find.

Siloso Beach Resorts in Sentosa:

Siloso Beach Resorts in Sentosa: singapore hotels

Source: exp.cdn-hotels.com

This is one of the most famous beachside resorts to be found in Singapore. They are situated right on the beachside and use the theme to its full advantage. This resort offers quite a different experience from the usual drivel that other hotels offer. It is nestled into a jungle, which gives it a cozy and homely feeling. Though it is nestled far away from civilization, it has all of the cutting edge gadgets that one can wish for. They offer free transport in the form of taxis, cable cars, and a monorail. The nearby beach is quite busily packed on the weekends as everybody goes out for a nice relaxing time.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa:

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa: singapore hotels

Source: s-ec.bstatic.com

This amazing resort is located at a distance of 3kms from the famed universal studios. The rooms have king-sized beds, showers that come with a host of modes, free toiletries, and some of the most comfortable pillows in Singapore. They are brilliantly designed with an architecture that looks modernistic while preserving a traditional feel. The rooms have every modern facility that can be found in the hotels of the 21st century (and some that can’t ! ). For the entertainment of the guest, the resort has thrilling water slides, a purely amazing splashback, and an expansive outdoor playing area. The food comes in the form of various notable cuisines, such as Chinese and Italian buffets.

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