Things To Know About Cancun International Airport

Cancun International Airport

Cancun International Airport is situated on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Major international airlines have a direct flight to Cancun every day giving justice to a large number of travelers at this place making it accessible from almost every and every place in the world.

It has luxurious shops, restaurants, and services; Cancun Airport is one of the easiest most convenient airports to fly to/from in Mexico. Cancun is one of the tourist resorts that receive the highest number of visitors in the world. This airport has advanced security systems and scanning systems for baggage making it a more secure place to have a vacation at.

Cancun International Airport

The airport, it seems, has been in construction since it was originally built. This airport was built in the 1970s and an increase in the number of visitors every year makes it difficult for the place to keep up with the growing demand and number of flights every year.

With the increase in the visitors, the airport is also growing fast and now it has many world-class facilities. It has facilities such as restaurants and a shopping area which is capable of catering to the demands of each and every class of visitors. Riviera Maya is one of the most amazing places on earth.

Cancun International Airport is located 22 kilometers outside the city. Cancun International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean having an average of about 800,000 passengers per month in the peak season. It has all the facilities an international airport should have facilities such as signs in various languages.

Let Us Have Some Knowledge About Its Terminals

Cancun International Airport

Terminal 1 has 7 gates 1 to 7A. It suffered major damage by Hurricane Wilma and was temporarily closed for remodeling in order to accommodate charter airlines. It re-opened in November 2013 to charter flights and serves only one airline.

Terminal 2 has 22 gates. Most of the flights including domestic and international flights depart from this terminal. This terminal includes a bank and food area at the check-in area and also has various restaurants. A VIP airport lounge operated by Global Lounge Network caters to domestic and international travelers’ each and every need.

Cancun International Airport

Terminal 3 has 21 gates. This terminal has been recently expanded to cope up with the increase in flights and tourists. Most of the US carriers use this terminal. It includes duty-free shops and cafes and has a beautiful lounge.

Terminal 4 has 12 gates and was opened recent year to match with the increasing flow. This terminal has a huge capacity for handling a million travelers.  Also, they are planning to open an on-site hotel for travelers. As the number of visitors is going on increasing every year the fourth terminal is built this huge.

It has 84 check-in counters and 12 boarding gates. A new 315ft tall control tower was also opened at the airport in 2010. For more information about other places, visit Travelila

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