Cairo Tour: Exploring Pyramids, and Much More

Cairo Tour

Cairo is one of the most attractive cities to visit in Egypt. The city is famous for the Pyramids and Sphinx. However, there are other iconic and beautiful tourist attraction sites that are rich with ancient Egyptian civilization and culture. The stunning attractions include: 

  • Egyptian Museum
  • Papyrus Institute
  • Khan El Khalili
  • Sakkara
  • Mohammed Ali Castle
  • Pyramids & Sphinx

Visiting these magnificent sites can be operated from Cairo with a local guide, as well as on your own.
Alternatively, if you are in Israel, by a short 2-Day Tour to Cairo from Eilat.

The Egyptian Museum

Cairo Tour

The Egyptian Museum is one of the most iconic places to visit on the Cairo tour. Being the oldest museum in the Middle East, it provides you with a chance to learn the Egyptian culture. Visiting the museum will enable you to interact with the biggest assortment of Pharaonic antiquities on the planet. 

The museum houses over 160,000 artifacts dating from ancient Egyptian times to the Greco-Roman Era. Among the most notable artifacts include Tutankamen’s tomb, mummies, the treasures of Tanis, complete burials of Yuya and Thuya, and the Narmer Palette that commemorated the unification of the Lower and Upper Egypt under one Pharaoh.

It also houses the notable statues of the famous kings Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu. Also on display is a large collection of jewelry, papyri, and sarcophagi. 

Papyrus Institute 

Cairo Tour

This amazing institute showcases the wonderful art of papyrus-making of the ancient Egyptian civilization. In this great institute in Giza, you will watch a demo of papyrus rolling, painting, and pressing. Here you can purchase genuine papyrus works. 

The Papyrus institute illustrates the ancient Egyptian art of paper making that was discovered around 3,000 BC and still survives today. The institute will take you through the step-by-step process of paper making and the exhibition of papyrus artwork that showcases the Pyramids of Giza, hieroglyphs, and pharaohs. 

Khan El-Khalili Market 

Cairo Tour

The iconic Khan El-Khalili market was built in the 14th century in Cairo. The market is an essential district of Cairo’s economic and cultural activities. Here you will see a great number of historical and cultural structures that symbolizes Egyptian culture. These structures include medieval Islamic architecture on Muizz Street. 

In the Khan El-Khalili market, you will see an extensive collection of merchandise on exhibition. You can purchase various items such as sparkling silverware, stained glass lamps, gold artifacts, and handmade accessories. You can also purchase traditional Arabian lamps and lanterns. There are also designated areas for the trade of copper, gold, and spices. 

At Khan El-Khalili, you will have an opportunity to enjoy traditional Egyptian delicacies from some of the oldest cafes in Cairo. These include El-Fishawi, which was established in 1797, and El-lord, which plays Umm Kulthum songs. 


Cairo Tour

Sakkara is one of the most attractive places in Egypt to explore. It comprises many extensive archaeological and attraction sites such as the deep underground Tombs, the Pyramid of Sekhemket, and the Step Pyramid, among others. Sakkara was the Principal Necropolis of Memphis City from the 1st Dynasty to the Christian Period. 

There are stunning attractions in Sakkara that are worth your attention. These include the Museum of Imhotep, the Serapeum, King Teti Pyramid, the Mastaba of Mereruka, the Tomb of TI, the Tomb of Mehu, the Tomb of Kagemni, the Pyramid of Unas, and the Step Pyramid. 

Mohammed Ali Castle

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Mohammed Ali Castle is one of the most iconic historical museums in Cairo. The castle spans back to the era of the Alawiyya dynasty. The castle is located in the Manual district of Cairo. The castle has been beautifully maintained over the years to preserve its original magnificence and luster. 

The castle was constructed by Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik. The design of the palace is a testament to the Egyptian royal prince’s lifestyle in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The castle consists of residential, reception, and throne palaces. The main attractions include the Museum, the Royal Garden and the story of the ‘King Who Never Was. 

Visiting the Mohamed Ali Palace is a stunning way to learn about the Egyptian Royal Family at the time. 

The Giza Pyramids and Sphinx 

Cairo Tour

The pyramids and the Sphinx is a reflection of the engineering, power, and organization of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The pyramids were constructed as tombs for pharaohs and contained treasures they would require in the afterlife. 

The three Giza Pyramids are named after the pharaohs who initiated their construction. The pyramids are among the Seven Wonders of the World. They share the same site with the Sphinx located in Giza Necropolis, which housed several cemeteries and a servants’ village. 

The pyramids include the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. The Sphinx is an awesome limestone sculpture that was built by Pharaoh Khafre of the human-headed lion from early Greek mythology. 

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