Tips for Travelling Cheap in Nepal

Tips for Travelling Cheap in Nepal

We understand that it can be expensive to have traveling needs that are not pocket-friendly which is why the Nepal Hiking Team has brought this blog to you. Traveling can always be pocket-friendly if you know how to do it right. There are numerous tricks that can help you save a huge sum of money whether you want to travel to Everest Base Camp or any other trekking trails in Nepal. Get some amazing tips for travelling cheap in nepal.

Some of the ways you can travel in a very affordable way in Nepal are as follows:

Research About Your Destination

It is very important to know about your destination beforehand. This does not only save your time but also is cost-efficient as you will be aware of the pricing at your desired destination. In addition to that, knowing about food, accommodation, and other costs that come with the destination of your selection will help you bargain with the local vendors. 

While researching, you must keep in mind the source and time of the data you are relying upon. Oftentimes, the food and accommodation prices of any destination can vary due to numerous reasons like a pandemic, lockdown, price hike, etc. 

Eat Local Cuisine

Are you a foodie? Do you like to try new cuisines alongside your travels? If yes, then this can save you more money than you can imagine. In Nepal, the price of foreign delicacies will cost you more than local cuisine. But, this can too vary as there are places where it is more costly to have local cuisine.

Generally, it is the case that a meal of daal bhaat will cost you less than a pizza. If you want to travel on a limited budget, then eating whatever is available and offered locally can be a good money saver.

Travel in Groups

Tips for Travelling Cheap in Nepal

It can be intriguing and adventurous to travel solo but the cost that comes with it is shocking. But, if you travel in groups, the same travel route can cost you up to 80% less. Yes, you read that right, 80%! It is a huge sum of money right? All the more reasons why you should plan that vacation you had been thinking of going with your friends.

What is more interesting is that traveling in groups will reduce your chances of risks while trekking in higher altitudes. This also means that it reduces your health costs in case you do not have travel insurance.

Choose Homestays Over Hotels

Tips for Travelling Cheap in Nepal

There are plenty of hotels and homestays in Nepal. But, if you are to travel off the beaten roads in Nepal, it is advisable that you choose homestay for accommodation rather than hotels. The reason is obvious that it costs less but it is also because the homestays are worth it. 

The local homestays in rural trails of Nepal have cultural significance too and have the same warm hospitality like that of a hotel. If you can get that for a lesser cost, then why not?

Buy Travel Packages from a Trusted Travel Operator

Tips for Travelling Cheap in Nepal

One of the biggest ways you can save a lot of money is by booking suitable travel packages from a trusted travel operator. If you do not want to get robbed of your money, then this can be the best option. It is so because the travel operators are professionals in designing customized travel packages as per your travel needs which is why they are more reliable. 

Travel packages are made by experts and save you time as well as money. It also helps you experience many things on a limited budget. Whether you plan on traveling a week or a month, with a limited budget or luxury budget- there is a travel package for everyone. Make sure it meets your travel expectations and you are good to go. 

These are some of the many ways you can travel for cheap in Nepal. Along with these, having currency changes, shopping beforehand, hitchhiking, appropriate weather estimation, etc. can be other methods to save some extra bucks during your trip to Nepal. 

If you want to enhance your traveling experience and customize a traveling package as per your travel expectations and needs, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are just a call away.

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