Best of Independent Travel in 2024: Tours to Try Once in a Lifetime

travel in 2021

When it comes to traveling, then it’s the time of the year when journalists, publishers, travel agents start making predictions for what is in store for the year ahead. And here the Independent’s travel team has put together its forecast for what will be independent travel in this year, whether it is a hot new destination, a must-do-journey, or a trend you need to know about. Some of the destinations by the experts are listed here.

Independent Travel in Current year

  • Charleston
independent travel in 2021

Charleston is one of the oldest and largest cities in the U.S State of South Carolina. This city is generally far from observer’s radars for a new link on British Airways from Heathrow, which is the 64th busiest airport in the U.S. This city’s initial location at Albemarle Point on the west bank of the Ashley River was not in use in 1680 for its present site. Later became the fifth largest city of North America within 10 years.

Charleston is also known for its rich history, well-preserving architecture, distinguish restaurants, and hospitable people; Charleston is a popular tourist destination. The influx of visitors has helped a vibrant foodie culture, while a boat trip along Charleston Harbour takes you to Fort Sumter where the first battle of the Civil War took place when Confederate Troops opened fire on the fort.

  • Eilat, Israel
independent travel in 2021

Eilat is Israel’s most busy port and popular resort situated at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Aqaba. This city’s beaches, coral reef, nightlife, desert landscapes, food, and many more things make this a popular tourist destination for domestic as well as for international visitors. It has two main roads connecting it with the center of Israel.

Apart from this, the Ramon Airport, which is 11 miles north of Eilat, expecting it to begin its operations from March 2019. Wizz Air will now be switching to a new airport and will continue to fly from Luton to Ovda. All of these new facilities will also ease access to Taba, just across the border in Egypt. In recent years, Eilat has been the target of many people from Egypt and Gaza causing a decrease in tourist inflow to the region.

  • Japan
independent travel in 2021

Japan is an island country in East Asia also known as the Asian Powerhouse. So you should not miss this opportunity. England supporter already knew that their team will be playing in Sapporo, Kobe, Tokyo, and Yokohama. The Wale’s Final pool game is another event that you should not miss. If you are thinking of independent travel then you do not overlook this event.

  • Magaluf, Mallorca
independent travel in 2021

This city is famous for its lively and largely brash nightlife. Magaluf is located in the popular southwest of Mallorca, close to Palma Nova. In 1960, this used to be the original home of the British package holiday. But nowadays, British tourists consider this the party capital of the island. This city has a variety of attractions and activities to do.

Even the BH Mallorca Hotel offers an absolute mental holiday, but a 10 minutes bike ride away on the Carretera Magaluf –Santa Ponsa, the Pure Salt-port Adriano, is a classy adults-only property that may herald a march upmarket for the south-western corner of Mallorca.

  • Greater Bay Area, China
independent travel in 2021

China’s Pearl River Delta, which encompasses 11 cities, is getting a sexy rebrand as the Greater Bay Area. Further promotion by the PRC government as an economic powerhouse to rival Tokyo’s and San Francisco’s bay areas. It can soon be coming out as a megacity. This region is also known as the most densely urban region as compared to other countries in the world. Even the region is increasingly seen as a tourism destination rather than a bolt-on to well-trodden Hong Kong.

  • Rotterdam, the Netherlands
independent travel in 2021

Rotterdam was less regarded as tourist spot over the dutch capital. But the well known centrics and emerging tourist spots has gained itself the mark of  tourist destination. One of the famous economic centers, Rotterdam is seen as Europe’s largest port. Rotterdam is also known for the Erasmus University, its riverside setting, lively culture, and maritime heritage. Apart from these, there are also new millennial-friendly hotels, indoor food markets to rival Lisbon’s Time Out markets, beer shops and many more.

  • The Cambodian Coast
independent travel in 2021

Cambodian Coast has been rapidly developing as a tourist destination over the past few years. The coast features palm-fringed beaches, a scattering of resorts and some beautifully decorated offshore islands. Regarding as Asia’s next beach destination with a number of five-stars springing up from brands such as Alila and Six Senses. The boutique Hotel Kanai Bang Chatt there is the first property in Cambodia getting an award of the Green Growth 2050 Certification. Even transport facilities are also developing day by day as there is a new train that runs from capital Phnom Penh down to the coast too.

  • Iceland-Arctic Coast Way
independent travel in 2021

The Arctic Coast Way is an existing project which is coming in the next year. If one observes closely over the map, North Iceland is not an empty land. Rather it has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. And with this Arctic Coast Way, we are developing an exciting off the beaten track route. All along the undiscovered coastline of North Iceland.

The tourists can have a packaged experience of nature, living creatures, and vibrant culture at a domicile place like the Arctic Circle. The new route will take you to small settlements. Such as Cliffside outdoor pool, spectacular scenic beauties, hotels situated there to naturally heat warm baths. In brief words, we can say that North Iceland is full of extreme experiences, but also simple comforts, with plenty of small friendly hotels and guesthouses. That makes the stay of a tourist a memorable one.