19 Hilarious Yet Fresh Anything but a Backpack Day Ideas

bring anything but a backpack

A trend that broke out as a response to a harsh statement that banned the use of school backpacks now has turned into a positive aspect of a school week. The ‘anything but a backpack’ movement came in not so long after two students were arrested as they posed harm to others on the premises. 

They carried weapons and harmful items in their backpack which led to the ban on the same. Students and parents protested alike which later on led to students bringing anything but a backpack as a carrier to school. This caught up as a trend called #anythingbutabackpack for the school’s spirit week. 

When it comes to teenagers, you never know what goes on in their minds. So, through the trend, everyone has come up with all sorts of carriers for their books. This range of anything but backpack day ideas can be collected to inspire you to join in for the movement every spirit week. It can also be a use of unused containers and carriers that could be better used this way. Let’s have a look at them. Shall we?

1. Stroller

anything but a backpack

Babies aren’t the only thing a stroller can hold. Why not mix it up to hold your books and pens s on the curved cloth. Sits just perfect right? Easy to move around and commute with, this is one of ‘anything but a backpack day ideas’ of a baby stroller is a perfect replacement for a fun anything but a backpack day. You could also especially trick people into thinking you had a baby. 

2. Microwave 

anything but a backpack

Unconventional, yes. Fun? Also yes. A microwave might not be a go-to carrier of your books but in the line of being innovative, it can rank first. It can be a bit too much for your family to handle as you’ll be off with one essential thing that runs the mornings fast for the working class.

3. Cat Carrier

anything but a backpack

A staple everywhere for those who love their pet cats, these cat carriers hold more than just that and an ‘anything but a backpack’.

Surely your cat would be happy to let you take away the crate. It comes with the luxury of space that you wouldn’t get in a normal backpack. Your things will be secured with the front gate lock and will be stored perfectly safely.

4. Small Wooden Shelf

anything but a backpack

If you’ve been a student who has been very organized with their things this would be an exciting offer for you. Why not bring your thighs neatly arranged on a shelf. Your books will stay on perfect rights and perpendicular inside the spacious shelf and you’ll have more to add. Even better is the fact that you won’t have to unpack after getting home. Just place the shelf back and you are set. 

5. Shopping Cart

anything but a backpack

Books on wheels? What’s better than this! Bein Being one of the best anything but a backpack day ideas, all your things can pack in. All you have to do is drive it around smoothly. But while you are it, do take care of the fact that the cart is lent to you on a legal basis. Do not go stealing carts just so you have one for this day. Ask for prior permission from the owners to let you use one for a day.

6. Cage

anything but a backpack

Pet cage for a backpack? Why not. Another enclosure that is anything but a backpack to securely hold a pet can be a useful carrier of books and stationery over to the school. Make sure that you are careful with the cage as some can be sharp and might dig in and cut your hand. You can get a cage that is safer to use as a carrier to school.

7. Stackable Trays

bring anything but a backpack

Trays stacked on holders can be handy when in a class, especially if they have rolling wheels as well. This makes it easily movable and keeps everything organized. Imagine the notes for each class being laid out in each tray so you just need to pick that tray without jumbling through the others! 

8. Bucket

bring anything but a backpack

Using the most basic utility available in a household, buckets pertain to being an efficient carrier. The circular shape might be a little off-putting but the size will compensate for the lack of a rectangular shape. Throw in your books and pencils, literally and you will be golden to go to school with a bucket bag for your supplies.

9. Laundry Basket

bring anything but a backpack

A household staple for one of anything but a backpack day ideas, this is not too small nor too big to be a perfect makeshift schoolbag. All your supplies are going to fit into the basket as it is used to hold all your clothes. It might be a bit difficult to pick up and move it around if the load of the books is more. But for just one day you’ll be fine.

10. Pillowcase

bring anything but a backpack

It might not be the sturdiest of carriers in the bunch but is innovative enough to be in the ‘anything but a backpack’ movement. The pillowcase already has a gap that needs filling, so why not fill it with things you need for school and take it to school. With no restriction to space because of it is a cloth carrier, you can fill in its nooks and crannies with small things as well.

11. Sled

bring anything but a backpack

A size that is cant be compared to the others, a sled becomes a huge space for storing your books. You will have to figure out how you are gonna fit it into the class. Besides, it is a unique way to the numerous possibilities achieved with different carriers, both small and big.

12. Trash Bin

bring anything but a backpack

With the space to fill yourself, trash bins become the most spacious carrier of books to school and are best to be considered as one of anything but backpack day ideas. The rollers on the wheels make transportation easy, while it can be considered cost-efficient and spacious enough to hide. It becomes a portable bag as well as storage for bigger things.

13. Cooler

Anything but a Backpack

Have a handy cooler for your food at home? Well, shift everything out to accommodate your books as it is anything but a backpack that can hold them. It is time for them to chill out in the cooler for once. It is a compact carrier, almost like a briefcase but, wider. Your books and stationery can easily fit in and your shoulders will also have a rest day for once.

14. Mop Bucket

anything but a backpack day ideas

Students have turned the mop bucket into a normal storage unit like the bucket. Unlike buckets these have a dual unit of storage, giving an option of separating things. How efficient!

15. Baby Carseat

anything but a backpack day ideas

Baby car seats are supposed to hold onto babies while cars are being driven. Well, your books and stationaries are your babies, right? Then why not use this customized seat for those babies in it. 

16. Traffic Cone

anything but a backpack day ideas

Traffic cone to store your supplies for school? How will it stand, you might ask. Well, it could be tricky to handle that way, but how unique is it among anything but backpack day ideas. It resembles a large ice cream cone and instead of being filled with icecreams, it is filled with books and stationery.

17. Hobo Stick

anything but a backpack day ideas

Do you want to go back to the stone age? Well, here is your chance at trying that swell. All you need is a stick and a piece of cloth that can hold your essentials. Tie them together and voila you have the Hobo stick that you can take to school instead of your backpack.

18. Kayak

anything but a backpack day ideas

It is bigger than most things, but when has that ever stopped anyone from taking it to school? Go and take your kayak for a school ride by using it as storage for your books and supplies. You could easily escape in the same in case there is flooding.

19. Wheelbarrow

anything but a backpack day ideas

Often used for soil, waste, and other heavy items that can be easily moved around using wheels. You needn’t spend much time prepping your stuff in the morning with this as well. Just keep dumping everything onto the wheelbarrow. Because of its size, you will be able to fit everything in and easily roll it out.

To bring anything but a backpack to the school in support and friendly protest to everything that happened is a sign that there is a positive outcome of all of this. A majority of the kids are loving the explored version where the idea to bring anything but a backpack is flourishing to bring in more unique items that can replace schoolbags. Thus from the variety of hilarity preset, pick one that’s your home already or even borrow it for one day from another home. But ultimately being in the zest of newness with these ideas.

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