5 Common Mistakes to Avoid As a Travel Vlogger

Mistakes to Avoid As a Travel Vlogger

First things first, there are two kinds of travel vlogging: the first is the kind that you engage in as a hobby, while the other is what you do to make money. If you’re recording travel vlogs as a hobby, then you can enjoy doing it whatever way suits you, but if you want to make money, you’ll have to put in some effort. And if you are on your journey towards becoming a professional travel vlogger, this post might just be for you. 

It can be hard to make impressive travel vlogs when you’re just a beginner. Not to mention, most first-timers are prone to making mistakes and tend to repeat them without even realizing it. These common mistakes can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your vlog and how the audience responds to it. 

This post will help you identify such mistakes and how you can avoid them. Avoiding the following mistakes and taking our advice will save you stress, making sure that your next trip is an exciting one. Let’s have a look.

Underestimating the Work

There are a lot of things that beginners fail to understand about any kind of blogging. The most important aspect is how much work it can be. While it is easy to expect your vlog/blog to earn you an income, working for it is just as hard as any other job. Most of the time, vloggers start vlogging as a part-time side hobby. While it is completely okay to start a blog, it does not promise to get you far or earn you a good income. 

If you wish for your blog to grow, it is important that you treat it as a full-time job and put in your best work. Remember that vlogging requires a lot of work and at times, it can be frustrating. A major mistake on part of beginner vloggers is that they expect it to be fun all the time. In reality, it is an endless cycle of planning/writing, recording, editing, and publishing. So make sure you have enough available time to give your blog before you begin.

Mistakes to Avoid As a Travel Vlogger

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No Planning

It is true that travel vlogs do and are expected to give the impression that they are filmed spontaneously, but it is not entirely true. While a lot of the things in your vlog are going to be spontaneous and real, it is not a good idea to move ahead without any planning. The truth is that all the successful and growing travel videos are well-planned and executed projects. 

It’s no secret that when visiting a new place, you won’t be sure about what to expect. Hence, most of the guidance you’ll get on the trip will be from locals. Nevertheless, it is always better to organize and plan your trip before you get out your equipment and start recording. Trying to create a concept of how you want your final video to turn out will help you capture the right footage that matches your concept of the final results. Moreover, writing a storyline and trying to incorporate it throughout your filming and editing will increase the chances of your travel video being an impressive one. 

Inappropriate Vlogging Equipment

It is completely understandable when beginner vloggers do not have the right vlogging equipment. The most common reason is that beginners cannot afford professional vlogging equipment. After all, they have just started out and do not earn enough to invest in expensive filming equipment. As a result, most vloggers opt for cheap gear and cameras. This leads to extremely low-quality videos that don’t grab viewers’ attention. 

So, before you purchase a vlogging camera and microphone, it is best you do some detailed research about vlogging equipment and what features make a positive impact on video quality. You can go online and read reviews of all your options and settle on ones that enhance the visual quality of your videos. 

Another thing to keep in mind while choosing vlogging gear is that vlogging when you’re carrying loads of heavy equipment can be hard. So the more things you’re carrying, the more stressful it is to take care of them. So ideally, you should choose equipment that is lightweight and portable. You can invest in compact and mirrorless cameras as they do their best work for travel bloggers. Compact travel cameras are proven the best option for all kinds of travel vloggers. 

Mistakes to Avoid As a Travel Vlogger

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Choosing Non-Suitable Video Editors

Making any kind of video is more about recording and editing the A-roll and B-roll. We have already discussed above how you can enhance your vlog on the filming part. Now, it is time to talk about video editing. This is an important part of vlogs, most especially travel vlogs. It’s because it makes a huge difference in the visual quality of a video. 

Not to mention, the editing software you choose to use for your vlogs directly affects the success and growth of your channel. It is best to look through different video editor options and choose one or two that are the most suitable to the type of your vlog videos. Make sure to select a video editor with an easy-to-use interface and a variety of tools. When making a selection, beginners assume that an expensive video editor will provide the best results. But this isn’t necessarily true, so focus on the reviews and try them for yourself before you make a final decision. 

When it comes to editing travel vlogs, video stabilization software makes a huge difference. This is because keeping the camera stable during trips is challenging. It is best that you also choose video stabilization software to edit your videos.

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Poor Audio Quality- Music and Voice Overs

While a camera is an important piece of equipment that largely affects the final results, don’t forget other aspects. Because if you think you are good to go after buying a good camera, you might be wrong. The audio will add life to any footage that you capture. You will realize that good-quality audio can gain more viewers and add to your permanent audience. Make sure that you engage with your audience through voiceover or A-roll. During this, you can either squeeze your entire travel experience or give additional information about the place you’re traveling to.

Next up, the music and background you use in your video also hold a lot of importance. Make sure you use music that evokes the right emotions and conveys suitable feelings. For instance, high-energy music will go with one clip, but another is best with a soothing, relaxing background sound. Also, remember to make the right music investments and get high-quality microphones to enhance the quality of your video.


If you avoid the above-mentioned beginner travel vlogger mistakes, it can lead you down the road to success. We have also mentioned how you can find alternatives and avoid mistakes. You can also refer to these travel tips from experienced vloggers.