Best Way to Travel from Montreal to Ottawa Trip

Montreal to Ottawa

Montreal to Ottawa by Train

The train journey time between Montreal and Ottawa is around 2 hours, 8 minutes with an 183 km distance covered. The fastest trains normally take two hours to complete the trip depending on which service you’re using – VIA Rail’s operates 33 weekly departures throughout any given week (although weekend schedules may vary)

The commute by rail offers a scenic landscape that will make your daydreams come true! Bus runs from downtown Montreal to Ottawa university. You can enjoy views such as Montréal from afar before entering into rural areas where farms surround us in every direction; it really feels like we’ve gone back centuries ago when people depended solely upon agriculture for sustenance instead of technology or other resources available today.

Did you know that the average price of a train ticket from Montreal, QC to Ottawa on recent months was $27.14? This is about as low-priced tickets get! You can usually find them for around 25% less than this if booking your trip at least 27 days in advance but only expect an increased cost of 23 cents more per day if purchasing same-day service.

Montreal to Ottawa

The cost of train tickets is always changing, so it’s important to find out as soon as possible if there are any cheaper options. The average price for a one-way ticket from Montreal to Ottawa will vary between $30 and$73 during the next thirty days! You have up until seven days before your trip date in order to secure this discounted fare since booking early tends only result in lower prices over time.

The following passage talks about how you can plan ahead by checking fares near now (which may already be at peak prices) versus later on once they’ve dropped again – but know that depending upon when exactly someone plans their journey relative to departure day could produce wildly different results.

Montreal is a surprisingly affordable destination for travelers looking to take the train. If you are planning on visiting Montreal this November, make sure that your trip falls during one of these months when tickets will be just $31 – far cheaper than any other time throughout 2019!

It’s always a good idea to book your train tickets in advance if you want lower prices. You can find cheaper fares for March, but it will cost more than the average ticket price and higher travel time on that route is not ideal during winter either

When traveling from Montreal all the way up through Ottawa there are many different options when deciding how much money needs to be spent or what type of transportation would be most convenient such as trains or buses; however with both have their pros and cons at varying times depending upon which season we’re talking about here comes an important question: How do these two modes compare?

Road Trip to Canada’s Capital – Ottawa 

Montreal to Ottawa

The road trip from Montreal to Ottawa will take about 2 hours. You can follow Autoroute 50 along the northern bank of Ottawa River, Highway 17 south down quaint towns and villages such as Prescott on your way into Ontario’s capital city while following French signs interchangeably with English ones throughout this journey for an enjoyable experience not only in navigation but also linguistically too! It runs from downtown Montreal to Ottawa university.

Once you’re done exploring all that France has offered – or England if taking a detour en route back home- head over towards Lansdowne Park where Canada Parliament Buildings sit atop their hill overlooking everything nearby before making one final stop at The National Gallery Of Art which houses stunning masterpieces by famous artists including Claude Monet’s “Water Lillies (Lenten Flower)

Ottawa is a city full of history and culture. The Centre Block building on Parliament Hill would be an excellent place to start your tour, with free tours available that will teach you all about this historic site’s past lives as well!

And if it rains during summertime don’t worry- there are plenty of other ways for experiencing what Gatineau has to offer without getting wet including by boat or foot in their lovely ByWard Market district which feels more like home than any other neighborhood here can seem similar because they’re both parts of Canada yet still unique unto themselves too.

Gatineau offers visitors sights from its French roots mixed up against British architecture while also being close enough to navigate across the river.

Bus Travel

Montreal to Ottawa

Going by Greyhound is a budget-friendly way to get from Halifax, NS all the way up through Toronto. It only costs about $500 CAD for the trip! It runs from downtown Montreal to Ottawa university. 

Although there’s no chance of getting off your bus in order to explore what city you’re passing through or any nearby towns on this route – which might be worth noting if it doesn’t happen too often with other buses–the ride still offers plenty else besides: scenic views thanksgiving each time someone new stops at sunset; hearing stories told live 24/7 via travel radio stations provided onboard (both classical music & country songs); meeting new friends whose accents will make their languages sound exotic when spoken aloud.

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