Best Japanese Travel Plans and Excursions for 2024

Japanese Travel Plans

Whether people are visiting Japan for a first-time excursion or returning to the stunning country, there is so much to see and so many things you may or may not be aware of. So here we will share the best japanese travel plans for current year.

It is always an excellent idea to do a little research each time to see if you can learn a few FAQs as to what is appropriate and some tips on what behavior is to be avoided. Look here for a few dos and don’ts.

There are many rules and guidelines that the Japanese follow and expect that a tourist will make themselves aware so as not to embarrass themselves when visiting. Let us go over a few traditions that might seem a little quirky in other countries but are serious in Japan.

A Few Fun FAQs If You Want to Fit in with Japanese Culture

When visiting any country outside your home, it is essential to do a bit of research to ensure you show no blatant disrespect to the people living there. In most countries, the locals anticipate tourists will make mistakes, and often a kind person will offer advice or let visitors know when something is inappropriate.

Fortunately, if you find yourself planning an excursion to the beautiful Japanese countryside there are many tips and helpful hints online that will fill you in on some of the more common traditions and customs so you can go prepared. A few of the less familiar FAQs you might find interesting and could prove helpful when mingling in the country include:

You Must “Slurp” the Noodles

Japanese Travel Plans

Good manners are a necessity in Japan. Bad manners are looked down on, but there is one exception, and that comes with noodles. There is an expectation that everyone will enjoy noodles loudly by “slurping” to show pleasure and to allow them to cool while eating.

The suggestion is to lean over a big bowl of noodles armed with chopsticks and dig in. Sometimes a tourist will be offered a bib for drips, but if you are good at it, you should be able to walk away with a clean outfit. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC is a Holiday Classic

Japanese Travel Plans

Many Japanese will celebrate the Christmas holiday, but a staple for the season is KFC as the Christmas Eve traditional meal. The indication is nearly 4 million people will order weeks ahead of the holiday to ensure their order will be filled for a KFC Christmas Eve dinner.

It is suggested that when Japan became curious aboutcelebrating the holiday, there was minimal availability for chicken or turkey, but the chicken chain came to the rescue.

The Country Is Exceptionally Mountainous

Japanese Travel Plans

Many people would believe Japan to be a heavily populated country. Roughly 70% of the country comprises mountains and forests unsuitable for development. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain towering with an elevation over 3,776 feet, plus you will find 100 plus active volcanoes throughout.

Aside from the mountainous regions, the country comprises 7,000 islands, one of which sits within the Inland Sea referred to as “Okunoshima,” a small island used at the time of World War II for chemical weapon testing after which the subjects were free to roam and flourish since the atmosphere was free of predators. 

Companion pets (dogs and cats) are not allowed, but it is a popular spot for tourists who enjoy bunnies.

Steer Clear of the Number 4

Japanese Travel Plans

The Japanese avoid (“Shi”) or the number four because the word sounds comparable to the word the Japanese use for death. When you pay attention while in the country, you will notice care is taken to ensure no one encounters this number. 

Buildings never display the fourth floor, and retailers do not offer sets of four, whether it be placemats or napkins – you will receive either three or five.

Final Thought

There are so many more unusual hints to be aware of, like the fact you can make a friend if you give a local KitKat candy bar of any distinctive flavor since KitKat sounds like “Kitto Katsu,” meaning “good luck” as a Japanese saying. 

While the people seem exceptionally disciplined and controlled, the country is also a lot of fun and a bit quirky, making Japan an incredibly cool place to check out.

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