The Best Beachside Restaurants in Panama City Beach

restaurant panama city beach

Are you on the lookout for the greatest restaurant in Panama city beach, Florida? Not to worry, Florida Trippers has produced a list of fantastic Panama City eateries for your next holiday. Wherever your Panama City trip takes you, you’ll always know where to stop for a delectable lunch. Panama City, Florida, is the ideal vacation spot. It is known for its pure white-sand beaches and is one of the top sites in Florida to go scuba diving. There is never shortage of things to do in this magnificent city. All of that exertion, though, is certain to build up an appetite. Nothing beats topping off an incredible day with a meaning that’s equally as excellent. With this list in hand, you’ll be prepared to visit all of panama city beach restaurants.

Lotus Cafe & Juice Bar At Zen Garden

When we go on vacation, our brains frequently switch to overload mode, specifically when it comes to tasty food! If you’re on a diet but still want to have the ultimate gourmet experience, head to Lotus Cafe & Juice Bar at Zen Garden. This health-conscious restaurant panama city beach provides organic fare in a garden and botanical environment.

Begin your day out with their Zen Burrito or order a few of their nutritious wraps, such as a salmon wrap or veggie wrap. Grab your hands on the fish or salmon tacos as well as the jerked chicken plate for a complete dinner. Soon, have a guilt-free dinner at Lotus Cafe!

Saltwater Grill

restaurant panama city beach

Among the several seafood restaurants in Panama City Beach, Saltwater Grill is among the best. The food’s flavour, the quality of the vegetables, the freshness of the fish, and the courteous and helpful wait staff all contributed to the restaurant’s inclusion on the list. 

Their mixed grill appetiser, clam chowder, surf and turf (a platter of beef tenderloin, scallops, and shrimp), snapper, grouper, and steak are just a few of the highly recommended items. 

Additionally, there is a piano bar and a 25,000-gallon exotic saltwater tank that provides the restaurant’s distinctive backdrop. 

Saltwater Grill is a great spot for romantic nights and family dinners. Just be aware that it may be pretty busy, which means that you may have to wait quite a while to be seated. However, the cuisine should compensate for the wait.

The Grand Marlin

restaurant panama city beach

If you’re looking for a casual dining experience with a somewhat more upmarket menu and services, check to visit The Grand Marlin. This seafood restaurant in Panama city beach is located in a quiet setting. Chef Gregg McCarthy, an award-winning chef, is in charge of the kitchen and pledges to provide only the finest and freshest ingredients. The oyster bar has the freshest East Bay and Apalachicola oysters, shucked to order. Their menu is not entirely seafood; they also offer grilled ribeye, prime rib, and a variety of other options.

Pineapple Willy’s

restaurant panama city beach

This coastal restaurant has been a long-standing institution and is often rated as one of the best in Panama city beach restaurants. Pineapple Willy’s has been offering a variety of cuisine products to coastal guests since 1984. 

Their comprehensive menu includes mahi-mahi BLT sandwiches, onion rings, chili cheese fries, steamed shrimp, po’boys, and a variety of frozen beverages. 

Another incentive to visit Pineapple Willy’s is the restaurant’s convenient location. Not only is it located on the beach, but it also features a pier-like structure with tables. Additionally, the seafood restaurant in Panama city beach has its own beach access. 

Pineapple Willy’s can become packed, necessitating a wait to be seated. While you wait, you may peruse the restaurant’s gift store.

Captain Anderson’s Restaurant & Waterfront Market

restaurant panama city beach

Captain Anderson’s is one of Panama City’s best dining establishments. This restaurant panama city beach expertly combines cuisine and wine to produce a top-notch dining experience. After one mouthful, you’ll be hooked!

They believe that mastering a craft takes time. Since 1953, Captain Anderson’s has been serving delectable dishes. Numerous classic specialities, such as snapper fillet and lobster tails, remain on the menu and are well worth tasting. 

A nice meal requires a fine wine, which Captain Anderson’s provides. A visit to the Captain’s Cellar is certain to provide some of the greatest wine you’ve ever encountered. Travel to California’s wineries and France’s hill region without ever leaving Panama City.

Finn’s Island-Style Grub

restaurant panama city beach

The cuisine and ambience of Finn’s are excellent, reminding you that you’re on vacation. Finn’s Island Style Grub’s cuisine is Mexican-inspired, with a focus on fresh ingredients cooked traditionally on grills and in ovens. 

Finn’s Island Style Grub serves carne asada tacos, chips, quesadillas, and burritos. Finns have three locations, one of which is their Barista Bar, which offers coffee, milkshakes, and healthy & natural smoothie bowls. 

Finn embraces the outdoors, which means that when you visit, you’ll be sat outside to take in the scenery. Additionally, their restaurants are noted for their quick service and pet-friendly policies.

Hook’d Pier Restaurant & Bar

restaurant panama city beach

It’s easy to become addicted to this PCB favourite, which has delectable fresh fish and an even better ambience. Conveniently positioned near the pier, this restaurant panama city beach offers a unique perspective of not just the Gulf but also of one of the Emerald Coast’s most active enclaves. You’ll admire the landscape, of course, but also the sense of the Gulf wind and, if you visit on the weekend, live music that will quickly have you tapping your toes.

Taco Casa

Taco Casa is your typical Mexican hole-in-the-wall eatery. That is to say, and the cuisine is excellent here. If you want to get away from the throng in Panama City and sample some food that has been gratifying locals for years, this is the destination for you. 

This restaurant provides traditional Mexican cuisine. As the name implies, their tacos are, without a doubt, the highlight of each visit. Visit on a Tuesday, as Taco Casa knows how to do Taco Tuesday right. Their weekly taco specials are unbeatable. 

Taco Casa, being a neighbourhood eatery, is ideal for discovering Panama City’s lesser-known side. Almost all of the staff are Panama City natives who will gladly advise you in the direction of the city’s hidden beauties. As you learn about the mysteries of this magnificent city, savour some delectable Mexican cuisine.

Bayou on the Beach

This lovely mexican restaurant panama city beach fl, which brings delectable Louisiana food, invites you to unwind in its down-home ambience. While dining in the restaurant is delightful, you are also invited to order from the Steamers & Mercantile section, which makes it convenient to nab your seafood favourites when you’re in a hurry. Otherwise, relax with boudin balls, crawfish, or a seafood-inspired muffuletta.

Millie’s Cafe

Millie’s Cafe is one of the greatest places in Panama City to sample real Panamanian cuisine. This family-owned, down-to-earth restaurant delivers delectable American and Cajun fare in style unique to Panama City. Dine like a local at Millie’s Cafe. 

This eatery is one of Panama City’s best-kept secrets. Almost all of Millie’s Cafe’s patrons are locals. This is unfortunate since the majority of tourists to the city are losing out on some delectable cuisine. As a result, you will genuinely feel like a native as you savour their delectable soft shell crab. 

Make a point of stopping into Millie’s Cafe to listen to live music! Almost every day, this restaurant features incredible local artists. A quick glance at their Facebook page demonstrates how many brilliant artists pass through their doors. Nothing beats dining while live music plays in the background. 

House of Henry

Are you interested in taking a journey across the pond? That is exactly what you will discover in a little restaurant in Panama city beach, Florida. House of Henry is an Irish tavern known for its convivial atmosphere and delectable cuisine. If you’re searching for something out of the ordinary in Panama City, this is the spot for you. 

House of Henry is known for its traditional pub cuisine. With classics like the Belfast Heathen Burger, it’s easy to see why people flock to this modest pub when they’re looking to escape the beach. And, of course, these delectable dishes should be washed down with an icy cold Guinness. 

This eatery captures the essence of an Irish bar well. It’s dim, busy, and brimming with new acquaintances. Each night, a different live musician performs. If your ideal evening consists of getting a pint, listening to a local artist, and meeting new people, House of Henry is your new neighbourhood hangout.

Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant

restaurant panama city beach

Sharky’s, which has a massive Tiki hut, adds tropical flair and a party atmosphere to Panama City Beach’s food scene. The cuisine is dominated by seafood, bar meals, and exotic cocktails, with something for virtually everyone. If you’re lucky, you’ll arrive in time for live music, which you may enjoy while relaxing on the terrace with a margarita. Whatever time of year you come, you will be taken aback by the vista, which includes the distinctive white sand and clear water of PCB.

On the Emerald Coast — and particularly at Panama City Beach — seafood is a huge business. While oysters, crab, and grouper may be consumed in both casual shacks and fine dining establishments, these regional delicacies are best appreciated while overlooking the Gulf seas from where they came. Numerous notable restaurants, panama city beach, adding an element of enjoyment. Please do not hesitate to visit the above favourites.

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