7 Most Remote Places On The Earth To Visit Once In A Lifetime

most remote places on earth

Standing in front of large snow-clad mountains, Alex was wondering if there are more places like these, where he can find peace and relaxation. After a long trek and few bus transfers, he finally reached one of the most remote places on earth. He knew the trip was going to be exhausting and full of challenges. So he started off the trip with full precautions and preparations.

Where he visited?

This was his first trip (or you can consider, the trial trip) to isolated places. From childhood, he always wondered about the places that no one visited. Movies and web series drew him closer to those places and his keen interest transformed into a keen passion — a passion for traveling, in search of a remote island, isolated cities, and much more.

He also knew the fact that Earth has become a global village. But do you think every single place on earth has been discovered? Or has it been visited? Maybe yes and maybe no. No one can say that there are places that haven’t yet been visited by anyone. But there is one thing that can be assured, surely, there are places that are “least visited.” 

Every traveler (or let say person) has their own way of finding the kicks. Some find excitement in traveling to the crowded place. Some like to get lost in the wilderness, while some people get pleasure in exploring the remote locations on the earth.

So to get the kick in life, Alex started his journey to find the most alluring and inaccessible places in the world. He packed the backpack and moved towards his first destination. He decided to explore the toughest one first. While packing he took care of taking all the necessary pieces of equipment that were needed for the trekking or hiking.

The first place that he visited was, 

1. Northern Pole of Inaccessibility 

most remote places on earth

If you don’t know about the pole of inaccessibility, then it is a point of a continent that is at a great distance from the coastline. The Arctic Pole of the Arctic ocean ice pack is about 1094 km away from the coastline. The temperature there drops down to at least 30 degrees below zero.

The place is inexplicably gorgeous and reaching it is a bit difficult. But the view and that feeling of something have been achieved will vanish it off too. This was the first-ever achievement of Alex on exploring the most distant location of the earth. 

There is one thing about the Arctic pole and that is, it can’t hold any permanent structure. Why? Because of the constant movement of the ice pack. Conducting much research on the movement of the pack. Discovering by the polar experts that it has been moving around 100 miles. 

Then the next destination that he explored was on Google,

2. Southern Pole of Inaccessibility

most remote places on earth

Reaching here he felt that the north pole is much warmer than this. This place has an average -52 degree Celsius temperature all year round and can go below this too. This one is the most distant place from the coastline measuring 500 miles from the south pole.

There is a reason why we said “on Google,” there are very fewer chances that someone can survive in such extreme chilly temperature. Plus currently, there aren’t any tours taking you there. But if in case you ever visit the place, how will you recognize that you are there?

Through cold temperature? Nah. Through a signboard? Nah. It’s through a sculpture of Vladimir Lenin that faces Moscow. The research station there was in operation in 1958 and it was probably the last year too. After that two expeditions were held to reach the research station. It was in snow, TOTALLY!

The place is visited only a few times till now, but it has its own unique history drawing everyone towards it. Alex has kept this one on his bucket list with one more!

The next one is also a virtual tour,

3. The Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility

most remote places on earth

Oceanic pole of Inaccessibility also known as the Point Nemo. You can get the extreme of adventure on visiting here. By extreme adventure, we meant everything here is extreme from reaching the point to its temperature. It is the most remote place on the earth.

To get there you will need to go 1000 miles away from the solid ground. It is one of the farthest points from the land. It is said that a boat that crosses Point Nemo is closer to the astronauts in space than any human being on the earth. The people in space are just 400km above Point Nemo.

The Point Nemo can be spotted in the ocean and is the safest way to look at it. Indeed scientists and researchers go there but for the work purpose only. This one is known as “space cemetery” too. So it is nearly impossible to go there and that is defined in its name only ‘Nemo’ a Latin word, which means No Men.

Alternative: You can visit the separate Point Nemo which is 2700km away from the closest land of Pitcairn and Motu Nui islands.

The next one on the list that he visited is,

4. Tristan da Cunha 

most remote places on earth

Tristan da Cunha is a volcanic island located in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. The nearest neighbors of the island are South Africa and South America, which are 1700 and 2000 miles away respectively. And it is also accessible from there only.

There are around 270 people living on the island. They survive there by farming and crafting. There are people with nine different last names and normally speak English. They have also developed their own language derived from Scottish, St Helenian, South African, American, Dutch, English, Italian, Irish, and reflects the various places of origin.

If you want to go there, you will have to make bookings in advance as only three ships make a trip nine times a year from Cape Town. You would be thinking that this is a village town but let us tell you, It. Is. Not. A. Typical. Village.

The surprising thing that Alex found about the Tristan da Cunha is, it has a television as well as an internet connection that is accessible through the satellite. It is one of the most remote inhabitant places on the earth.

As he was exploring new things about the isolated islands and location. His love for exploring them went to another height. This was when he confirms to visit the following place.

5. Tibetan Plateau

most remote places on earth

Tibetan Plateau is the largest and HIGHEST plateau in the world. They have a spectacular view of mountain ranges surrounding the hill. It has different names in different regions. Tibetan plateaue spreading across the border of China and India. In China, it is known as Qinghai–Tibet Plateau or the Qing–Zang Plateau or Himalayan Plateau and in India, it is known by its name.

This elevated plateau is also known as a “Roof of the World,” its height exceeds 5000 meters and covers an area of 2,500,000km. The impressive thing about this place is a 990-mile stretch of land across the Tibetan Plateau – Changtang, which is inhabited.

The altitude of Changtang ranges from 4000 to 9000 feet. The nomadic people living in the area is known as Changpa. Alex even saw the wildlife thriving in its cold and arid temperature. The wildlife there includes snow leopards and yaks.

You can get there from Leh Airport, Udhampur Railway Station, or driving from Manali or Srinagar. But you will need a permit in order to enter Changtang.

After that, he planned to visit the world’s largest island, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.

6. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

most remote places on earth

Ittoqqortoormiit, this 16 letter word surely is hard to pronounce but not the place that you should miss. It is a village located on the eastern shore of Greenland and in the north of Iceland. But why is it on this list? Because of its location.

The distance between the last known inhabited place on Greenland and Ittoqqortoormiit is about 400k. It is so remote that to get there, you will have to take a personal helicopter ride from the town. Apart from that, you can also take a cruise for a few months a year.

The town was founded by the Inuit settlers, 70 from Tasiilaq and four families of West Greenland. The population of the village is between 450 to 500. You can enjoy dog sledding and camping in the village.

According to Alex, enjoying being in this small village, exploring the culture, way of living, and seeing the Northern Lights from there is far better than watching it alone.

The last place that he visited is the coldest place on earth. 

7. Oymyakon, Russia

most remote places on earth

Oymyakon, a town in Russia where the average temperature is about -45 degrees celsius all year round. Yes! 45 that too below ZERO. And let us tell you people do live there. The temperature is so low that when you breathe out, it converts into a speck of frozen dust and settles down.

The land is frozen all year round making it impossible to grow crops. So what do they eat for survival? People there eat fish and meat only. The village has the record of being the coldest inhabit place on the earth. 

The lowest temperature recorded in the village is -79 degrees celsius. The area experiences 3 hours of the day and sometimes 21 hours of the day during summer. You can reach there by driving or walking. The last stop where the plane or any other transport will drop you off is Yakutsk or to Magadan.

The distance from there is 560 miles. The road that leads you to the city known as “The Road of the Bones.” The main point is what you can do there? 

After visiting there, Alex was too happy. Yes, even though he had to live in an atmosphere where the temperature never goes above zero. He said there is a Spring river that never freezes and has a -2 degree temperature. Strange, right? A bath in that soothes you in this coldness.

The trip to these places mesmerize him to the extent there are two more places that he wants to the bucket list. Those are the Cape York Peninsula in Australia and Easter Island of Chile. This doesn’t end here. He is still finding more places to visit. If you know one, comment down and help him.

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Among the list, you saw how Alex exploring the places that are inaccessible. And also ones that were to be reach through a long trek experiencing the adventure and thrill. There’s nothing like these places are not on most of the bucket lists, but visiting there needs advance preparation, heavy budget, and capacity to go through the severe conditions as well.

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