5 Smallest City in the World – Both by Area and Population

smallest city in the world

Whenever we hear about any destination, the first thing we ask is which city it is in? And usually, for us people, there is nothing like a small city. Big cities have so much attention that we often forget about the small cities. For us, Small City = Town. But let us tell you there are many smallest city in the world that need exposure.

And by the smallest city, we didn’t mean ‘town.’ An actual city that is small in every sense. Population and Area. How did we get to know about it? Through research, obviously. But what led us to do a search about it was a group discussion at Travelila. 

We were talking about the travel and tourism industry when suddenly someone said, have you ever heard about the place in Croatia which we can count as the smallest city in the world? And plus point is it is definitely visit-worthy. (No, we won’t reveal the name now itself.) Then one thing led to another, and we were all emerged in the discussions about the small cities around the globe. 

That group discussion resulted in the blog idea. As this information was new and beautiful to us, we thought it might be the same for you too. So here is the list of the smallest cities in the world both in area and population.

5 Smallest City in the World

5. Opatowiec, Poland

smallest city in the world

Source: wikimedia.org

City: Gmina Opatowiec

Country: Poland

Area: 68.41 sq. Km.

Population: 3,230 people (2018 estimate)

Opatowiec in Poland isn’t just one of the smallest cities on this list, it also has a long history, more like Poland’s. In 2006, the population was 338 people only. As time went by, the population has increased, and now it is around three thousand.

The city has the church of the 15th century and Józef Klemens Piłsudski if you are keen on knowing about the historical things. It has been destroyed wholly two times – World War I and World War II. And it has been rebuilt every time. (Plus point of being a tiny city.)

4. St. David, Wales

smallest city in the world

Source: blogspot.com

City: St. Davids

Country: Wales

Area: 46.4 sq. km.

Population: 1233 people ( as per 2011 census)

Not just this list, it also among the smallest city in Britain. Yeah! This is St. Davids is the smallest city in the country. And this city was founded in the 500s. This city is built in the surrounding area of the cathedral and monastery founded by St. David. 

Yup, you are thinking it right, this is the reason for the city being called St. Davids. The city with around 1800 people is living life peacefully and fully with the number of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and hotels.

3. Vatican City, Italy

smallest city in the world

Source: pope2you.net

City: Vatican City

Country: Italy

Area: 0.44 sq. km.

Population: 820 people (2017 estimate)

The city in the province of Italy is a sovereign city-state and is small by both area and population. Oh yeah! It is the smallest country in the world. Exactly! Country. It covers an area of 0.17 sq. miles and houses only 1000 people. But it surely entertains a great number of tourists. 

The reason for that is the presence of world-famous art in the city. Apart from that, the city has a population of nuns, priests, cardinals, and other religious figures as the city has the base of the Pope and the catholic churches. It also has picturesque gardens to see. Natvisa.com has put together a great guide for your upcoming visit to Italy!!

2. Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands

smallest city in the world

Source: assetsadobe2.com

City: Adamstown

Country: Pitcairn Islands

Area: 4.6 sq. km.

Population: 46 people (2019 estimate)

Don’t shock by the population; it is still the last second place. Yeah! There is a city with less than 50 people too. This city on Pitcairn Island is the only settlement in the area and is also the capital of the island. And has tourist attractions like bounty bay, Pitcairn island museum, etc.

It is said that the 50 people in the city are the descendants of the British crew. The crew on the ship HMS Bounty landed on the island in the year 1790. It is probably the only city in the world with just one general store, and that too is working for only three days a week.

1. Hum, Croatia

smallest city in the world

Source: summersensual.com

City: Hum

Country: Croatia

Area: not defined

Population: 23 people (as per 2011 census)

The first on the list is Hum, Croatia. And it was pretty obvious, the city with just 30 people is strangely amazing. We all are in need of space, and Hum people got it in abundance, hehe! It is also recorded in the Guinness World Record Book as the smallest city in terms of population.

This is the city that has amazing places to see; you will probably feel like staying there forever only after taking a glance at it and a sip of spiced brandy called Biska. It has a church dating back to the 19th century and a picturesque village Kotli, known for its watermills and waterfalls.

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Mesmerize the Beauty of These Smallest City in the World:

Big cities have always left us stunned in terms of beautiful buildings and their population. But after knowing about these small cities around the globe, you are surely going to add them to your to-do-list. It is a common mentality of human beings to neglect the small things; they are often considered inferior. 

These cities proved area and population doesn’t matter to reflect the true sense of belongingness and beauty. With a low population and high tourist attractions, they have achieved great success in the tourism industry. People are looking forward to having a glance at them and be mesmerized by their unique appeal. And now, you are also one of them!

FAQs on Smallest City in the World

1. What Is the World’s Smallest City?

The world’s smallest city in population is Hum, Croatia with 23 population and in size is Vatican city, Rome with 0.17 square miles.

2. What Are the 2 Smallest Cities in the World?

The two smallest cities in the world would be Vatican City and Hum both by population and geographical area.

3. What Is the Least Populated City in the World?

The least populated city in the world is Hum, Croatia with a population of 23 people who live there.

4. Which Country Has Zero Population Growth?

Sweden has zero population growth and other countries like Ireland, Germany, Portugal, and Poland have reached almost zero population growth as well.

5. What Is the Smallest City in the World by Population?

If we consider both area and population together, the smallest city in the world with the least population (800 people) and area (0.17 square miles) is Vatican City, Rome. 

6. What Is the Smallest Capital in the World?

The world’s smallest capital in the world is Ngerulmud in the tiny Pacific island country of Palau with around 400 inhabitants. 

7. Where Is the Smallest Town in America?

The smallest town in America is Buford, Wyoming with just 1 person living there. Yes, it has a population of one!

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