Top 12 Smallest City in the World (Both by Area and Population)

Smallest City in the World

Whenever we hear about any destination, the first thing we ask is which City it is in? And usually, for people like us, there is nothing like the smallest City in the world since big cities have gathered so much attention that we often forget about the smaller ones.

Once, we were casually talking about the travel and tourism industry when suddenly someone asked, Which is the Smallest City in the World? Another voice came from the other side, haven’t you ever heard about the place in Croatia which we can count as one? And the plus point is, it is definitely visit-worthy. One of us again asked, Hey Isn’t Vatican City the one? Then one thing led to another, and we all emerged in the discussions about the smallest cities in the world. So here is a list of the smallest cities in the world by area and population.

12. St. Davids, Wales

St. Davids Wales

City: St. Davids

Country: Wales

St. Davids is not just a small City in this list, but it is also the smallest City in Great Britain. Situated within the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales, St. David’s is a well-known destination for its historical significance and breathtaking beauty. Founded on the burial place of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, the City showcases a rich history dating back to the 6th century and hence named after him.

Even though St. David’s is a small City, it attracts both residents and visitors with a year-round calendar of cultural events and festivals. Geographically, it is surrounded by gorgeous scenery that includes the Celtic Sea’s glistening waves, rocky cliffs, and sandy beaches. 

Area: 17.93 sq mi

Population: 1841 (as of 2011)

11. Norton City, Virginia (USA)

Norton City Virginia (USA)

City: Norton City

Country: USA

Norton City is the Smallest City in the USA. It is a gem with a lot to offer. In spite of its size, Norton City has a lot of character, with charming streets that are perfect for leisurely strolls and cozy cafes providing a variety of delicacies.

The City is the epitome of simpliCity and warmth that one feels when one makes a visit. Smiles, gatherings, and positive waves are common things in Norton City. The City is small, but its heart is huge. 

Area: 7.51 sq mi

Population: 3687

10. Oia, Greece

Oia Greece

City: Oia

Country: Greece

Oia, located on the southern tip of the Santorini Islands of Greece, is among one of the smallest cities in the world. The City draws tourists to witness its beautiful surroundings and the perfect architecture. The City beckons tourists, especially during the comfortable spring and fall months, considered the best time to visit Greece. It is well-known for its whitewashed buildings, and stunning sunsets. 

As a visitor, one can enjoy the natural beauty of the City and shops, cafés, and galleries by taking a stroll along the nearby cliffs. The City doesn’t stop showcasing just here. Watching the sun setting over the horizon is a view second to none. Creating a rainbow of orange, and purple hues in the sky, it makes you feel outta this world.

Area: 7.5 sq mi

Population: 1226 (as of 2011)

9. Tasiilaq, Greenland

Tasiilaq Greenland

City: Tasiilaq

Country: Greenland

Tasiilaq, in East Greenland, known for its stunning Arctic scenery, draws tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The City’s sparse population is partly due to its isolated location, which is only accessible by boat or air because there are no roads linking it to other areas.

The City has grown in recent years, adding a museum, a number of stores and cafés, and other establishments to its attractions. By visiting Tasiilaq’s museums while exploring the many points of interest in this small City, visitors can discover more about its significance and traditional culture.

Area: Not Defined

Population: 1985 (as of 2020)

8. Ngerulmud, Palau

Ngerulmud Palau

City: Ngerulmud

Country: Palau

Located in the center of Palau, Ngerulmud, even after being one of the smallest cities in the world, proudly serves as the capital and the administrative and political hub of the region. 

This Pacific jewel epitomizes a special fusion of calm and cultural diversity, with a population that matches its modest scale. Its small size just heightens the attraction, luring tourists to explore its picturesque surroundings and feel the warmth of an incredibly close-knit community.

Area: Not Defined

Population: 318 (as of 2020)

7. Hum, Croatia

Hum Croatia

City: Hum

Country: Croatia

Hum, one of the hidden gems of Istria county, is the smallest City by population in the world. The history of Hum is extensive and stretches back to the Middle Ages. One feels as though they have traveled back in time because of its historic defense walls, quaint stone homes, and cobblestone streets. 

Everyone needs some space these days, and the people of Hum have it in abundance. If you are looking for a getaway filled with calmness, Hum is the destination, away from the City life and its bustle. Reputed as one of the smallest cities in the world, it once also found its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Area: 5.0 sq mi

Population: 52 (as of 2021)

6. Adamstown, Pitcairn Island

Adamstown Pitcairn Island

City: Adamstown

Country: Pitcairn Island

Adamstown is only the second smallest capital by population. Its population is less than 50 since people have emigrated to New Zealand. Despite being named among one of the world’s smallest cities, it welcomes tourists with open arms. 

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, it is the sole urban centre of the island. In 1790, the crew of the ship HMS Bounty made landfall on the island. Hence, it is primarily known to have given refuge to the Bounty Mutineers. 

Area: 1.8 sq mi

Population: 47 (as of 2020)

5. Mesen, Belgium

Mesen Belgium

City: Mesen

Country: Belgium

Next up on the list is Mesen, the smallest City in Belgium. Mesen got its name from the Battle of Messines during WWI. Even after being the size of a handkerchief, it has so many things to offer to anyone who pays a visit. 

Its origins can be traced to the Middle Ages. You lose yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature as you are crushed up against the Heuvelland hills. You can feel the silence and savor happy moments here.

Area: 1.4 sq mi

Population: 1062 (as of 2022)

4. Greenwood, British Columbia (Canada)

Greenwood British Columbia (Canada)

City: Greenwood

Country: Canada

Greenwood, a mining town once, is now the smallest City in Canada. Surrounded by green foliage and breathtaking scenery, the lifestyle of this place provides comfort to both locals and tourists. As one of the two remaining mining towns, the City is a historical destination.

Area: 0.97 sq mi

Population: 708 (as of 2011)

3. Funafuti, Tuvalu

Funafuti Tuvalu

City: Funafuti

Country: Tuvalu

Funafuti is one of the smallest cities by population. The City has a peaceful and uncommercialized setting, perfect for relaxation. Exploring further, this capital City is a heaven for nature and adrenaline enthusiasts.

One can indulge in various activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and even birdwatching. The Philatelic Bureau, which houses stamp collections from all around the world, is another must-visit attraction.

Area: 0.9 sq mi

Population: 6320 (as of 2017 census)

2. Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton Bermuda

City: Hamilton

Country: Bermuda

The City of Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, is placed No. 2 on the world’s smallest City list. Apart from doing many things in the country, exploring the capital is definitely one. Tourists often also enjoy the views from the tower of the stone Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, which offers beautiful views of the City. 

Travelers can also explore the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, which features exhibitions on ocean exploration. Being the heartbeat of the country, Hamilton, one of the small cities in the world, is sure to entertain you. 

Area: 0.28 sq mi

Population: 854 (as of 2016)

1. Vatican City

Vatican city

City: Vatican City

Country: Vatican City

Vatican City is considered the smallest City in the world by area. It is also the smallest City-state in the world. This area is a popular tourist attraction because, despite its small size, it is home to significant religious sites, all of which have a fascinating history. 

Nuns, priests, cardinals, and other religious leaders reside in the City since it is home to the Pope and the catholic churches. Vatican City functions as a separate country with its own government, postal service, and judicial system despite being the smallest City in the world.

Area: 0.19 sq mi

Population: 764 (as of 2023)

Final Words

These smallest cities are the hidden gems that are worth exploring. Countries like Vatican City, which is the smallest city in the world, have a lot to offer to tourists. These cities demonstrated that population density and area are irrelevant to capturing the genuine essence of beauty and belonging. Their low population and large tourist attractions have helped them succeed greatly in the travel and tourism sector. 

So gather your belongings and set out to discover these small cities of calm, where the elegance of simple living awaits you. It’s a time to relax, make new friends, and revel in the subtle grace that small cities all over the world offer. 

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