Mexican Food Craving: Finding the Right Restaurant in Carrollton

Mexican restaurants in Carrollton

Enjoy great Mexican flavors in Mexican restaurants in Carrollton. Don’t be left out! Join the Mexican craze and experience the best of Mexico through their food.  

Mexican cuisine is becoming a favorite not only in the country but around the world. The delectable spices and herbs that are infused in each dish are incomparable to other cuisines. 

But not all who claim that they are Mexican restaurants serve authentic Mexican dishes. The purpose of this article is to help you know how to determine if the food served in a so-called Mexican restaurant is truly authentic or not.

What Makes a Mexican Restaurant Authentic?

Mexican restaurants in Carrollton


You may think that the authenticity of a dish comes with the herbs and spices used to create the best flavors.  That is true, but authenticity in Mexican cuisine is so much more than that. Similar to any other cuisine that proves authenticity in its flavors, the long cultural heritage of the creation of a dish is the true measure of authenticity in serving dishes.

You will know that a Mexican restaurant serves authentic Mexican dishes if each dish served comes from a preserved long-traditional heritage of Mexican culture. Authentic Mexican cuisine embraces the real flavors that are from maintained Mexican customs and traditions of preparing tasty food.

According to Cristina Potters of Mexico Cooks!, 

“There are specific recipes to follow, specific flavors and textures to expect, and specific results to achieve. Yes, some liberties are taken, but even those liberties are based on specific traditional recipes. Each preparation is traditional and each is authentic in its region.”

One example she cited was in preparing a Mexican traditional dish called carne de puerco en chile Verde.  This authentic Mexican dish is traditionally prepared in North Mexico city, particularly in the Central Highlands, or in the Yucatán.  A Mexican restaurant can prepare it with their own variation, but the traditional ingredients and method of preparing it should be used.

Here are some tips to help know if you are being served authentic Mexican food:

  • Tacos and similar dishes are prepared with lots of fresh vegetables and beans, not purely meat, with a small bowl of salsa and avocado on the side.
  • There is a variety of dishes not only focused on the spiciness. There is some great authentic Mexican food that has light flavors prepared with mild ingredients.
  • Traditional Mexican tacos do not put all the ingredients (sour cream, cheddar cheese, lettuce, flour tortilla) together. Mexican tacos are served on a soft corn shell.
  • Authentic Mexican dishes are packed with ingredients that are nutritious. There will always be fresh, grilled, or cooked vegetables, fresh fish, and fruits in a meal.
  • Traditional Mexican fajitas are made with skirt steak.
  • Mexican cuisine involves cooking and preparing dishes with any of these types of traditional Mexican cheese:
    • Añejo
    • Asadero
    • Chihuahua
    • Cotija
    • Queso Fresco
    • Queso de Oaxaca
    • Queso Panela
  • Authentic Mexican burritos are not overstuffed. They are served with a few simple toppings and dipped in spicy sauce and grilled.
  • Crema is used over sour cream. It is traditionally milder and thinner consistency.
  • Traditional Mexican food uses Spanish names. Consider mole, pozole, elote, chiles en nogada, alambre, gringa, atole, and so many other Spanish – named Mexican dishes. So, if you see them on the menu list, you will most likely expect authentic Mexican cuisine.

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What is Mexico’s Main Meal Called

Mexican restaurants in Carrollton


Mexico’s national dish is Mole. It is prepared with a variety of ingredients depending on where you eat it in Mexico. It is a traditional Mexican sauce with these ingredients:

  • Fruits Nuts
  • Chili peppers
  • Spices (black pepper, cinnamon, or cumin) 

You might be surprised that there are different names that Mole comes with. You will see mole chichilo (reddish mole), mole negro (black mole), mole verde (green mole), and other names. The most popular version of the mole is the mole poblano which is a thick, rich red or brown sauce made with chilis, fruits, nuts, seeds, and Mexican chocolate.

How to Find the Best Mexican Restaurants in Carrollton

Mexican restaurants in Carrollton


Try the Mexican restaurants in Carrollton and look for traditional ingredients and Spanish names on their menu. Look for herbs and spices that are inherent in authentic Mexican cooking. Each dish at an authentic Mexican restaurant is traditionally prepared using only Mexican recipes and culinary preparation that reflects real Mexican heritage.