Best Japanese Grocery Store Near Me in New York City

japanese grocery store near me

New York City is densely packed with wonderful Asian restaurants and Chinese restaurants of all kinds, from dumpling shops to the best sushi counters and dim sum establishments. However, now and again, it’s good to lay down the chopsticks and prepare a delectable Asian meal at home. Before you break out the wok, fill your cupboard with soy sauce, fish sauce, and Sriracha by searching a Japanese grocery store near me in New York City. 

Japan Village in Industry Brooklyn

japanese grocery store near me

Japan Village in Industry Brooklyn is the first item on my list of the finest Japanese grocery stores in New York City and my personal favorite. True, it is not on the island, but Brooklyn is still part of New York! There is another location in Midtown near the library; and the one in Brooklyn is far larger and stocked with everything you could need to prepare a Japanese lunch from scratch. 

Additionally, they carry Pita face masks, which are wonder workers! Without a doubt, a highlight. Affordably priced, with an astonishingly large selection. In my perspective, a ten out of ten and an excellent beginning place for Japanese market stores in New York City.

Hong Kong Supermarket

japanese grocery store near me

When you search for a Japanese grocery store near me, this Chinatown superstore is a must-see for fans of cuisine. Its expansive aisles are brimming with Chinese culinary essentials, from fresh vermicelli to wonton wrappers to fermenting black beans and much more. Vegetables and fruit are fresh because of the high turnover, and a sushi shop near the checkout sells unexpectedly good-to-go boxes of fresh rolls.

On 59th Street, Katagiri

japanese grocery store near me

Katagiri, located on 59th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, is the next stop on our list of the greatest Japanese grocery stores in New York City. They are the world’s oldest Japanese grocery shop, and their location in the middle of Manhattan is unbeatable. If you’re a visitor to the city, this japanese food grocery store near me in New York City is almost certainly the closest to your midtown hotel. 

Their Instagram is lovely as well (I’ve been a fan for a long time), and they provide a wide selection of fresh items ranging from meat and seafood to ready-to-eat Japanese food. Additionally, they provide a delivery service, which is a great touch.

Sakura Ya

japanese grocery store near me

Search for Japanese grocery stores near me, Sakura Ya takes the final slot on this list being one of the top Japanese grocery stores in New York City. This one is located in Queens, but it is worth the little drive. You may reach the subway by taking the E from Manhattan; the ride should take around a half-hour. While you’re there, keep a lookout for any of these incredible Japanese delicacies! 

They specialize in Japanese trinkets ranging from cosmetics to dried noodles, and their in-house deli counter can compete with the list’s mainstays! Without a doubt, a fantastic addition to my list of Japanese grocery stores in New York City.

Fei Long Market

japanese grocery store near me

Sunset Park in Brooklyn is home to one of the largest Chinese communities in the city—and many of its inhabitants can be spotted haunting the aisles of this supermarket. Fei Long is a clean, well-lit space that supplies everything you need to prepare an authentic Asian supper, from bok choy to coconut milk to dozens of variations of tofu. After shopping, visit the adjacent food court to whet your appetite with high-quality soup dumplings, char siu, and roast duck.


japanese grocery store near me

Midoriya is a strong candidate for third place on our list of the finest Japanese supermarkets in New York City. With a selection of things ranging from Pockys to ready-to-eat bento boxes and shampoo, this establishment has a more upscale air – and I adore their website as well. 

It is located in the Flatiron area of midtown Manhattan. It hasn’t been around as long as Katagiri, and it lacks the breadth of items available at Japan Village, but it’s still one of the top Japanese grocery shops in New York City, without a doubt!

The Kosher Marketplace

japanese grocery store near me

This family-owned shop is an excellent source of Kosher foods. They provide a variety of prepared meals in addition to organic veggies and meats. The Kosher Marketplace’s commitment to offering high-quality meat and responsibly produced seafood has made it a mainstay for individuals who do not maintain Kosher. Make an early Friday visit if you require anything for the weekend. Friday evening and all day Saturday are Shabbat days at the store.

Brighton Bazaar

japanese grocery store near me

Brighton Bazaar, located in Brighton Beach’s mostly Eastern European area, sells all of the items you’d expect from a Russian market, like fresh bread, fruit, and foreign sweets. They do, however, have a substantial prepared food bar where you can stock up on blini and borscht. According to its website, the market sells 300 types of hard-to-find foreign fruits and vegetables.


japanese grocery store near me

Dainobu is the next store in my Japanese market store in New York City. This establishment is teeny-tiny but offers grocery shopping and on-premise meals. They even cater to business meetings, and the cuisine is delectable, which is ideal if you have some clients visiting from out of town. 

While it is small; it lacks the breadth of the first three stores on our list of the top Japanese grocery stores in New York City. But despite its diminutive size, it is Ferocious.

japanese grocery store near me

Perelandra Natural Food Center

japanese grocery store near me

Since 1976, this mom-and-pop market has served as a one-stop-shop for organic and natural foods, household supplies, and sustainably produced vegetables. From the temperature-controlled bulk food department to the courteous and experienced personnel, Gothamites appreciate the store’s excellence. In the rear, you’ll find freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, as well as a hot food counter and bakery serving delectable (and nutritious) breakfast and lunch options.

Mr. Coco

japanese grocery store near me

This quiet, Korean-owned store in Clinton Hill is a real find. Apart from being open 24 hours a day, the shop sells inexpensive fresh fruits and veggies. While deals and new goods vary every day, you can always count on finding great value in addition to vegetarian and vegan food and pantry necessities.

Trader Joe’s

japanese grocery

Does anyone recall a time when Trader Joe’s and Two-Buck Chuck’s blessed us with their presence? Their partner, Feeding America, gave roughly 60 million meals (about 72 million pounds of food) in 2018. The shelves are always filled, due to personnel replenishing them throughout the day, the pricing is reasonable, and for those days when cooking sounds like more labor than you’re up for, their healthy microwaveable meals will leave you feeling pleased immediately.

Each week, new goods are offered, so even if you have your go-to products, keep an eye out. Additionally, if you’re unsure if you’ll like anything, you may request a sample of any shelved product you’re considering purchasing. Along with being sensitive to their customers’ requirements, Trader Joe’s gives any safe items to ingest but no longer appropriate for sale. Make a note in your calendar because a new East Village store on East 14th Street is coming shortly.

Eataly NYC Downtown

japanese grocery

Eataly has two locations in New York City: one in the Flatiron district and another in the Tribeca neighborhood. As the name implies, Eataly focuses on Italian cuisine and is renowned for its extensive selection of delectable baked pastries and bread. Additionally, you’ll find all the traditional Italian components here, such as cold meats, seafood, and various pasta and sauces. This business is open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., so it is always ready to welcome you in.

Citarella Gourmet Market

japanese grocery

Citarella Gourmet Market, located in New York City’s West Village, is one of the finest gourmet grocery stores in the city. There is a strong emphasis on home-cooked fare here, with plenty of prepared dishes and freshly made pasta. Citarella is also a renowned destination in New York City for absolutely outstanding seafood. Numerous varieties of fish, as well as shrimp, crab, and caviar, are available here.


japanese grocery

Despana is one of New York City’s finest and highest-rated gourmet grocery stores; offering an abundance of Spanish specialties, from Serrano ham to spicy chorizo sausage and much more. This store is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week, with extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you’re a fan of Spanish cuisine; you’re going to LOVE this location, and even if you’re not, you’re going to enjoy Despair. Numerous freshly prepared meals are available directly from this store, and numerous free samples are available to allow you to experience them before you buy.


japanese grocery

Fairway Market is the next grocery shop on my list of Manhattan’s food stores. While Fairway Market may not have a large presence in Manhattan; it is unquestionably one of the top choices for anyone seeking value and variety. It’s long been a popular choice among those who are a little more frugal — and with good reason. The rates are reasonable, and they frequently have specials on different foods. 

What is one of the finest features of Fairway Market? Fruits and vegetables in their natural state (often locally sourced too). They offer an insane amount of selection, and it’s all on display, making it quite easy to discover what you’re looking for.


There are many choices when you google Japanese grocery store near me. Whether you’re looking for an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies or a nice assortment of canned and frozen foods; New york has the right grocery store for you like seiwa market, Eataly and many more! 

Additionally, keep in mind that, being a truly multicultural city; NYC is home to a plethora of specialty supermarkets and grocery stores. I just wrote a piece on the top Japanese grocery stores in New York City. It’s a terrific resource if you’re looking for some somewhat different fruit and cuisine.

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