How to Plan a Luxury European Holiday Without Breaking the Bank

European Holiday

Hey there, travel buff! If you think a luxury European getaway is only for the rich and famous, you’ve got to get your facts right. Did you know that you can indulge in a high-end vacation in this part of the world without breaking the bank? Yes, you read that right!

According to statistics, an international trip adds up to an average of $271 daily. That sounds like big money if you want to travel with family and spend a few days in a plush European destination. But that’s an average number, so you needn’t worry. You can do your bit to make the vacation fit into your budget.

So, buckle up, as we have some great tips on planning a dream European holiday that won’t leave you broke. Here you go!

Get a Head Start with Planning

European Holiday

Well, this one’s definitely a smart move. Research sounds boring when you’ve got luxury in mind, but it’s worth it. You can find great deals on flights, accommodation, and activities by browsing different websites.

Being a savvy shopper is all about shopping and comparing. And do use this trick: always search in incognito mode to avoid price hikes.

Plan a Trip During the Off-Peak Season

European Holiday

That’s common sense- traveling during the off-peak season can help you skip crowds and high prices. It’s also a good one in the new normal because you must still have to be careful about the virus. The best time to travel to Europe is the shoulder season when prices are more affordable.

 As a bonus, you’ll have a more authentic experience interacting more with the locals instead of crowds of tourists.

Think Vacation Rentals


The vacation rental trend is popular for valid reasons- this accommodation option is more affordable than resorts and offers more privacy as well. Doesn’t that make it a perfect mix for luxury getaways? Try this; you can find a luxury villa rental in Mykonos at a far lower price than a high-end hotel on one of the most expensive islands in Greece.

What a way to fit a Greek holiday within your budget! The best thing about vacation rentals is that you get lots of options in size, location, and price range.

Be Flexible with Activities


You’ll surely have a bucket list of activities when planning a luxury European getaway. They can make a hole in your wallet, but a little flexibility can help you save a lot of money. Why not opt for free activities such as walking tours or checking out public parks and landmarks?

You’ll spend less and get an authentic feel of your destination. And you can always return for more, right?

Economize Meals

European Holiday

Food can cost a lot in Europe, specifically if you dine in expensive restaurants and bistros. But you can reserve them for a couple of occasions and find ways to economize meals. Why not try the local cuisine on the streets?

And pack some snacks from a grocery store in a picnic basket to have a great time outdoors. You may even carry some healthy, non-perishable snacks in your bags. These food experiences promise more fun with fine dining!

A luxury European getaway doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can plan an affordable one with some creative ideas and savvy thinking. Try these practical tips the next time you think you’ve still got to wait for that dream holiday. You’ll love them!

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