7 Best Waterfalls in the World Whose Beauty Will Leave You Awestruck

bigar cascade falls

Be it a family trip, honeymoon trip, or a trip with friends; there are few places that you can unquestionably add to the list. Of them, one is a waterfall. Yes! They have the charm that attracts every type of traveler. There are many waterfalls in the world, among which some are offbeat, and some have ensured their place as the Best Waterfalls in the World.

Be it the smallest waterfall or the largest one; every waterfall has its significance. These beautiful forms of nature are just adorable; you can spend a whole day just looking at it. It is said that waterfalls have the ability to relieve one’s stress. And we all agree with that! Right? 

So let’s move to our actual topic – beautiful waterfalls in the world that you must visit. Below are the seven most beautiful waterfalls around the world. They have won the hearts of thousands of people and that is undeniable.

Which are the most beautiful and the best waterfalls in the world?

Victoria Falls

Best Waterfalls in the World

Location: Livingstone Way, Zimbabwe

Height: 108m

Victoria Falls, located in Zimbabwe, is one of the stunning waterfalls in the world. It is spread across Zimbabwe and Zambia. The fall is divided into five parts, of which four are in Zimbabwe province, and one is in Zambia province. 

The width of the water curtain is 1700 meters. It also has a natural pool that allows tourists to swim and enjoy. The river that flows through it is the Zambezi River. Another name of this fall is Mosi-oa-Tunya.

Niagara Falls

Best Waterfalls in the World: niagara waterfalls

Location: Niagara Falls, NY 14303, United States

(Border of New York, United States, and Ontario, Canada)

Height: 51m 

A fall that is on the border of the United States and Canada. To be exact, on the border of New York in the US and Ontario in Canada. The watercourse of the fall is the Niagara River. The fall is formed collectively with three different falls lying on the border of the United States and Canada, namely, Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil. 

The waterfall doesn’t look less than heaven. It is among the most visited places in the world, and the number keeps increasing. The fall helps the respective countries by generating hydroelectricity.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Best Waterfalls in the World: Ban Gioc waterfalls

Location: TL 211, Đàm Thuỷ, Trùng Khánh, Cao Bằng, Vietnam

Height: 60m

The fall on the Quây Sơn River has three drops by rocks and trees. And when the water hits the cliff, the thunder sound can be heard from afar. The Ban Goic waterfall is the common name of two waterfalls, thác chính and thác phụ.

The waterfall is located on the border of China and Vietnam. The fall is also called Détiān falls in china. There are still border disputes in both countries, and defining the borders will bring prosperity.

Dudhsagar Falls

Best Waterfalls in the World: dudhsagar waterfalls

Location: Sonaulim, Goa, India

Height: 320m

The paradisiacal fall located in India has its own beauty factor. The factors that attract most of the travelers to the Dudhsagar falls are the misty spray of water from falls and the fact that it is naturally positioned on the perch of western ghats. This fall is also located on the border of Goa and Karnataka.

To experience the best scenery of the four-tiered fall, visit there in monsoon when the flow is full and fast. To access the fall, you should take a train and get off at Dudhsagar. Amazing thing! To get to the platform, you will have to climb down the steep ladder. 

Jog Falls

Best Waterfalls in the World: jog falls

Location: Jog Falls, Karnataka, India

Height: 253m

One more in India, so if you are planning to visit India soon, add them both in the place to visit the list. By the way, the best time to visit India in June during the Monsoon season when nature is at its best. Back to the Jog Falls. This beautiful fall is located in Karnataka and is created by the Sharavathi River.

This is the second-highest waterfall after Kunchikal Falls. This plunge is a seasonal fall, whose flow depends on the rain. The interesting fact is this fall is the collective name of four falls (Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer) when they are in their full flow.

Iguazu Falls

Best Waterfalls in the World: Iguaza waterfalls

Location: Misiones Province, Argentina

Height: 82m

This massive and majestic waterfall is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. It is the largest waterfall system around the world and also has a mythology story behind it. It is made up of more than 275 falls, of which the most attractive one is the devil’s throat (having 14 falls dropping to the height of 350ft).

The mythic story is that God wanted to marry a girl named Naipí against her wish, and to avoid the marriage, she ran away with her human lover, Tarobá. When God got to know about this, he separated the river Iguaza into deep falls so that they both get drowned in it forever.

Bigar Cascade Falls

Best Waterfalls in the World: bigar cascade falls

Location: DN57B, Romania

Height: 8m

This fall, located in Romania in Europe, is on this list just because of its appearance. Look for tours in Timisoara if you want to visit Bigar Waterfall on a day trip on your Romanian holiday, it will be a memorable experience!

The way water flows is unique and exceptionally beautiful. There are a few factors that make it the most unique and beautiful waterfall in the world.

Of which one is its location, it is located exactly at the 45th parallel north, the midpoint of North Pole and Equator. Another is the way it spreads tiny shreds of water. The locals also say the fall represents the hair of the love-struck girl who transformed herself in the waterfall to meet the love of her life (Bigar, who drowned in the river).


1. Which is the largest waterfall in the world?

Victoria Falls is considered the largest waterfall in the world. It isn’t among the longest or the widest, but still, it is one of the largest falls around the world. It has a width of 1700m.

2. How many types of waterfalls are there?

There are ten types of waterfalls. They are plunge, horsetail, multi-step, cataract, cascade, segmented, block, tiered, punch-bowl, and fan.

3. What are the small waterfalls called?

The small waterfalls are known as cascades. And the falls with large volumes are known as a cataract.

4. Why is the waterfall important?

Waterfalls are important as they purify the water. The waste in the water is converted into the nutrients that help the growth of the plant. When water with the waste flows over the rock, bacterial growth decomposes the waste.

5. Do waterfalls freeze?

Generally, waterfalls are used to generate hydroelectricity. But some waterfalls do freeze. They freeze when the temperature is extremely cold, below its normal freezing point, i.e., -6-degree Celsius. First, the flow slows down; then, the molecules start sticking with each other forming the frazil ice. 

Waterfalls That Are Soothing Both To Your Eyes and Heart:-

These were the seven exceptionally beautiful waterfalls around the world that you need to add to your bucket list. Did you notice most of the falls are located on the border of two states or countries? Strange, isn’t it? Well, still they are the best. Nature always surprises us with its marvelous creations. The waterfall is just one of them, to know more about the earth’s spectacular places to visit, check out Travelila.

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