Joy Of Travelling: Best Place To Travel In 2024 To Enjoy Lively Weather

best place to travel in 2021

As this year is bidding adieu, it is time to say ‘Hola!’ to this year. Is the best time to decide about your upcoming vacations in this year, so you have enough time to plan your quality time with loved ones. And if you are a traveler by nature,  this new year will renew the opportunity to explore some of the unexplored parts of the world. In the following points, there are some suggestions for your vacation spots so that you can choose easily, the best place to travel in current year from the list.

Places To Travel in current year


best place to travel in 2019

All time favorite place studded which glamorous shopping malls, sky-high buildings and lots of luxury is all that Singapore consists of. It is a juncture Islands of Indonesia Malaysia and also Thailand meet.

If you want to spend some quality time with your loved one then you can also Oxford one of the private Islands. From tasting multiple Continental delicacies to trying out special Street foods Singapore is a heavenly place for food lovers. The fabulous nightlife,  fun at the beach and luxurious rooftop pools cannot let you miss any weight of your location. If you are planning a vacation with your family then the Night Safari and the artificial beaches with many fun activities will make your child fall in love with Singapore.

Singapore is all about flattering glamour and showing off the glittery glamorous world which lies within our world. So if you want to take a sip of this interesting cocktail ride right then you can just book your tickets to Singapore.

Bali, Indonesia

best place to travel in 2019

Bali is like a heavenly place for any traveler in the world,  especially when it comes to Just Lembongan island. Situated in the Southeast coast of Bali,  this island is the Paradise on Earth for those who like to spend there vacation in seclusion.

Only picture perfect beauty and a lot of nature’s breath is all you can find on the island,  no hectic traffic or no annoying salesperson. Just wear your Scuba Diving suit or go for snorkeling and capture is precious moments with the help of Underwater photography. This place is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Koh Chang, Thailand

best place to travel in 2019

If you want to get your first foreign tour done within an affordable range former in Thailand is the la-la land for you. Now to talk about Koh Chang, this place located on the south-east coast of Thailand is a mesmerizing Island where you can choose to stay for a bit of your vacation in Thailand.

If you want a vacation full of adventure like in Mu Ko Chang National Park you can get a closer look to the wildlife, or you can go on a hiking trip and can even go exploring the dense forest.

With secluded bungalows and palm trees on the beach, it is a perfect spot for you to spend your leisure days lounging at the beach.

Moraine Lake in Canada

best place to travel in 2019

This lake is located in the town named Banff, in the northern region of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. The surrounding of this place is far enough to mesmerize Taurus. Giving him or her some lifelong moments of beauty to take with.

It is one of the most affordable vacation spots in Canada with a small restaurant and hotel and also many boutiques situated in the town. You can have whiskey experience in Mount Norquay or take a ride to the Sulphur Mountain in Banff Gandola.

Apart from the view of Moraine Lake, travel destination is a haven for adventure travelers. Taken 2 hiking mountaining or even take long walks through the trails.

Vietnam, Sa Pa

best place to travel in 2019

In the valley of Hoàng Liên Son Mountains,  this town of Vietnam is another favorite travel destination for many. Restart your new year with a review of the beautiful rice fields. It is in Sa Pa Kamal located in the Northwest region of Vietnam. These rice fields are like staircases from a distance from and to look at them is bliss.

Apart from the natural beauty, you can also get to know more about the culture of Vietnam. To the tribes residing in that part of the country. While planning for a trip to Vietnam beautiful landscape views, many temples of Buddha and mountains should be on your list.

Athens, Greece

best place to travel in 2019

In the upcoming year if you are planning to get a feeling of ancient history. Then nothing can be more iconic then Athens. This city of Greece has its heart lies in the Acropolis, situated in the center of the town. Your trip to Athens will be a roller coaster ride into the enriched culture of Greece. That can be found in every nooks and corner of the city.

You will never want to miss a chance to have a long night walk through the narrow streets of Athens. Pay a visit to the plazas which the true essence of Greece.


It is not necessary that you have to always travel abroad for a fantastic vacation. If you are from India, you can always choose the backwaters of Kerala or the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Even the heart of the nation Madhya Pradesh.

Planning a holiday can be a daunting task. It is not easy to choose from the various beautiful places that exist on Earth. Apart from your desires, you will also have to think about your budget and the availability of lodgings. So you should always start beforehand. Get everything plant so that nothing goes wrong. In the list, there are some mind-blowing suggestions from which you can choose the best place to travel.