An Easy Travel Guide Benidorm, Costa Blanca’s Spain


Benidorm, with its skyscrapers netted against the mountains and pristine beaches, is an anomaly in Europe, it is like no other beach town.

The impressive peak heights shadowing over the shoreline are only equaled by the unique skyline formed by its cramped skyscraping hotels or apartment buildings that seem to have emerged out of the sea and set on the golden sandy beaches overnight. A rocky neck of land divides the city in two, and the bordering coastlines are given the names of the two halves of the city: Poniente and Levante.

The old city center of Benidorm, Casco Antiguo, spreads over the peninsula and a part of the neighboring inland, even though what has actually survived the passage of time and makes up the old center are the San Lorenzo, Santa Fez, and San Vicente Streets; the other newly born half of city starts where the beaches end.

A Quintessentially Multicultural City


The city of Benidorm almost seems to forget its Spanish roots and adopts an ‘intracultural’ polyphony of voices advertising a genuine British style of living. The shops, the bars, and the cabaret clubs cramming around the center of the city are the best place where you can make your night-rounds, have fun and spend money until the crack of dawn … And if you feel bursting with energy you can always choose to delay the meeting with the hotel bed, as immaculate and soft its linens may be and start off to the uninhabited island just a few miles ashore. 

If you want to get a bird’s eye view over the island, you can always choose to climb to the top of Sierra Helada, the promontory at the end of the Rincon de Loix, and catch a stunning view of how green the city is and just how close it is to the mountains. Yet, you might want to climb to the roof of the 186 meters tall Gran Hotel Bali, which used to be the tallest skyscraper in Spain until five years ago when it was exceeded by the CTBA Towers in Madrid.

The lofty skyscrapers or the golden sandy beaches are not the only things that Benidorm finds pride in: it can always sing its own praises to the several fun and water parks such as Terra Mitica, Terra Natura, Aqulandia, and Mundomar where you can catch up with your self or have some quality time with your family. All these theme parks make Benidorm one of the most family-friendly destinations in all of Spain.

What to Do in Benidorm

  • Castillo Mirador – This place is famous for its former castle of Benidorm. It’s a historical place.
  • Terra Mitica – This is generally a theme park and it is famous for its scariest rides in Europe.
  • La Isla de Benidorm – For snorkeling and swimming this is the best place in Benidorm.
  • Parque de L’Aiguera – Famous due to its palm-lined promenades and 2 fine amphitheaters which are generally used for concerts.

Apart from these some events are also celebrated in Benidorm such as Benidorm International Song Festival. Celebrities from Spain such as Julio Iglesias, Raphael, and Duo Dinamico got their fame here only. Other than Terra Mitica there are some more theme parks such as Aqualandia and Mundomar, but these theme parks are located on the outskirts of the city.

In Benidorm, one will find the streets with gift shops and in the supermarket, you will find all well-known branded things. Alcohol and cigarettes are very inexpensive. For the outdoor market one can visit the town of Altea.

What to Do Around Benidorm


The surrounding area is worth exploring as well; the town of Altea is just a few miles north of Benidorm but it could as well be another world away. Here, the white houses nested on the hills and narrow old Spanish streets give it a distinctive Spanish look and vibe. To the south, you can find the town of Villajoyosa, home of Spain’s most famous chocolate manufacturer, Valor. Here you can visit their museum and taste some chocolate bonbons. The whole area of the Costa Blanca is one of the most beautiful ones in Spain, which in itself is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

A bit further away, those who love to explore nature can find the beautiful Algar waterfalls and those who want to combine history with nature may visit Guadalest, an old castle perched on top of some cliffs overlooking a lake.

Whatever your preferences, Benidorm and the surrounding area will have you and your family covered all year round.

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