How to Get from Zurich Airport to Davos in a Taxi

Zurich Airport to Davos

It’s often the case when you are traveling that you need to make transfers on a particularly stressful day. Zurich Airport is located in Zurich, Switzerland and Davos is located less than 35 miles from the airport. So in this article, they will cover options for how you can get from Zurich Airport to Davos. It includes foreign language translators and car services!

How to Get from Zurich Airport to Davos

You get to Zurich Airport in Zurich Switzerland by taking a train, but the easiest way to get from here to Davos is by getting a taxi. Taking a taxi ride costs around 60 Ziegler Swiss Francs, which will depend on what kind of ride you are taking.

After a long flight from America or Asia, the next step is usually to get the last of your bags, collect your car, and then begin leaving for your destination. This can be a daunting task when you have to take a taxi or bus from Zurich Airport. However, these taxis are often cheaper and more convenient than a train ride from Zurich Airport to Davos.

How to Find a Taxi at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport to Davos

There are taxis everywhere in Zurich airport, but they don’t generally have numbers. However, they do have signs on the license plate that indicate where they

are from. Zurich Airport is the second busiest airport in Europe, making it a difficult place to get a taxi.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about catching public transport to get there. You can call for a taxi to collect you from the airport. If you find yourself waiting, you should try and ask passengers what they recommend. And if you’re carrying luggage, it’s easy to spot a taxi by looking at the roof of their car.

Wef Davos Car Service

Wef Davos Car Service

Zurich Airport is one of the main airports in Europe and can be confusing as a layman. The Zurich Airport taxi service Wef offers tax to your desired destination including Davos in ten minutes, regardless of traffic and other factors. They have drivers on hand 24 hours a day. If you want to get from Zurich Airport to Davos, find a taxi stand and ask a taxi driver if he can take you. 

From Zurich Airport to Davos

First, hail a taxi from the airport. Then all you have to do is tell the driver where you want to go. Tell them C Davos Platz and they’ll take care of the rest. Traveling from Zurich Airport to Davos costs between 150-500 Swiss Francs (between $158.38 and $517.24).

If you want to cut the cost of your trip, there’s an easy way: use Uber or ride-sharing apps like Lyft Line. These services negate the need for a taxi and save lots of money in the process. It is best to use a taxi, rather than the train. There are three ways to get from Zurich Airport to Davos: by train, on foot or by taxi.

Getting from Zurich Airport to Davos with a taxi can be time-consuming and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be… don’t miss out on your trip just because of some unnecessary red tape! We’ll tell you exactly how to get around in Swiss taxis and how to avoid being overcharged.

How to Get from Zurich Airport to Davos

Zurich Airport to Davos

The Zurich Airport has more than 65,000 travelers a day. The airport only has two terminals and one is connected to the other without needing to go outside. There is also a shuttle service that will take you anywhere in the city on your time schedules.

The best way to get from Zurich Airport to Davos by taxi is as follows: If you don’t want to use the bus system, arrive at Gate 3 of Terminal 1. There’s an easy way to tag the train schedule of SwissAir. If you enter Switzerland at Zurich, they have a perfect zone change menu when you plug in your target destination from their cab system. You don’t need a key!

What Is the Best Way to Get from Zurich Airport to Davos in Switzerland?

It can be difficult to travel from Zurich Airport to Davos by taxi. Because, sometimes the taxi doesn’t stop or it’s difficult for the person who’s getting paid to get wherever they need. Hitchhiking or taking a local train with online banking might also work, but there’s an easier way: Hire a private taxi. This method is recommended due to its expense and high likelihood of success. In order to do so, one must wait outside of the airport terminal building in line with other passengers who are searching for a ride.

What Are the Basic Expenses for Getting from Zurich Airport to Davos and Back?

New to Switzerland? You will need a Swiss Travel Pass if you want to use the public transport system, although some guided tours do allow for those on their trip to go on Switzerland’s train, bus and boat systems.


The quick and easy way to get from Zurich international airport ( ZRH ) to Davos international airport ( SZH ) is by taking a taxi. The quickest ride would be with a cab called Alps Taxi and can take up to two hours or so. Taxis in Switzerland cost around 40 Swiss Francs that, when converted to U.S. dollars loss 50% when exchanged into U.S. currency, typically running $60/hour plus fixed charges of 10 minutes or $30/hour plus fixed charges of 10 minutes corresponding in our country with over $100/hour.

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