Top Travel Agencies in the World of 2023: A Complete List

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If traveling excites you then you might just want to be traveling whenever you get a chance. But traveling all alone is quite problematic and even if you are traveling with your family to a place without knowing a bit about your destination. Also, you can get yourself into big trouble and to save you from such problems there are travel agencies that would save you from problems that you might face at unknown places. So, here is the list of top travel agencies in the world to solve your problem.

Moreover, if you would go through traveling agencies then you would be able to save some money. And they would also guide you to the must-visit places of your holiday destination as they know everything in detail.

Top Travel Agencies in the World

Now you must be wondering about the top travel agencies in the world. Check these the best travel agencies in the world and should even contact them to get good deals:

Thomson Family Adventures:

Thomson Family Adventures: top travel agencies in the world

Source: familyadventures.com

Started in: 1998

Founders: Judi Wineland and Rick Thomson

This travel agency is best known for providing some amazing family trips to wonderful places. The facility that they provide to the people coming with family is no doubt wonderful. And they make sure to make the trip comfortable for any age group of the family whether it is kids or elders of the family.

They make sure that the children of any family are able to enjoy the trip. So, they came up with some amazing fun trekking for kids. You can even go along with your kid, and any family member can be trekking with their kid. So, you don’t have to worry about your kids. 

This travel agency is actually known for providing an adventure holiday, but they also make sure that everyone stays safe while enjoying the adventure. They have many packages that you can choose from, and the prices of most packages are different.

Absolute Travelers & Tours:

top travel agencies in the world

Source: squarespace.com

The company was established in 1992, and since then it is providing various categories in the travel industry, from school trips to college tours, skiing trips to adventurous travel.

This travel agency would give you the chance to customize your trip. So that you choose from the options they provide travelers with. These types of offers seem to be amazing as here you don’t have to follow any particular group for enjoyment; rather you would be able to do what you want while you are on a holiday trip and they would make sure to complete your desire with.

There are different offers that they came up with such as a luxurious trip or adventure trip. And you can choose any of them according to your preference. With this travel company, you would be able to plan any destination for your holiday. They almost cover each corner of the world which of course excludes the most extreme conditions places in the world. 

Cox and Kings:

top travel agencies in the world

Source: jdmagicbox.com

One of the longest-established companies in the travel industry is Cox and Kings. It was established in 1758 in Mumbai, India by Richard Cox. During that time India was under the rule of the Britishers but when in 1947 when the Britishers went back to England this company decided to stay here only as it had established its base successfully. From that time to this time, it has expanded well.

This travel company is one of the oldest travel agencies that have been serving travelers for a long period of time until now, which makes it very trustworthy. This company has its headquarters at more than ten places in the world. And through this company, you would be able to go on a world tour as it offers holiday at almost all places in the world. This company always tries to provide hospitality to each one who travels through this company.

Trek Travel:

top travel agencies in the world

Source: trektravel.com

The founder of Trek Travel is John Burke, who always believes in seeing the world with a whole new perspective. And hence he started this company in 2002.

By the name of the company, you might have guessed that they let every traveler trek on places in order to see the places more deeply. They believe that bicycles are the best vehicle if you want to explore a place truly. This company not only organizes trips but also organizes an event. So, if you want to have a destination birthday, anniversary, reception party, or even destination marriage, then you can get your events planned by this company as they would make sure that your event is celebrated at its best.

Classic Journeys:

top travel agencies in the world

Source: force.com

Classic Journeys is a travel company that started in 1995 by Edward Piegza to follow his passion for traveling. There are travelers with different tastes. There is no traveler who doesn’t want to explore the culture as well as the authenticity of the destination they are traveling to. This travel agency makes sure that the traveler gets to know the destination deeply till the core of the city. 

The company has many employees that have traveled to places and are keen on knowing the place well. So this makes the company prove the best ever guidance of any destination holiday city that you chose for yourself. They provide handmade (customized) holiday trips to the places you want to visit.

Journeys International:

top travel agencies in the world

Source: journeysinternational.com

The Journeys International started by Robin weber Pollak in 1970 has now gained its name in providing tours that include the cultural values of the place and local interactions. They have set an example of ‘ecotourism’ and ‘adventure travel.’

It is quite understandable by the name of the company that this travel agency is best known for international trips all over the world. It is a US-based company that provides its travelers with some best holiday trips that can be remembered as the best ever memories. They won’t only give you amazing trips but will also make sure that they provide each traveler with equal guidance so that everyone can know about the destination undoubtedly. They also provide some amazing adventure as well as holiday activities such as trekking, surfing and many more.

Butterfield and Robinson:

top travel agencies in the world

Source: imgix.net

In 1966, George Butterfield established this company after along with his family he planned to take students on the biking trip. They planned on exploring the place through biking only. That would have been an amazing trip, and that is why now thousands of people are traveling with them.

This is yet another oldest travel agency that is serving travelers for many decades now. And everyone seems to be satisfied with their service, which makes them so popular among travelers. The best thing about this company is that they offer the best traveling experience by bike, foot, or even by boat. So that everyone could be comfortable throughout the trip.

Gray and Co.:

top travel agencies in the world

Source: squarespace.com

A company founded by Cari Gray in 2009 after taking two years of experience in this field. The moment she realized the need for hi-tech private tours, she was ready to take the initiative. And now here she is with her company standing as the best travel agency. If you are a more adventurous person, then try their high-end walking or biking trips; they have a specialization in that.

This company is the best travel agency all over the world. It is the most trustworthy as well whose only aim is to provide travelers with the best out of the best. They have different trips to offer you which come under different packages, so the prices of the package vary, which makes the company desirable for everyone.

Artisans of Leisure

 top travel agencies in the world

Source: google-images

The travel agency Artisans of Leisure was founded in 2003 by Ashley Isaacs Ganz. She is someone who knows all the difficulties travelers face and understands their interests, and this is the reason why she is considered a reputable member of the travel industry. She herself has traveled the world and now making sure people get to know every ounce of travel experience at its best.

The company is well known for its specialization in private and customized tours. They provide an expert guide with every tour in order to make you feel the benefits of tailored travel trips. This company has been recognized by many travel magazines. If you crave to experience the culture of the city, then you must plan your trip with this company. 

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top travel agencies in the world

Source: geographical.co.uk

A company started by two mates in 1988 (Melbourne) by spurning all the distractions that came in a way is now one of the most renowned travel agencies. The two mates were: Darrell and Manch, they thought of starting this company when they were on an adventure trip to explore the wilds of Africa. Instead of selecting a-c bus, they opted for a modified ex-council truck and loaded it with sunglasses, friends, trek supplies, beers, and more.

They have set three different styles of the trip, namely, basic, original, and comfort. They allow you to choose the style of travel you want to experience. Once you have selected the style, be carefree, they will make sure that you get the best out of the trip.

These were 10 of the best travel agencies in the world that you can checkout. Why just check out? Go get your next trip planned by any of them and have a wonderful holiday ahead. Also, you can get much travel-related essential information as well as top places to visit at Travelila.

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