Best Travel Agencies in the World That You Must Know

Top Travel Agencies the World

Travel the globe through the top travel agencies in the world. Find your perfect travel buddy with this list of the best travel agencies in the world!

Time to forget those travel and tourist traps and choose the top travel agencies in the world to book a trip. Travel companies reinvent the travel experience with their quick booking processes and customized itineraries. Keeping a close eye on the world’s most popular destinations, the best travel agencies provide perfect vacations.

The best travel agencies in the world also provide top-class facilities. So, whether you are planning a vacation filled with luxury or a getaway off the beaten path, choosing a world famous travel agency can save you from a lot of unnecessary work.

Best Travel Agencies in The World:

Wondering which are the best travel agencies in the world? Here’s where your thinking stops, and reading & finalizing a top travel agency for vacation skills takes over.

1. Thomson Family Adventures, USA

Thomson Family Adventures USA

Estd in: 1998

Thomson Family Adventures stands tall as the best travel agency. Families looking for adventure and cultural immersion can find everything from the ancient treasures of Egypt to the lush jungles of Costa Rica on these well designed itineraries. 

The dedication of Thomson Family Adventures to ecological and sustainable tourism practices is what makes them unique and guarantees that coming generations can keep discovering the treasures. Furthermore, every trip is guaranteed to be full of excitement and discovery, thanks to Thomson Family Adventures’ love for adventure and commitment to providing personalized care makes it one of the top travel agencies in the world.

2. Absolute Travel & Tours, UK

Absolute Travel & Tours UK

Estd in: 1992

With an unmatched experience and expertise in the Travel & tourism industry, Absolute Travel & Tours is among the best travel agencies in the world. The agency puts the good health & safety of its customers as its main priority in whatever they do. Specializing in sports & school travel, the agency provides a plethora of tour niches. 

Additionally, you’ll get attentive care and round-the-clock assistance from a knowledgeable workforce that prioritizes its clients. Absolute Travel & Tours’ dedication to quality in all facets of journey preparation is what makes it unique. In addition, they make sure that every vacation exceeds expectations, offering everything from luxurious stays to deeply engaging events.

3. Cox & Kings, India

Cox & Kings India

Estd in: 1758

Cox & Kings, based in Mumbai, India, is the oldest established world-famous travel agency. The company has been crafting incredible adventures for almost two centuries now, too, with a rich history. From lavish getaways to incredible adventures, they accommodate an extensive array of travel destinations.

With Cox & Kings, you can travel and vacation in any part of the globe or all of them by going on a world tour. On top of that, known for providing the best-in-class amenities with unmatched hospitality, Cox & Kings elevates your travel experience to the peak, leaving you wanting more!

4. Trek Travel, USA

Trek Travel USA

Estd in: 2002

Trek Travel offers customized itineraries for travel, specializing in cycling vacations. Their excursions take you to places with rich cultures and magnificent scenery, along with varying terrains and engaging experiences. Small groups are led by experienced guides who prioritize individualized service, guaranteeing customized experiences and smooth operations.

With the guided tours, you get to cycle through various countries and can even participate in cross-country cycling expeditions. Trek Travel, USA, stands out as one of the best travel agencies in the world for individuals looking for life-changing experiences that also align with their values. 

5. Classic Journeys, USA

Estd in: 1995

Classic Journeys is among one of the top travel agencies in the world that lets you travel to every place that you can think of. Creating pure and long-lasting connections with the local community of the place makes them stand out in the list of best travel agencies in the world. 

When traveling through this agency, the agency makes sure that no known destinations are left behind. Further, the agency provides customized schedules as per your needs, and the accommodations are hand-picked, giving you the best comfort you can ever ask for while vacationing. Moreover, be it your birthday, destination wedding, or wedding anniversary, Classic Journeys has got you covered. 

6. Journeys International, USA

Estd in: 1970

With a rich history spanning more than 40 years, Journeys International has cemented its position as one of the top travel companies by always providing travelers with life-changing experiences across the globe. Additionally, with their responsible tourism practices, they have truly set an example.

Whether going on an African wildlife safari, hiking in the Himalayas, or exploring the diverse cultures of South America, Journeys International guarantees a smooth and enriching travel experience that has been flawlessly and passionately planned.

7. Butterfield & Robinson, Canada

Butterfield & Robinson Canada

Estd in: 1966

Are you itching for a once-in-a-lifetime trip that combines elegance with immersive experiences? Look no further than Butterfield & Robinson, a premier travel firm that is regularly named among the best worldwide. 

Their wide range of activities accommodates a variety of interests and fitness levels, whether you’re an enthusiastic hiker, an active cyclist, or someone looking for a multi-activity trip. Moreover, the availability of family-friendly travel schedules and destinations covering almost all continents makes it one of the best travel agencies.

8. Gray & Co.

Estd in: 2009

Reputedly ranked among the world’s leading travel agencies, Gray & Co. is more than just a travel agency, it’s an experience creator. Whether you’re in the mood for calm cultural immersions or heart-pounding adventures, Gray & Co.’s extensive global network of partners guarantees flawless execution that consistently exceeds expectations.

Gray & Co. is a doorway to life-changing adventures. Allow them to take you on an unforgettable voyage that will awaken your senses, revitalize your soul, and leave you with lifelong memories to cherish.

9. Quasar Expeditions, USA

Estd in: 1986

With the single objective of making lifelong memories, Quasar Expeditions has been providing genuine travel experiences to far-flung locations worldwide for nearly 40 years. With a long-standing proven expertise & experience in this field, Quasar Expeditions is one of the world’s most famous agencies.

The agency carries a strong commitment to show its customers the destinations that are off-the-beaten-path. Luxuries include being in a remote location, away from our usual & hectic lives, and being able to enjoy nature while observing wildlife as our ancestors did. Quasar Expeditions covers everything you need to have a great family vacation.

10. Jacada Travels, UK

Estd in: 2008

Consistently named one of the world’s Top Travel Agencies, Jacada Travels creates unique, custom vacation experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Place yourself in their capable hands and set out on a personalized, perfectly planned journey that will awaken your spirit and satisfy your most avid travel dreams.

Jacada Travels commits to providing top-notch customer service and making sure that every facet of the trip goes above and beyond. Travelers with high standards are catered to by Jacada Travels, which arranges flawless vacation experiences, including exclusive guided tours and luxurious lodging.

11. Artisans of Leisure, USA

Estd in: 2003

Artisans of Leisure is highly renowned for its expertise in providing personalized and exclusive tours. Your own professional guide and driver will accompany you to every location, making the tour adjustable to fit your interests, energy level, and style of travel.

On top of all this, as a client, you can enjoy a variety of privileges while traveling, such as room upgrades, special meals, late check-out, complimentary spa treatments or day tours, and reservations at famous restaurants, among many more.

12. Intrepid, Australia

Intrepid Australia

Estd in: 1998 

It is one of the best travel agencies globally, specializing in small-group travels. Intrepid takes great pleasure in offering outstanding customer service and life-changing adventures. Travelers can feel secure knowing that every step of the journey is in capable hands because knowledgeable & interactive guides will be leading the way. 

Intrepid’s wide selection of touring destinations guarantees that there is an adventure for every taste and budget, whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends. With a primary focus on providing authentic services, Intrepid further ensures that its clients get the best travel experience.

13. VBT, USA

Estd in: 1971 

VBT is a well-known travel agency, known for organizing biking tours. With VBT, you can take the world around for a spin with your bicycle. Your trip is smooth and thrilling thanks to support vehicles and top-notch accommodations.

Adventurers can experience the unmatched assistance of one of the best travel companies in the business while taking in the fresh air of nature, exploring vibrant cultures, and making lifelong memories with VBT.

14. BCD Travel, Netherlands

BCD Travel Netherlands

Estd in: 2006

BCD Travel isn’t your regular travel agency. It epitomizes business tours. The agency guides companies and their employees to travel easily worldwide with its excellent reach. Travel for consultants, independent contractors, and even the rare VIP visitor is managed with the assistance of BCD.

They also provide dedicated teams for industries like life sciences, ensuring your travel corresponds with specific demands. Also, for over 40 years, top performing artists, along with some known sports teams, have trusted BCD Travel. It’s your time now!

15. Jet2holidays, UK

Estd in: 2007

One of the best travel agencies in the world, Jet2holidays is well-known for its superb vacation packages and customer support. Offering a diverse range of travel destinations and lodgings to suit every kind of traveler, the agency offers exciting getaway packages.

Jet2holidays distinguishes itself with its all-inclusive packages that cover traveler needs for a stress-free vacation. These packages include flights, lodging, transportation, and even excursions. Whether planning a family or a group tour, Jet2holidays has got your back!

End Words

The best travel agency tag by these agencies is justified by the commitment to the service they provide. From top-notch hotels & resorts to transport and other logistics, these top travel agencies worldwide guarantee an enjoyable trip. So, what are you waiting for? Visit their websites, contact them, finalize a package, and head on toward top destinations in the world!

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