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Stylish Outfits for Women to wear in Vegas

by Matt Ravel

Glamorous Pool Party Outfit

Pool parties are some of the biggest events in Vegas, so you want to make sure you feel amazing in your pool party outfit.

Breezy Summer Outfits

The Brunch Outfit

If you think the bohemian aesthetic has no place in Vegas, think again. You can easily create a look with signature designs and still appear ready for a daytime picture party.

The Casual “Go-To” Outfit

Cute shimmery T-shirts and jeans can be great for daily activities, but you’ll want something a little more casual for things like hiking and swimming.

Glam Outfits for Las Vegas Casino Night

The Fancy Dinner Outfit

A good rule of thumb for any fancy vacation or travel is to bring your little black dress with you, with this you have a go-to outfit for several events. A black dress can be worn in a variety of ways.

Girls Trip Outfit

Vegas is the ideal location for an amazing event with your girlies, such as a bachelorette party or a ladies day out. Playsuits are exactly what they sound like— all play and no work.

Chilling by the Pool Outfit

You can skip the pool but you can’t skip the pool party by chilling pretty by the pool, with a drink in hand. A peplum dress will look feminine while giving a playful pool vibe.

So yes these are outfits for women to wear when in Vegas. Being in Vegas, of course, is the ideal occasion to step outside your comfort zone and do something a little glitzier than usual.