Top 9 Beautiful Warm Places to Visit in Winter in USA!

warm places to visit in winter in usa

Winter is truly upon us! This doesn’t mean that you have to keep your swimsuits away or wrap yourself in a blanket and forget about all the fun. Are you also looking for warm places to visit in winter in USA? Today we’ve come with nine places where you can fulfill your dream of a warm winter getaway. I know COVID has severely impacted our lives in many different ways. Eating, sleeping, and working: this what we all are doing for the past few months, but not anymore. Luckily now our lives are now slowly getting back to normal.

People are going to work, and also many travel destinations around the world have now opened up. People who love to travel but have to stay indoors for several months due to the virus can now wander around for a break while following COVID guidelines. So are you ready for your winter vacation?

The United States is blessed with a variety of climates, which means you can still enjoy warmth and coziness even in winter months such as December, January, or February.

Everyone has different places in their minds when it comes to winter vacations. Some people want to swim in warm tropical waters and walk on the beach, while others want to hike to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views from the top of the mountain. From the tropical islands of Hawaii to the calm beaches of Florida, there are numerous warm destinations alone in the USA.

9 Best Warm Places to Visit in Winter in USA

To give you some in-depth information about some of the warm places that you can visit in the winter season, I’ve prepared a list. I have also tried to include activities and food which you can do in each destination. 


Those who want to travel are advised to check the local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures related to COVID-19. So take care of health conditions into consideration before planning your trip. Also, some events and offerings may have changed due to the pandemic.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

warm places to visit in winter in usa

Honolulu (Oahu) is one of the best winter sun destinations. You can eat delicious Hawaii foods while enjoying the holiday festivities, including the Honolulu City Lights. This light festival also includes traditional tree lighting and parades, and it starts in early December.

Want to witness an amazing panoramic view? Go on a hike to the top of Leahi (Diamond Head), and be mesmerized by the breathtaking views of Waikiki and Honolulu. This warm place is a perfect winter vacation, and there is so much to enjoy in its festive atmosphere!

Things to do in Honolulu:

  • Stroll the Chinatown Winter Walk all December
  • Run it all off before the holiday feasts at the Honolulu Marathon
  • Go to Waimea Beach and watch the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational.
  • Dine in the Kapahulu neighborhood
  • Hike to the beginner hiker and pet-friendly Makapuu Lighthouse

Things to Eat in Hawaii: 

  • Hawaiian plate lunch 
  • Shaved ice 
  • Poke (fresh fish)

2. Miami, Florida

warm places to visit in winter in usa

With a temperature of 78* F/26* C, Miami is probably the hottest city in America in December. So those who are looking for the warmest place to visit in this winter season can plan their trip to Miami. 

Every year there is an art and design festival at the Miami Beach: Art Basel. From the Chinese Lantern Festival at Jungle Island to the NightGarden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, there is a lot of fun & adventurous things that you will enjoy doing. 

Things to do in Miami:

  • Visit NightGarden at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
  • Check out Luminosa: The Chinese Lantern Festival at Jungle Island
  • Shopping in the Christmas markets 
  • Enjoy the bizarre King Mango Strut Parade.
  • See breathtaking views of Miami from above with this parasailing trip.
  • Visit the National Historic Landmark, Vizcaya Museum

What to Eat:

  • Cuban sandwich
  • Alligator Bites
  • Crack stone crab
  • Miami Vice cocktail

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

warm places to visit in winter in usa

The next place on our list is something where you can visit any time of year, for whatever reason! Yes, it is New Orleans. This is a great sunny place to visit in USA during the winter season because you can avoid the humidity & crowd of the summer.

Christmas celebrations in this place are wonderful and Big. In the yearly celebration in oaks, there is a massive display of 2 million sparkling lights illuminating City Park. During the entire holiday season, St. Louis Cathedral hosts many live music shows and special holiday events. The temperature remains around 64* F/18* C in December – January, which means it’s the perfect time to visit this beautiful place. 

Things to do in New Orleans: 

  • Go on a boat trip along the Mississippi.
  • Enjoy cocktails on Bourbon Street.
  • Hop on a vintage streetcar rid
  • Enjoy live music concerts.

What to Eat in NOLA:

  • Jambalaya
  • Po-boys sandwich
  • Gumbo soup
  • Beignets

4. Kauai, Hawaii: One Of The Top Warm Places To Visit In Winter in USA

warm places to visit in winter in usa

Ever been to Kauai? If not, now is the ideal time to visit this Hawaiian island. Kauai is also known as the Garden Isle, and you will be amazed by Kauai’s mind-thrilling locations. Even some of them are featured in many Hollywood movies, including Jurassic Park (Napali Coast and Manawaiopuna Falls) and King Kong (Kalalau Valley on the Napali Coast)! Whether it be outdoor adventures or beaches, there are many fun things to enjoy on this island.

Things to do in Kauai: 

  • Go on a hike through five valleys.
  • Spend time in Napali Coast State Wilderness Park
  • Visit Hanakoa Valley

For more information, read our blog on 5 Things To Do In Kauai for more in-depth activities. 

What to Eat in Kauai:

  • Crispy Tacos
  • Ahi tuna wrap
  • Pineapple and banana frosty
  • Hawaiian macadamia French toast 

5. Savannah, Georgia

warm places to visit in winter in usa

With its endless summer vibes and comfortable temperature of 62* F, Savannah is an ideal destination for your US winter escape. Georgia’s oldest city, Savannah, is commonly known for its cobbled streets and manicured gardens like Forsyth Park. Every year at this time, Savannah transforms into a wonderland. It is among the best winter sun getaways in the United States.

Things to do in Savannah:

  • Hit the shops of Broughton Street for Christmas gifts
  • Take a 2-hour riverboat cruise on the Savannah River.
  • Visit the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum
  • Take a 2-hour tour of the US’s most haunted city.
  • Explore Forsyth Park and Fragrant Garden

What to Eat in Savannah: 

  • Shrimp and grits
  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Peaches
  • Pies and Pralines

6. Los Angeles, California

warm places to visit in winter in usa

Why visit Los Angeles in the winter season? The answer is simple: For Disney, breathtaking views, fabulous foods, and warm & to feel cozy summer vibes. Los Angeles is popular for its glitz and glam year-round, but in the holiday season, this fun multiplied by ten. 

You can expect temperature highs of 66* F/19* C, which is not so bad. Great for doing outdoor strolls and adventurous activities.

Things to do in Los Angeles:

  • Watch the Newport Beach Boat Parade
  • Enjoy Walt Disney Concerts
  • Check out the Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Enjoy the Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens.
  • Go ice skating.

What to Eat in Los Angeles: 

  • Smash burger
  • BBQ & Grill foods
  • Beef Jerky
  • Mapo Tofu
  • Chicken wings and a waffle, potato salad

7. Austin, Texas: One Of The Beautiful Warm Places To Visit In Winter in USA

warm places to visit in winter in usa

The next winter destination for you on our list is Austin. The holiday season has many cultural and celebrations such as ice-skating, light trails, parades, and live music shows. After all, Austin is the music capital of the world!

Things to do in Austin: 

  • Do your last-minute holiday shopping at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar.
  • Enjoy Austin Holiday Stroll and Trail of Lights in Zilker Park
  • Stick around for Minor Mishap’s Winter Solstice Lantern Parade
  • And, of course, eat a lot of tasty food! 

What to Eat in Texas: 

  • Food truck meals
  • Tacos for breakfast
  • Tex-Mex breakfast
  • Craft beer

8. San Diego, California

warm places to visit in winter in usa

Enjoy a warm winter getaway in the beautiful city: San Diego in California. With a comfortable sightseeing temperature, even in winters, this city is always full of life. So if you want a reasonably budget-friendly trip, write this city’s name on your bucket list as it offers warmth, sunshine, beaches, history!

Things to do in San Diego:

  • Don’t miss the San Diego light show.
  • Enjoy a harbor cruise.
  • Cycle or run the 10 mile Mission Bay loop
  • Take a road trip from Ocean Beach to Torrey Pines (one day)
  • Stick with the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights & Gaslamp Pet Parade

What to Eat in California: 

  • Oysters
  • Açaí Bowl 
  • California burrito
  • Sushi and sushirrito (a sushi burrito)

9. Las Vegas, Nevada: One Of The Most-rated Warm Places To Visit In Winter in USA

warm places to visit in winter in usa

Yes, the last vacation destination for you is Vegas. This city is always full of fun, life, and adventures. The architecture and unusual buildings will make you forget time. In simple words, Los Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night!  

So before you cover yourself in layers of blankets, visit this amazing place this winter season. But make sure to pack your warm clothes as Las Vegas isn’t the warmest of places to visit in the USA (average highs are 57* F/14* C), but worry not, because you’re mostly indoors. So make your New Year’s Eve extra special!

Things to do in Vegas: 

  • Check out the gorgeous massive Christmas trees. 
  • Visit Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
  • Festivities at the second most famous streets in Vegas, Fremont Street
  • Amazed by the famous Bellagio Fountains Light show to Xmas tunes 
  • Head out to the Magical Forest with the kids
  • Join in the Great Santa Run

What to Eat in Vegas:

  • Chicken fingers
  • Melrose Shrimp
  • Nachos, Nachos, and Nachos
  • Chicken fried lobster
  • Consome loco and cochinita pibil tacos

Note: All the events and activities should be carefully checked as there may be a change in them due to the pandemic.


So these are the warm places to visit in winter in USA . From tranquil beaches to the city carnivals and festivals, there are many things that you can do. So don’t make winter an excuse, enjoy and have a fun time with your family and friends. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your flight, pack your bags, and get ready to travel to some of the most exciting, fun, and warm places in the United States. Enjoy Christmas in a totally different city and get amazed by the culture and events.

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