Top 5 Adventurous Activities to Do in Russia


If you like hiking, you should check out the Altai region. It is a vast region that is spread over four countries .This region is excellent for hiking, rafting and horseback riding. 


The Ural region is a popular spot for this type of activity. This place is massive and offers multiple activities. For rafting, the river Vishera is a popular spot.


Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. During winter, the lakes freeze, giving a mesmerizing view. And if you are looking for an adventure, ice diving in Baikal Lake is worth mentioning.


Another great adventure you can do in Russia is to climb Mt. Elbrus. The height of the mountain is 5640m, and it can be difficult to climb due to harsh weather. In some places, you will have to use rope, crampons, and an ice ax.


If you like skiing, you can go to the red valley. It is a popular spot for snowboarding and skiing and is an excellent place for skiing because of its diverse and vast slopes.